200! Can we have a 201?

It is kinda funny when I realized this would be my 200th post so instead of publishing one of Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, I’d decided to pull back and pay attention to this worthwhile milestone which I’d made with this very blog — all the while giving you my status update.



I have made my time in 2017 with a total of 197 posts, which I consider to be pretty hardcore for someone who’d promised to post on a weekly basis.

Stats before this post.png
Before this post


Onto the current season which is winter 2018 for the Japanese, I really do not feel like writing multiple parts of first impressions like I have done for the previous season.
Winter 2018 season to me is probably the most META (gaming abbrev.) season I have ever witnessed in my entire life. That part alone is actually fine but my forgiveness quickly fades as I read on each and every one of the titles involved. I have made sure to check the synopsis, studios involved, trailers where possible, source materials and their receptions then I went on to see reviews for the first few episodes that aired or hype-up posts for shows that have yet to start.

I remember being that person who has defended ‘average’ shows being worth your time but it seems to backfire really well this time. Though, being the person who has actually managed to finish Two Car; I have no rights to talk shit about shows in the slum so let me actually talk about how ‘meta’ this season really is!



What nearly everybody has noticed is that 2018 Winter season is packed with a ridiculously large amount of “cute girls doing cute/not so cute things” shows.
Let’s see, in this season we have:


This is only half true because the amount of such shows is actually less than that of the previous season. What actually changed is the ratio of CGDCT shows to the total number of available anime in a single season. Counting hentai, Fall 2017 has let out 258 titles while Winter 2018 only has 186. Now you know that you cannot really blame Japanese for having different taste to yours; others are just not trying hard enough.

Fear not, battle shounen fans! No way in the absolute hell would such a well respected and hated genre disappear without any kind of notice. I guess this could be a chance for Seven Deadly Sins as it stands to be the only new battle shounen title of the season. Other than that you are more than welcome into the auditorium where you can listen to Asta scream or watch over Boruto’s dad’s son, or just go Super. I’m dead certain that you won’t be doing all three.

Want to feel ‘mature’ and perhaps a little more ‘experienced’ in fictional relationships? Try Citrus out. It is melodrama show like this which garners a large amount of instant attention; it can lead to a spring in popularity or in a rather unfortunate case… trapped.

And for the ___th time, can you please not have us play ‘guess the MC’ game?

It is getting boring pretty quick.


We may not have mainstream female idol shows for this season, so why not give into the fact and settle with IDOLiSH7 instead?
If anime creators actually dare to tackle idol stuff seriously, I would be much more interested in the male version of this genre because when it is not cute boys doing cute things—they have it a harder when it comes to maintaining their spot within the industry.

When will A-1 Pictures stop making anime with possible themes of RPG and wars?
Well, given that they are back at it again with GRANcrest Senki, I say never. And I’m totally not making fun of Granblue which is also animated by A-1 themselves.
I do however have to give it to Grancrest for featuring supreme animation directing talent. Everything about it may seem cliche and bland but for any real cinematography and animation enthusiasts, this one should come as a surprise treat.

It is not an anime season without at least one generic harem show being of a light novel adaptation, where its premise immediately suggests train-wreck no matter how well the original source material is selling in Japan.
Fear not, my lovelies, as Winter 2018 fronts up with Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Still not happy? There happens to be that one show taking it to a level out of this world…

In another world without my smartphone this time, it seems.


Not that Overlord II is going to come out as the savior of this very pile of genres. I have not watched the first season and I do not plan on watching the entirety of it.

This generation is certainly worth a meme and the anime industry has given us what we truly deserve — Shitposting: The Anime. This one brings most of the 2channers and redditors to the yard, I’m certain.

And speaking of shit posting in anime; at the time when Gintama‘s final arc had not aired, you would normally expect fans to approach before anyone else. But as it has always been with every other Gintama titles, Fullmetal Alchemist fanboys came in very strong, I had to take my chance and capture the dark moment within anime community.

Check their profiles and see if I am even kidding. It goes very well with the post I have written a while ago.

