Remember that seiyuu etiquette from Sore ga Seiyuu!?

The first episode of Sore ga Seiyuu! pretty much gets right to the point, showing us the ropes of a seiyuu’s daily life. The whole senpai-kouhai relationship is not limited to anime but even all sorts of entertainment industries in Japan.


The veteran featured on the show’s first episode is no other than Nozawa Masako.


Naturally, Sore ga Seiyuu! is a show which feature VA’s using actual VA’s for their roles; a cameo sort of thing. That said, Nozawa-san is obviously voiced by herself. Among various roles she has in her portfolio, her legendary role of Goku from Dragon Ball franchise is by all means recognized from all over the world.


Now, you may have seen at least Futaba greeted Nozawa-san, but have you seen her seiyuu (Takahashi Rie) and the rest of Earphones do the real thing?
The anime pretty much mirrored how newcomers really want to fanboy/girl in front of the veterans but as always, they have to hold back until work is over.

Also, this is basic Japanese. Try watch this without subtitles since all they did before freaking out was introduce themselves.

7 thoughts on “Remember that seiyuu etiquette from Sore ga Seiyuu!?

    1. It’s your cute take on seiyuu industry. The original source material creator is a seiyuu and she had her fellow VA’s help her out with other roles — seen by their cameos. From rookies to real life veterans. This show is also Takahashi Rie’s first big role. Just imagine how she went from this to Emilia and later Megumin; true success to be witnessed yo.

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