A Backdated Update~

Weeeeeeell. Hello there!

I had figured that it would be about time I come to remind you (especially you, Raistlin) that I am indeed not gone for good.

Changes come to me from all directions. It will take a good amount of time to let out the details for each and every one of them, so while I still have your attention now — let’s see what was worth Shoka leaving his own blog to look deserted?



I have only just checked that I was away for an entire month, woah! So yes; it all started  in June.
My parents had left to Germany for vacation so I had to look after both my house and theirs. This would include feeding the doggies at half past six in the morning and five in the evening every day while maintaining the garden to an acceptable state (i.e. grass not too long or I would be greeting snakes every day). This part is not over as my parents have yet to return. Having the job to myself entirely feels somewhat better than working with the watchful eyes; this here I am sure a lot of you workers can agree with!

Meanwhile I have had my sister cousin coming to take a rest before starting her university life. She has had been a tremendous help to my stressful schedule trained by having to live within my parents’ expectations. I am rather glad because by just showing up in front of my door alone, I had totally knew that I would be living my life differently for a week or two while she stayed. Normally when I meet someone who can practically change the way I live, it will only be natural that I should start investing all of me into that person.

But man. I say no to incest.
I am totally not blaming her for being the reason I had no time to spare for my blog either. I have a weird love-hate relationship with my real younger brother so when this gal makes me finally starting to feel like an actual older brother after two decades of living — it feels amazing. Now I actually have someone to watch over… for life.

In the middle of all that, I have been enjoying the hell out of Fate/Grand Order game. I have said somewhere that I already am a fan of Fate franchise and this game is basically the embodiment of universal entertainment for said franchise. I can definitely dedicate a post towards the game but let me continue to enjoy it while I still can.

It will be a long while before I look elsewhere…

My friend ID is 306,327,864 — add me!  🙂

Especially with its first year anniversary going on right now, let this be excuse for me to stay off my own blog for at least another few weeks!

Last but not least, I am once again preparing for a big move. This time I will settle in Bangkok for the company I’d mentioned a very long time ago (in this blog, too!). The big day creeps in much closer as I sleep day after day to only think about it — on the 25th of this month!
So when that day comes, take it as another warning of temporary departure and I will not promise any sort of grand return~



Right. So this is an anime blog. Would be weird if I’d left out that very topic, no?

I am confident to say that I no longer am following seasonal shows with both of my eyes wide open. I am taking it slowly as everything else in life seek places in my ever so busy daily schedule. Last week I’ve been trying to wrap up FranXX in my own head, like many of you. Normally I’d be all gung-ho with tiniest of details when watching any show but darling, I had given up on you. In short, my recommendation of  the show would be something along the lines of, “let yourself be confused, for this is one hella unique way of bringing out your inner emotions (of mostly frustration).”

What I am excited for is in the current season. New season comes along a whole new page of expectations, and I am sure laying a big one on Hanebado!
Having been a national level badminton player myself, no way in hell would I let a show which attempts to portray hardships of such an underrated sport slip through the cracks.

With MyAnimeList being mostly functional, surely many of you would start to think twice about trusting yourself to the site for keeping records of your dear hobby. I have not really looked into it, much less the whole preview of this anime season — summer is it?



Enough about me. Let me hear of  what YOU have been up to in the past few weeks if  you have not made a post on your own blog already! 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Backdated Update~

  1. “But man. I say no to incest.”…..see this is why I miss you so much man, well at least one of the reasons that is. But your humor is as fun as ever 😂
    Seriously though…I should have taken a picture of the smile I had when I saw a post from you appear in the reader today. And mentioning me too…that was even more amazing 😊 But wow, there is a lot going on. That move to Bangkok, that really does sound like a big change in your life. I hope it will all go well. But at the same time: I am also very happy for you, as despite all the things that are going on currently, you do seem very happy. And that makes me glad.
    As for me…I am doing okay. Things at home are still not entirely going well. My dad’s operation, it went well, but it does seem that it didn’t really help him. Which pretty much sucks..big time. I am glad he came out of it okay, as that was my biggest worry, but it does seem that in the end all the stress of that seems to have been for nothing. But…I’m coping with that. I am very glad to be back here and talking to everyone again. It’s so nice to see that little has changed. I have been welcomed back with some very warm and heartfelt “welcome backs” and that really was the best thing. This community and the all the people in it, you, Irina, Karandi, and so many others (the almost endless list of names and the usual suspects is probably known to you 😊) all have come to mean so much to me. So, yes I am doing better myself, despite the occasional rough patch.
    Thanks for this great post: and keep in touch my friend: for now: all the best, and good luck with all the preparations for the move 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my oh my. Them tears rolling down my eyes as they also roll down from reading this~
      I am equally glad to know of your return, actually!
      It will be great to know that we all are sticking around here for longer, that’s for sure fam.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As terrible as it sounds, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one caught up with life this past month (or two)! Frankly, I wasn’t really planning on an update post but now I’m kinda motivated to make one after hearing this. Also planning to take this season slowly, though there are a couple shows that have caught my eye so that’s a plus.

    Enjoy the much-needed break! It’s summer after all (and I too, got caught up in a mobile game).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohhhh welcome back Shoka-san!! Not that I’m one to say that since I only just returned hehe but still.
    Your cousin sounds like one awesome girl. Introduce me? 😁
    Bangkok huh? Sounds interesting…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ehehe.
        I’ve spammed everyone it seems 😅
        I haven’t seen you around on Twitter either Shoka-san, I was worried where you’ve gone…

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