Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 6: Playing it safe

So many questions yet so little answers to what would have been a good Christmas day. Adachi’s experience of such a day could be easily viewed as an isolated one. The simple warmth of being with someone whom you care for — her monologue tells her lonely tale.

In this week, my attention was given to a particular sidekick, though I do not think she ever intends to become one.

Adachi to Hino

Hino opens up to show that she is clearly the dominant one in the relationship. She is the one to be followed and not following others around, as hinted by her surprised reaction to Adachi’s statement about on seeing her alone, “How did she lose me?”

A certain degree of reliability exists for Hino’s character as she is portrayed as an honor student wannabe. There is surprisingly very little background information regarding her friendship with Shimamura yet here we are at the sixth episode and Hino seems to be quite knowledgeable about the latter — at the very least more than Adachi currently is. Upon letting Adachi in onto her past memories with Shimamura, Hino once again shows a hint of leadership in her relationships, having said that they had been peeking into a tea shop and that they went because of her but Shimamura did have a look, too.
Additionally, Hino is quite wary of her surroundings and takes little to no time in noticing that Adachi is gunning for more than just a simple friendship with Shimamura. She is again being reliable and agrees to help Adachi search for the tea that Shimamura claimed to have smelled good and buy it as a present.

Believe me when you see people commenting on the sixth episode and only focused on talking about Adachi’s actions. She was not the only person who played it safe in this episode.
Hino’s question to Adachi was definitely a safeguard, comes off as passive but she is at least genuine in her attempts to help. It is like asking for a permission to decide on Adachi’s behalf — Hino did not have to bother with any of this but she had already made a decision to help Adachi out.

Almost halfway to the episode, there is one thing we need to realize: Adachi gets all tensed up and quiet no matter who she is with and tends to react only to the mention of Shimamura’s name or literally being with her. This is odd even for an introvert.

But your courage needs work, Adachi.

The cheerful mood I’d felt from this episode ended as soon as Hino stopped trying. She really was the life of the party for this time around.

This made me wonder even more about Shimamura’s character since she had been hanging out with Hino, and Hino is well… undoubtedly fun. What stopped her from certainly following Hino into the banters?
Remembering the second episode when Hino invited Shimamura to go fishing and the latter accepted the invitation only to find out that she was baited.
Is it really because of that?

Once again we get to see Adachi being all jealousy bean. If done in moderation, that would have been the cutest moment for anyone to look at. But in Adachi’s case I felt as if she is beyond problematic and that jealousy is not all there is to her reaction upon seeing Shimamura with Nagafuji, let alone with anyone else. I would go as far as commenting on her actions being unhealthy.
Hino on the other hand made no question regarding her best friend being alone with someone else. Adachi for a tiny moment gives hints of underlying over-obsession to the point of being straight up selfish. Now that is understandable for an introvert.

Adachi to Shimamura no date

Supposedly the highlight of the episode, not that the other parts were even far behind in quality. It all went in the positives for Adachi and I am very happy to be watching the gal getting her first hand experience of a proper Christmas hangout with someone she clearly likes. I am also happy to see a show that does not take an important, climatic event and overturn it into some sort of heart wrenching drama. Though, I am at loss for words when it comes to blue balling Adachi like that…

It was almost too natural, just as they should be in any situation!
I am going to side with those who say it is indeed too early for Adachi to go all in and put her heart on her sleeves. There are some things you just should not do on an impulse and confessing on Christmas day just because it is the occasion is most likely among those things, unless your name is Nasa.

From this date alone we also get to see more of Shimamura’s inner competitive self at work. I feel as if that specific personality of her will play a huge part in the future of her relationship with Adachi.
Adachi is simply naturally better than Shimamura in whatever she does but the former never saw it as a competition. It will probably, in the far future, be a wake up call to Shimamura’s potential inferiority complex as soon as she realize the ineffectiveness of her bigger sister personality towards anything she eventually comes to care about.

Foreshadowing, Shimamura style.

That boomerang had me surprised for a second, too. I do remember having read the novel and it says blue color and not some sort of greenish shade that would make a lot of people mistake the boomerang for something else entirely!

I cannot believe that they have only adapted two volumes of the light novel and we are already halfway to the cour’s end. Goes to show exactly how slow-paced Adashima really is. I hope that the adaptation makes it to the end of the fourth volume — that is where the butterflies are.

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