FMAB Fanboys
MAL was really quick to delete this.


In the name of meta, there are mediocrity, repetitiveness and sadness all over the board. So where do I go?

Obviously, go find happiness. Perhaps start with Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san.
I think this season is literally telling me to wait for sequels or specials of past great shows like ReLIFE and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Either that or try out new titles with wild but imaginative, immersive themes which barely link to the usual settings used in a typical anime show. I can suggest three right now and they are Devilman: Crybaby, Violet Evergarden and P.A. Work’s upcoming movie, Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou.

It may have just been me ranting, but you can always count on me to watch shows I talk crap about. Half the time they do up their game and that is actually more pleasing to witness than just watching a good show that never improves.
I mean, what is considered “good” anyway?


This week has been crappy for me, no puns intended


Not going to beat around the bush and tell you right now that I have been suffering from a rotavirus infection. I don’t think this son of a bitch virus is able to have me in the coffin anytime soon but the symptoms are still a total pain in the ass. For the past 3 days I have been running to the toilet every fifteen minutes to the point that I felt like my ass was about to rip. I used to joke about having diarrhea but from today on I guess I will need to reconsider when cursing somebody, given its severity.

I am certainly doing better now, hence the ability to finish up this post which has been left half done two days ago when I’d collapsed from fever, though my diarrhea is still at a severe level. The first meal I was able to take in after all of the internal ruckus was Hainanese chicken rice, better known in Thailand as Khao Man Gai.

Kao Man Gai


This is my go-to meal if I ever feel like crap, alongside feel-good dishes like porridge and noodles. What I find funny about having eaten this meal was that the exact same dish was cooked by Eizan from Shokugeki no Souma. How could I hate him now, having made my third most favorite dish of my life!

SnS Khao Man Gai


This is when it came to my immediate attention; where was the sauce?!
Sorry Eizan-senpai, but you clearly screwed up the one thing that makes Khao Man Gai so great. Even I would vote for Souma had I been one of the judges in that shokugeki.

The usual amount of time for one to fully recover from this viral infection is nine days, but I would happily take four so I can actually resume watching anime without fainting in my own bed.



Winter 2018 has pretty much everything needed to make itself the best season ever, but the content within its setup is by all means questionable. Coming from a person who has played League of Legends before, I see this season like my team having a top bruiser, mid-lane mage, a jungler, an ADC and a ‘proper’ support to make up what we call meta. But then the champions picked to fill those roles are either not well thought out or absolutely hard-countered by the enemy team’s champion within the same role.

If you actually care to check out my three suggestions to begin your season — thank you.
Otherwise stay safe and happy hunting!

17 thoughts on “200! Can we have a 201?

  1. I honestly still haven’t decided yet what I am going to be watching. Last season was the first time I watched seasonal anime, and it was a lot of fun exchanging thoughts on them with everyone. So far though: there are few shows that really spark my interest after reading most first impression posts. Still I will find something soon I guess.
    Sorry to hear about your virus by the way. Hope you will recover fully soon. And congrats on reaching the 200 posts milestone. Awesome achievement 😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This season is wild in a very safe level. You can’t go wrong with any pick but there are always something better from the past; that is my take on winter 2018.
      And thank you! Got 2 vaccine jabs up my ass. It felt good alright.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I usually watch a series after it’s finished airing, so that I can download the complete batch at once. So for now, I don’t have many anime on my check list, but it’s sure to get filled with more by the time it’s Spring/Summer.

    Congrats on 200 posts! That’s one more milestone you crossed in such a small time. Keep up the good work!

    I’m sorry to hear about your health. Hope you get well soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot of shows are now riding on seasonal effect for maximum feels; some do it better than others.
      Though, Devilman is all put in a single batch because Netflix.

      Thank you man! This season will be a quiet one for me that’s for sure. But it’s okay since I am not exactly going anywhere!

      After two vaccine jabs in my left asscheek, I HAVE to get better as I don’t think I would want more!

      Liked by 1 person

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