Being a fair blogger and probably a reviewer in general

Coming out with an extremely old post that stayed in my draft box for over four years.
I was inspired by the almighty Remy (and obviously his post) to the point that I needed to delete my comment on his post, which consists of a few paragraphs of too much of my opinion. So here I am, copy-pasted parts of it and now I will be adding in the much needed details and chit-chats—my unpatentable trademark.

For me, being fair is standing in the vanguard part. At least that would be how I describe myself and my reviews.

When a person is too ballsy and does not give no flying flips to anyone who are absolutely bound to disagree with them, that is far from fairness; that is honesty with a middle finger. The difference in communication will be clearly conveyed from that person to you, the audience!


Hellish Rants

To make a fair review at the very least, both pluses and minuses would need to be briefly explained if not thoroughly elaborated on how they affect the overall quality of said series. This is where many people, myself included, do the mistake in taking that chance to go full-on ranting our pants and actually use it as an argument.
But I totally get it though; “it is your review” — it is completely okay to rant but hey, do back it up and don’t be like me who would actually go, “I don’t like _____ because/since he/she/they/it deserve to die/sucks big black flossy hairy balls.” or, “_____ is the absolute worst thing to ever happen to this anime.”


Heavenly Praises

Jumping the fence and we will now enter a place where we would only be hearing prayers for everything to continue on and do bigger, better things than what have already impressed us. You are most likely going to see his type of review from people who have only watched the show once, thus riding on the seasonal effect. And then there will also be those with nostalgia glasses on 24/7.


Oh, balls! Would you just look at me trying to be all wise and that but I have yet to break from these habits.

We hear this from anyone you are bound to have respect for: No show is perfect.
That’s right. A certain show will have character designs that melt your eyes and eventually your heart. A certain show will have shaped up great personalities into its characters. A certain show will have settings that ring your bell. A certain show will so on and on…
At this point it is safe to assume we mostly rate shows that we watch either by differential emotion scale or a score rubric. Both have advantages and disadvantages because people are not (all) dumb.


Before you can even be fair: Back to basics first

They say that the “customer is king” and bloggers have it, too. The term itself is mostly used in business side of things, but do look past its most accepted definition to the next best one — an individual usually having some specified distinctive trait.
It is not about sales anymore, is it?

Your visitors are not of one variety. They can specifically be word readers, picture hunters (ya know, from Google Image Search) or even meme seekers. What I can guarantee you writers about these people is that they are here for different reasons but all end up looking at your review.

Now say that you have managed to keep only the reader types because let’s be real, they are the only ones interested in what you have written. The next step in blogging pseudo-sale is making sure the posts are not written by a robot.


Being fair is actually a passive trait

Before having read your review and to take it seriously, they would first need to know you, the reviewer. Readers surely want to know what kind of person you are to be watching such a show and to actually have come out with a review, woah!

For real. I am not asking whether you would read a review of a shounen anime written by a reviewer who primiparity watches rom-com and harem shows, because I know you WILL read it and later on make judgements on your own based on the review. Just remember — readers are not (all) dumb.
I also know that you will read my review on a hentai show. Heh.

Eromanga OVA

Come on. Not the face!

My simple message to bloggers who wish to review content is this : stand your ground because once you start giving out opinions or facts to something, you have automatically taken a stance. Also, you cannot easily change other people (and their opinions) but you can change your opinion on an aspect of a show you once thought was poop! Give yourself second chances to everything in life, even when watching anime. The benefit of doubt works like miracle, I tell ya.

6 thoughts on “Being a fair blogger and probably a reviewer in general

  1. Great post. I remember Remy’s post back in the day (just clicked in it, and it fell back into place) and I agree with pretty much everything you wrote here. In the end no matter what you review, or how you review it, it’s always going to be YOUR opinion. The fun thing is, I don’t ever think there is a right or wrong side. If someone hates something, that’s their right. That of course goes the other way around as well. As long as we respect other people’s opinions on something, it’s what gives us the most fun discussions! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Reviewing is too hard for me!
      Maybe I will just become a travel blogger…

      There is definitely a possibility of it happening but people like you makes up a reason for me to stay in this field. 😛

      Thank you!

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  2. I think maintaining a balance is probably the toughest thing about reviewing anything. I have experienced letting my emotional high praise something greatly or spread a negative opinion on something. After having that happen a few times, I try now to look at positives and negatives concerning anything I discuss. This is especially with something I didn’t like as I hate to either disrespect the creators or the fans. They thought something I didn’t like was enjoyable and I make an effort to try to understand why. The thing that bugs me the most is when people crap on fans of a particular series or film because they find their tastes to be wrong or beneath what a true fan should like. Then they get angry when they receive backlash. What did they expect? That does nothing to contribute to the discussion. It is like sucker punching someone in the face and then expecting them to settle a disagreement in a civil manner. Great post and excellent message!

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    1. Urgh I think that I might have done exactly what you described in your second last sentence to my girlfriend…

      You know. Constantly watching anime with another person opens up a whole new point of view neither the other person or I could have achieved alone.
      I’ll just put up example here with my girlfriend:

      She’s scared of ghosts but not of gore content, so having heard what she had to say about Made In Abyss third movie was quite eye opening. What would have made to my negatives ended up in another person’s positive.
      Never have I seen the viability of collaborations this much before…


  3. Someone once told me that reviewing is a matter of describing rather than prescribing. I’m not sure how much I agree with that. It’s tough to maintain objectivity with some things. For me it’s music. I go full heaven on stuff I love and full hell on things I hate. I cannot maintain balance with music at all. Your blog has me thinking. Good job!

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    1. Oh. That is definitely a way I can look into things!
      Because there are many ways to either perfect or screw up a single aspect of a show, one cannot simply say “plot is bad” and leave it at that. If this is what your ‘someone’ meant by describing then I cannot see where they would be wrong with the statement.

      I’m still going to say that I have yet to understand the prescribing part. Please enlighten me!


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