Hot Potato Toss Round Three

Okay. So, this has got out of hand for me.

I really love doing award posts but I think that we all can agree on one thing — time is precious. And that is shamefully what I lack. With Irina pulling my tails for an over-the-moon collaboration (which I think will never actually take off) and God knows what will happen right in the first month of 2018, the future looks darker than usual. The funny thing is I cannot even remember the last time I’ve had this exact feeling of seeing darkness before me, whether while I’m awake or asleep. What I do know is that I am certainly not dying any time soon!
I have to give it to this commanding emotion called ‘fear’. Uncertainty only adds into the emotion.

Alright, that is a pretty silly excuse I have just made because you may probably wonder how in the world did this post even come out despite my claims in the previous paragraph. My short answer would be “drafting”. This post took me months, yo!

Now, I have been nominated more times than I can count with my own digits thanks to Irina’s cult. There is a safe-spot however, due to the nature of One Lovely Blog Award, I think that if I am to answer literally every single instances of it, you would eventually know absolutely everything about me. I mean, I could make up bullocks and sneak them here and there, but not only it is dishonest—I hate having to lie to myself as well. Therefore I thank every one of you who have nominated me for that exact award, I will gladly take them but I probably will not share seven extra things about myself until I become more interesting.

Let’s get some of the long overdue nominations done and over with~



First up, thanks to Plyassan casting a spell on me, I have become even more unique than I was previously. When was that again?


1 — Who do you think is the most well-developed character from a series?
Manga, anime, novels, anything goes.

Absolutely Okazaki Tomoya. This guy is uncontested, the best character development ride I have ever been in. Even with Clannad being the first anime I’ve willingly watched ever, I’m actually glad it was the case since Tomoya sets a pretty high standard for anime protagonists.
The next closest person in my book would be Miyamori Aoi, though she took a completely different ride to development. If Tomoya’s ride is a (emotional) roller-coaster, Aoi’s would be a water slide. She had to remain on track and not fall on her heels despite being constantly let down by her peers and sometimes herself.

2 — Shoot, shag, marry 3 random characters of you choosing.
I’m evil, I know.

Shoot Malty without the slightest hesitation, shag Katou Megumi easy and marry Hirasawa Ui when she turns 18—probably in my dreams.

Saekano V13 P1
You totally got it wrong. That’s not Tomoya; that’s me in the process of having a good time with based Megumi. And I’m not sorry for the spoiler at all.


3 — What anime do you want to see a sequel to the most (that they haven’t gotten yet)?

I may have answered Made In Abyss in my 30 Day Anime Challenge, but in truth there is no show I would want a sequel of more than Tomoyo’s route of Clannad. Yes, I am aware that Tomoyo After is practically the sequel to her route and I have played it to 100% of the H-version. But man, I want an anime adaptation in a form of movie and let ninjas cut onions for these Clannad fanboys/girls as they bawl their eyes out for one last time because this is where it is at. Tomoyo After is the proof of Jun Maeda being a complete sadist, making his most favorite character suffer and in turn making fans of her character suffer as well. F**k me and f**k you, Maeda-sama.

Buy the game (all ages version) on Steam. It’s cheap as chips.



Next up I have my boy Jack celebrating his first ever blog award (congratulations!) and giving me some real wonders. Bruh, I swear some of these questions are like the most frequent ones you will see in dating sites.

1 — What is your favorite album of all time?

Don’t You Fake It by Red Jump Suit Apparatus.

2 — What is your favorite movie of all time?

I have already answered this one but here it is again: The Shawshank Redemption.

3 — What is your Dream Job?

Would you believe me if I tell you that I want to be any kind of entertainer?
Are you amused now?
Why are you smiling?
Why are you reading this even?
Have I actually reached my dream?!

4 — What was your first relationship like?


Putting that video aside, I have never been in a serious relationship. Period.
That’s right, I’m single but will never be too sure about the ready to mingle part.

5 — How many anime series/films have you seen?

I do not remember the number of films I have seen to save my life. But hey!
You are asking a real anime fan to show their list to you?
I got you fam!

P.S. Add me baby.

6 — Are you a morning person or a night person?

I declare myself a night owl. My body tells me that I am a night owl in every way. I struggle to get up early in the morning it is pissing my mom off so much as of late. She constantly questions my adulthood whenever she comes to my room, seeing me half naked on my bed at 10 in the morning.
To clarify, I ain’t lazy; I’m seriously a night owl who works their ass off from evening towards early morning.

7 — What makes you nervous?

