Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 5: Holding in and letting go

I do not think I can get away without having to mention the very beginning on the episode. I think that has to be yet the most comically disturbing part of Yachi. Thank goodness she only appeared once, in a dream no less.

Holding in

This week we are given the second instance of Adachi’s Question. That may become a trend as Adachi will never stop asking Shimamura out and ending up blurting something barely related to her objectives.

…bloody tsundere.

The pair is dumb but so hopeful. I love it.

A lot of (Adachi’s) imagination went into the episode as we are, for the fifth week, being fed illustrated, heartwarming fantasies of what Shimamura could become in near future.
Adding Shimamura’s actual charm which is more prevalent in this episode, it does not help me thinking away from such fantasy!
Adachi you dirty-minded little dog, you don’t happen to know that your fans are dirtier, though.

MVP of the week is audio

While writing out this post, I’d left episode 5 running in the background while having only listened. At this point it is given that I thank the background music team; absolutely fitting pieces here and there. If it was not for the BGM, this show could have easily turned away from sweet and romantic to sour and dramatic. Look no further than ReLIFE as an example of poorly performing BGM in an otherwise great show.

The importance of background music carries on to Nagafuji & Hino moment as the sound alone can imply that their moment would be of a happier, cheesier one compared to the main duo. We already know that they are childhood friends from the previous episodes. And now that we get to see more of the two, their relationship becomes more transparent to the point that I can make assumptions about it. Nagafuji and Hino are more like attached-to-the-hip sisters compared to Adachi and Shimamura.

Seriously, this is so gay. I want more.

That is not even the end of it. I could be putting up a gallery of all memorable moments within this episode alone. And for anyone who have watched it, they would feel the same warmth I have had when seeing those pictures, or I could have simply asked you to do what I have done earlier — not literally watching the show but only listen to it. Chances are that you will most likely remember the exact frames cued to the pieces of background music throughout episode 5.

Voice acting becomes more depended on, too. Needless to say Itou Miku and Kitou Akari are absolutely professional in voicing wife materials in anime. And you will not be surprised once you find out that they are voicing/have voiced your favorite waifu as of late. If anything, Akari-san is having THREE main roles (counting only anime) for this season alone and that is a huge feat even by the likes of bigger names such as Hana Kanazawa.

You can score some more diabetes shot from her role as Yuzaki Tsukasa in Tonikaku Kawaii.


It is amazing how much can improve if you simply increase details on the frames. While it is not at all needed, a spike in visual details can dramatize even the simplest matters of a character. Then there comes the matter of angles, such as this one:

Usually the characters are drawn with “plum” face so they look young and somewhat childish. This side of Adachi makes her look like her mother!

Adachi and Shimamura moment is again a huge diabetes shot but I could not help and realize the difference in picture quality within a few seconds of the sequence.

The show clearly goes from having RTX OFF


No one should resist the temptations. This is not even a question of gayness.

Letting go

Shimamura gets a little back story upon seeing a happy-go-lucky Adachi. It is quite intriguing to see that Adachi is not the first case for her and that she can be the key to bringing her out of the normal childhood she claims to have had despite her saying that she felt like having “served lunch to other kids”. What is more interesting to me is the fact that Shimamura’s childhood is probably hanging on a tight rope as she may become ready to let go of it sooner or later now that Adachi has got into her life.

It all feels too much like having a second chance at something you once find valuable but not necessarily loved.
Maybe Adachi can prove to be different to her childhood friend and bring back the ambitious, carefree Shimamura!

And that is the fifth week of Adachi to Shimamura! It really gets better week after week and so I am only hoping the bar gets raised in the week after since we anticipate the infamous Christmas date.

Also, more lap pillows. Yes. I welcome more of that.

I feel the same, Adacchi.

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