Day: January 29, 2018

Now, it is really here… baby!

Now, it is really here… baby!

Thank you to every one of the lovely *cough* peoples involved! They say that first time is usually the hardest, which is why there will be more of us because we have been there and done that!     Of course, had we perfected on our very first try, I would have simply posted the … Continue reading Now, it is really here… baby!

Yeah baby it’s finally time!

Opps. I kinda did this way too late but erm…
Just wait for the recorded stuff to come out, I guess.

Feel my excitement as I scream into the mic a thousand times.

The Zodiac Room

Hey guys! I’ve got some awesome news to share! I’m starting up a semi-regular anime podcast with a bunch of insanely awesome peeps, including Irina, The Pantless Anime Blogger, Shokamoka, Leap250, Plyasm, and more! We’ll probably have a slightly different cast every week, not to mention a different topic and theme!

Some days we’ll be discussing specific shows or topics, some days we’ll be answering some interesting questions, and some days we might even be playing little minigames or doing challenges of some sort. All I can say for sure is that it’s gonna be an absolute blast!


Join us, most Sunday mornings at around 8:30 AM, PST. We’ll be streaming live, so you guys can watch, listen, and add your comments, questions, and opinions to the discussion as well!

We’re still a bit new to these things, so mistakes may happen, and we don’t…

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