Any kind of event with a start trigger, be it a sprint competition or even arena matches in World of Warcraft. I much prefer being a badass with the flow since I am not the ‘prepared’ type.

8 — If given the chance to change one thing about yourself permanently, would you? Why?

As explained in my 200 followers celebratory post, I am not so fond of my instances of hesitation. They have literally prevented me from both reaching my interim goals and eventually the long term side of them—my dreams.
Now if deep answer isn’t your thing, let me talk about something personal yet relatable: My weight.
Being of an Asian build and only at 172 cm, 75 kg is considered boarder line overweight. I don’t have any real plans on losing that 5 kg to bring me back to the safe zone, but I do want to stay ‘fit’ and I kinda am already on my way with that.

Taking my morning bike exercise for example.

Da Workout
FINALLY making use of Samsung Health!


9 — Are you more introverted or more extroverted?

Hello. I am an ambivert. I love being around people but I also know when it is best to stay shut-in.

10 — What social media platform are you most addicted to?

I dare say that many people have all been through the teenage age of Facebook before either starting or restarting their Twitter accounts. I’m definitely this type of person.

11 — What is the meaning of life?


When you never stop wondering about what the hell is always going on. And in case you are really wondering what is in the picture; that is Conan going all out Ben 10 style. Only Asians can pull this shit without an ounce of shame.

Thank you, Jack!



Coming behind I have Auricchi forwarding this lovely award. I will have to repeat for the gazillionth time that Liebster is indeed German and it means something along the lines of ‘dear/lovely’. Now I feel embarrassed about having a German stepdad yet I know close to zero German, let alone Dutch.


1 — One morning as you lock the door and leave to work/school/ wherever it is you go, when a mail is delivered. You open it (hopefully) to find a scrap of notebook paper with two words, “Never mind”. And it’s in your handwriting. Obviously you have no memory of writing it, so what would you say the context was?

I swear that Auri is trying to get me to conjure up an original manga series for her. But if I have to be really straight with the answer, I would say that the context is probably something along the lines of me having played Irina’s drinking game on a certain night.

2 — After you decide why you would write that to yourself, you walk down/up the street to get the bus/metro/transport to your place. You sit down to wait and someone steals your shoe. You…..?

I would legit throw the other shoe at them as fast and as powerful as I can, hopefully returning the instant Karma. It’s a gamble, I know; I will either get my shoes back or they win a hobo jackpot.
I am telling you this with utmost confidence because I have actually rendered some poor soul unconscious before. It was only a ‘play’ but dude ran away with my shoe so he got the complement.

3 — For some reason when you retrieve your shoe (if you do) it’s ripped. Would you
>Continue on your way with one shoe, because you can pull anything off

>Take off the other one and go, because you need symmetry
>Go back home, taking that as a sign to take the day off

I have been taught to not do things half-assed and walking with only one shoe counts. I wouldn’t tip-toe either; I would stomp the ground like a giant (to the ants) that I am.

4 — The day ends and you’re walking back home, tired, annoyed and simply in a bad mood. If someone you don’t particularly like approaches you, how would you react?

Actually if you have been in this situation for real then you would know as much as I do. If this scenario ever happens, you would know that you have absolutely no flips to give and it will surprisingly leave the other party confused. This is unless of course, you have been playing the two-faced game all along up until the very moment; that would be when the worst type of non-comedic punchline comes into the play.

5 — After getting back, you watch anime until midnight and sleepy, you open your Twitter (for some reason). A girl called Auri, again for some reason, had left you a string of questions. You _____?

Send Nudes.png

(I don’t mind a rude answer, I mean, I’m sort of asking for it if you do LOL)
Yeap. You really asked for it.

6 — The next day, would you go shoe shopping? (Remember that poor shoe that got stolen?)

Yes! I’m a man who doesn’t have wardrobe full of shoes in collection! I’d always been wearing the same pair of shoes for nearly every occasion.

7 — Do your socks match?

I try. They match most of the time.

8 — Are they themed anything or do you prefer plain socks?

As plain as pasta.

9 — What color are your shoes at the moment?

So it finally comes down to this, huh?
I ain’t kidding when I say that I wear a single pair of shoes.

You wouldn’t believe but this pair of Adidas has been with me for 9 years. Stock.


10 — If inspiration for a post struck you in the middle of a conversations, would you stop talking to think more about it? Or ignore it?

It really depends on the type of conversation. I normally am great at abruptly changing subjects in face to face conversations. In such scenario I would quickly change the subject to whatever that inspired me (for my future posts) and take in the other party’s opinions as I go on.
If the conversation takes place online, you would find it unsurprising that I actually end up ignoring you until my work is completely done.

