Anime Enthusiasts Set Off to Make Memories In Antarctica

It’s real. Cute girls will look cute doing anything in anime, and a lot of those shows always feature real life locations for diehard anime fans to get a taste of real things. This year starts off big with probably one of the most ambitious yet ambiguous tourist attraction mecca’s: Antarctica.
Diehard Otaku from around the world are making trips down south to revel in the amazement of being at the site of a special scene in an anime.

In Antarctica 1In Antarctica 2



Okay, I’m sorry. I will get onto writing an actual post about the show. I just felt like starting the year with some silly satire. But God knows if people would do it for real. I know I would since comfortably touring Antarctica does not actually sound far fetched from possibility.

By the way, “mecca” is an urban term which means real life locations featured in anime.

24 thoughts on “Anime Enthusiasts Set Off to Make Memories In Antarctica

  1. I somehow get the impression that now that there’s an anime about it someone somewhere is wanting to plan an expedition to Antarctica. It will not surprise me in the least if that becomes a real headline.

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  2. Considering the amount of ice that’s melting, I bet it will be a lot easier now than before. To be honest, I can see this actually happening. If Yakitate Japan made me want to make bread for the first time, then this will definitely get someone to travel to Antarctica.

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  3. Satire is a purely destructive force and there are no good situations to use it in ever. Satire is a huge problem of today’s society which needs to be solved.I also nominated you for the mysterious blogger award. I think you might have seen it already / gotten the award already but it’s here:

    Also I wouldn’t even dream of being satirical about satire, I would probably have to shoot myself or something.

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