Bloggers Play! Overwatch with Plyasm

I haven’t really watched anime in the past week but I have been accompanying Plyassan in his Overwatch journey. Games like these are always fun when played alongside people you’re socially confident with.

Our first game had me troll on Swagcio (okay, it’s Lucio). He’s probably the most trippy hero in the game and you can probably tell by how the camera is rolling.


Second day had us troll further with me playing probably one of the most hated heroes in the game. Bastion does very little for a lot. It is hard to forget how much fun it is when you can blast someone right in their face…

In Da Face.gif


This game also had a huge filling of salt from certain players. And you wonder why people don’t like playing games that involve PvP.


Yesterday had given Ply and I a grand opportunity to team up with AstralGemini and his Aussie friend QueenA. That video should be up shortly and I can promise you that it’s a LOT more fun than these random quick games where I did little to no talking.



You are most welcome to join us!
Given that the four of us are going to stick together to have fun, there are two spots left and frankly — people come and go.
You can hit up any of us, well maybe except Queen since she doesn’t have a blog.

The world could always use more heroes.

29 thoughts on “Bloggers Play! Overwatch with Plyasm

  1. Man, I miss Overwatch. I had to stop playing it because I’d get so angry and drunk playing it that I broke my gaming laptop and ended up having to pay $500 to get it fixed. I’m not normally an angry person but Overwatch brings out the worst in me.

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      1. It was an alienware yes, but I don’t even use it anymore. It was perhaps a poor decision on my part to even bother to fix it. But I’ve got a new gaming laptop anyway.

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      1. Keep up the sanity, soldier. I salute to your resolve!
        No but seriously so try and play with anyone you can trust to not judge you for your exterior quality like ‘gaming skills’

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  2. I was once in my gaming days, number 12 on the world rankings list of XBOX360 for Unreal Tournament 3. (This is not a joke, this was real). I played that game to death, and I absolutely loved it. Those days are over now, but I have to admit this game reminds me a bit of that…aahhhh nostalgic feelings. Sometimes that is just so awesome 😊😊

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  3. I remember trying to install this game on my PC after waiting for almost a month for the files to get downloaded.

    The result? Well I got a beautiful message from the game setup, that said:

    “Your version of windows doesn’t supports Overwatch” :’)

    I cri evri teim

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  4. I haven’t played Overwatch for ages. I just got so fed up of whiny little kiddies complaining about every damn thing that it just stopped being fun. Although granted, that mostly happened when I was solo queueing for stuff; when I got a group of friends together it was usually more fun, particularly if we were on voice.

    Maybe I should give it another shot sometime. I haven’t played since they added the Arcade mode.

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