Another compilation of Saekano seiyuu being weird at work

One of my dream jobs is to get paid to do silly things with my talent and these lovely seiyuu are mirroring that very dream to me, one video at a time.

Having to think a little about it, what is more fun than watching anime?
Watching people having fun while working for anime!

Microphone + Weirdos = Vocal Comedy. Add money into that and you may as well have a functioning seiyuu industry.



The first video is not so much of vocal comedy but Oonishi Saori showcases her terrible Eriri impression skills.
These videos are short. While they have no subtitle I’m sure you can at least smile to their shenanigans.


She is also the one person I think would most likely end up going Yuri route when it comes to female seiyuu “friendships”.

She just goes and sniff the others…



And now we have them, especially Megumi’s seiyuu, being almost full-retard. That granny voice is actually hers in case you can’t figure out. Her talent is scary when you realize how quickly she switched from that to Megumi’s speaking voice.

Then there’s Kayano Ai being Utaha—sexy and all.


Aggressive, assertive and passive: Introductions in order of Eriri, Utaha and Megumi.



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