Blasting My Headphones: Yuru CampΔ Opening Theme Single by 亜咲花 (Asaka)

Fear not! This series from my blog has not been laying dormant and it is not going away as long as I still have new anime shows to watch and new songs to haul from them.

How about we get some of the uplifting beats this week?

I have been getting great doses of happiness and comfort from SHINY DAYS. Now everybody, myself included, will tell you that the song is indeed over-inspired by Jackson 5 and that’s because it was entirely the song composer’s intention.

*Added to my list of songs that make me feel great no matter the situation*

Still living true to my belief of equally or better accompanying songs, Asaka’s latest single proves exactly how just over a thousand yen is worth the gamble. Not only the second and third tracks sound damn great, the third track also flipped the mood table upside down for me. It was expected because

The second track of the single, Just A Way You Are, is still keeping up the happy beats but attacks the mood with completely different instrumental style. This song makes me feel young again, honestly. The synth/electric leads with great flavors from electric guitar makes it my kind of pop music. I don’t know about you but I dig it very much!

My most favorite from the single, Round of new thing, stood out to the rest in melody as it goes minor for the most part. Once again, the synth lead coupled with electric guitar riffs are easily sex for my ears. Asaka’s voice is also very fitting for such a downhill theme like this.
I’m serious; you don’t go play this song for someone who seeks upbeat music…

Second and third track do sound like they have been heavily equalized to sound like something with the full intention of being just studio recordings, but I’m totally not saying that I doubt Asaka’s live performance ability. If anything, I’m a firm believer that Japanese music artists are generally more authentic and musically honest than majority of pop artists you see in Hollywood.

15 thoughts on “Blasting My Headphones: Yuru CampΔ Opening Theme Single by 亜咲花 (Asaka)

      1. lolwut? is that a reference, cause yeah, i don’t get it. xD
        and he was an easy target for a long time, but I actually believe he was villified a bit.

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  1. 60’s baby here… So old enough to have actually listened to the Jackson 5 (and not mistake for/confuse with Michael Jackson) in context. I guess I can hear the influence, now that I know about it. But once I stop thinking about it, it goes away.

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    1. Exactly!
      I feel the same way regarding not having to think too much about who copies who.
      I love how the composer is very skilled, they are able to have this song exists to hard-tape the line between inspiration and plagiarism. And better yet SHINY DAYS is screaming the former.

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    1. Inspiration is alive and well, I see!
      It’s actually great to see many variations of the same melody notes. And even if not that, Round of a new thing is truly an example of inspired song which takes the good parts from each of the two songs you linked.

      In my opinion there are the distorted guitar and the heavy EDM synth.

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      1. I did not do any research, but I’m leaning towards the makers of Round-of-new-thing coming up with it independently from the touhou peeps – Gotta give these guys their credit ^^
        But it’s really cool when you manage to find a totally different song (same language or not) that have such a familiar feel to another song you’ve heard before. ❤

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