Azurprise Lane

I remember having watched one of the two mobile game adaptations in the last quarter of 2019, one being of Fate/Grand Order and the other being this.

Azur Lane the animation is adapted from the popular gacha mobile game of the same name. The show is by all means average (maybe even below it) and is most made as a cash-cow to capitalize the game’s surge of popularity in Japan. So unless you are playing or have played the game, your connections and expectations to the anime may vary by a large margin.

Anyway I am not here to review the show. You can probably see this post not having a review tag in it.

A part of the show that surprised the heck out of me is its English dub. The quality of the dub sits on both extremes and I think that itself is a feat.

Voices of USS Hornet for example, is by far one of the best English dub I have heard in anime. There are no stand-outs in the baddies but on average you could say that the voice acting is on a whole new comedic level.

Azur Lane is made up of multiple factions based on the real world war (of ships), so if you have enlightened yourself with a lot of history lessons then this should only come as a plus.
Anyway, Azur Lane has Sakura Empire which is the Japanese faction, Ironblood (German), Eagle Union (US) and Royal Navy (the British).
Oh and the two Chinese ships.

Now we are totally used to Japanese anime characters speaking some sort of US accents and that remains true to Azur Lane as well, but the others are given such a hilarious twist it is much considered interesting. Especially the “Dutch” accent for the Ironblood — it got me on my sides!

You know what. Too much writing. Let me just show you a good time and by that I mean some excellent lines from Episode 2.

2 thoughts on “Azurprise Lane

  1. No matter how good the voices are, I always watch something in the original language. No matter what it is: anime, live action movie, tv shows. But hey that’s just me, and I have no objections to dubs in any way. 😀

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    1. I do not religiously watch English dubbed anime, but this is absolutely one of those cases of so bad it is so good on top of it being an official work!
      Of course I never ask anyone to watch an entire cour of it, but had you not you would be like… missing a piece of sweet cake…


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