Most played songs in my personal list — Round of May 2018

I had reminded myself that I would eventually get back to this list. Though instead of updating the post, I thought that it would be somewhat cooler if I go about… Billboard style; that is to just make another list with maybe old songs.

Same deal, different time. This is a list of my most played (anime related) songs based on the count given by my music player.



Yorimoi girls — One Step (Yorimoi)


This has been my absolute jam since last season and nothing about it has changed from my side! The song remains fulfilling in its own right and remains one of the most pleasing listens for when I am doing pretty much anything else but watching Yorimoi. I can’t forget to add that I came for the song — stayed for the instrumental.


Asaka — Round of new thing (Yuru CampΔ )


Am I supposed to like every single for anime opening and/or endings?


That said, the third track for Yuru CampΔ opening single, Shiny Days, is basically Asaka  on a completely different vocal personality and damn, I like it.


BoA — Masayume Chasing (Fairy Tail 2014)


A song from four years ago? YOU BET!

I would by lying if I was to tell you that I wasn’t excited about the return of Fairy Tail after much of its fun but lackluster departure. Hearing this song as the opening for a comeback series was by all means one of the best memories for an anime fan like myself.


Ayumikurikamaki – Hankouseimei (Gintama 2017)


As if the show itself wasn’t crazy enough already. The music video for the ending theme to its 2017 season is sticking to the roots of the show.

Though I highly suggest ANY Gintama fans to actually watch the ending video for the anime because it will make you smile a lot. To me at least, the video shows how to do fanservice for female characters right, creating what fans imagine out of them.


Kalafina – To the Beginning (Fate/Zero Second Season)


I have never actually been a huge fan of Kalafina, I’ll admit. But man, when I heard this song for the first time, coupled with amazing choreography done by Ufotable in the opening sequence, this song says nothing short of majestic.


Miyu Tomita & Mariya Ise — Deep in Abyss (Made In Abyss)


Still pumped to this day. The show, the sounds and music, the story, script and acting —  all of it. Heeding to the instrumental version, Deep In Abyss never fails to make me move out of my comfort zone.


Nakashima Mika — Kiss of Death (Darling in the FranXX)


Sounds mediocre, right?
I actually think that’s the charm of this song. It feels very familiar because you have probably heard the style from every other EDM songs you have listened to, making this nothing new to your ears but rather a comfort.

At least it was that much for me.


MIYAVI vs KenKen — Flashback (Kokkoku)


DOPE. The song is not trying to be anything philosophical. It ain’t trying to hide meanings. It is just dope.


Blend-A — Bon Appétit♡S (Blend S)


The show may have spawned memes but the music is here to stay as one of those catchy upbeat pop anime songs in maybe… your collection?


Aqours — Kimi no hitomi o meguru bouken kakou (Love Live! Sunshine!! Second Season)


Here it is again where I absolutely adore a track that is not used for opening and/or ending to an anime. This is the second track to the opening single for second season of Love Live! Sunshine!!. The song is relatively ‘mature’ unlike almost the entirety of Aqours discography. I knew it would eventually come; there was bound to be this type of song laying around somewhere since it happened with the original series, too.

Still my most favorite Aqours song to date. I hope they can change my mind soon.



Hey! Maybe make your list too because I want to see how much has changed for you!

You don’t have to make a post, comment your top 10 most played songs (whether it has to do with anime or not) on here. I for one love sharing my stuff around so I would naturally expect the same from you.

Go on, I will be waiting!

12 thoughts on “Most played songs in my personal list — Round of May 2018

  1. Thanks for a nice selection, it was fun to listen to. As a fan of Kalafina, I’m especially happy seeing To the Beginning here and have a reason to hear it again.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh, isn’t that a challenge? Actually your list did plant some ideas. The end result might be a bit different but I guess I’ll try to make it work.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Naw thanks for that compliment!
      I never emphasize in tastes but then I think that I’ll be lying if I tell anyone that I have none.

      Next up is somewhat same kind of post but on different topic!


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