What you should get out of this is the fact that I am horrible at multitasking.

11 — Totally unrelated, not that there was a flow to start with, but do you wear any accessories? Like, I have two piercings on each year with hoop sings on all four, but no finger rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. What about you?

I’m absolutely free of those! Free to be me!
I have been given an expensive watch but I left it on my bed to run out of battery and die. Let me be one of million examples of a rich hobo.



Now, how in the world will I end this kind of post without featuring at least one nomination from the devil herself?
Unlike the award she has got, it is absolutely no mystery that Irina happens to be the headmaster of this ‘spam nominate Shoka’ cult and me being myself; I like taking down the boss straight away, always saving the minions (fun) for later.


1 — What skill do you wish you had? Why?

Business skills because it literally goes hand in hand with my already existing social skills (?). The result is kinda obvious; just look up any famous YouTubers making millions right now.

2 — What is your go to comfort food?

Either Pad Thai or Khao Man Gai! Yumyumyumyumyumyum~

Recipe by The Spruce
Recipe by Rachel


3 — What’s the thing you admire the most about your best friend?

He can put up with practically all of my sh*t. You would totally mistake him for a husbando but lad’s got a family of his own. I don’t think anybody wants to sell out their best buddies so not even I would tell you any specific thing about him!

4 — Any good Manga I should read?

I wouldn’t say it’s that great but totally serviceable. Horimiya.

5 — What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

W-what in the world…
I feel like this is going to be a million dollar questionM-may I call John Carpenter for this, please?



Hopefully this will allow me to break the blogger’s wall. And I’m sorry that I have actually lost track of almost all of the nominations. If the fourth round is to ever happen, it would come from nominations in the future starting today.

See you sometime this week! 🙂

36 thoughts on “Hot Potato Toss Round Three

  1. Awesome~
    Horimiya is awesome ^^

    JK Shoka-san, this was great, and a manga for me sounds amazing, hmm…
    Either way, don’t you have like a bunch more to do? Good luck on that!

    P.S- I ain’t ever messaging you on Twitter.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m pretty sure you won’t break this wall down, the boss will just spam Heal on herself, but you can try! and lol, dating site questions? how may dating sites have you gone on? xD

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Haha: I know what you mean by things getting out of hand on awards. At times you just can’t keep up 😂😂
    This was a really entertaining post you wrote though, and Ugh where are my manners: congrats on these awards: I’m pretty sure they are not going to stop anytime soon though lol 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on the awards. Knowing how behind you are almost makes me feel bad for nominating you. Almost.

    For the longest time I only owned one pair of shoes, then my dad started complaining about how I’m a girl and should have some more. So now I own two. I’m moving up in the world of fashion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      And I can totally feel for you right there!
      Pretty sure you member saying that I used to wear shoes inside my house back in New Zealand. Well now that I’m living in Thailand, my mom made me wear jandals so now I officially have two pairs of shoes Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Cliche statement but still: Congratulations!!
    Its really something that you’re keeping up with posts despite your work schedule, you’ll need another award for that man!
    (Also not related but… I’ll gladly take the extra weight you want to lose T.T)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m calling out science!
      We have blood transfusion so will weight/fat transfusion come someday?

      Since when is congratulations a cliche?!
      True weebs don’t think of cliches; they always go Banzai!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wooaaah, I like The Shawshank Redemption too! I watched it multiple times and still dropped the tears. Lol. Oh, and I am new to wordpress. Nice to meet you, Shokamoka.^0^/ and thanks for liking my fiiiirst post. I hope we can be friends hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome aboard! Likewise, it is nice to meet you. You are also welcome to ask me anything and I will try to help as much as I humanly can!

      You entered the fray with style; I’ve witnessed it with your introductory post.
      If it makes you feel any better — my introductory post has got a total of 6 views.
      It had been like this for the entirely of 2017.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG, thank you! ^O^
        It become 7 now, LOL. But I like it, its so simple and we catch the mean. Mine like absurd. xD
        By the way, your site is pretty. How I can make mine like them too? With content sorting above? I will post something random, and I think criteria isnt enough to make them in order.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha thanks for the one extra view!
        Well damn, I cannot promise you a proper tutorial on how to customize one’s site. Not to mention that there are plenty of pretty and neat blog designs out there!

        I would recommend checking out nesha’s blog without hesitation when it comes to being neat and creative.

        Liked by 1 person

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