Day 24 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — Honesty, dignity and chivalry to misunderstandings, disappointment and curses

H-hello and welcome to the twenty-fourth challenge! Witness my shocked face.


Moment That Shocked You The Most In An Anime

You think that I would be using a scene from horror anime?
Hell naw, you already know how much if a wimp I am when it comes to the horror genre.
So here, I have a huge spoiler of Fate/Zero to show you the moment that shocked me even til today.

In Episode 16, servant Lancer finally has his wish granted — to have an all out fight against servant Saber, fair and square. The ‘fair’ part quickly diminishes into oblivion as his master El-Melloi Archibald Kayneth’s life is threatened at gun point by Saber’s master, Emiya Kiritsugu.

You could say that a servant’s purpose is to keep their master safe. Going by that phrase and everything would have looked normal, except that nothing in this event was done normally. not even the ‘fair’ fight itself.

It was a showcase of self-importance; how precious one’s life is and how much one would be willing to sacrifice to save oneself. An extremely powerful moment for me.

Just put yourself in his shoes. Lancer came into the Holy Grail War to fight for the grail with honor. He previously had an unfinished fight with saber and was later forced to remove the curse on her arm. Throughout the war, Lancer got trash-talked by his master saying he was a failure of a servant while also having brought up his past against him. After all, he’d even said the reason that Lancer kept going forward was the thought of a single honorable battle with Saber. It was this moment he’d got what he wished for.

And then that was taken from him in an instant.. and in a manner most shameful to a knight’s sacrificial convention. Imagine yourself having just that one wish—that one fight, and you are forced to kill yourself despite all of the confidence you have in winning. I would be horribly disappointed and feeling extreme anguish nothing would be able to control the wrath of my insanity for a while.

This also happened all within Kiritsugu’s assassination plan. It was not something Saber has ever given her participation’s consent to. In Lancer’s mind, he would undoubtedly come to (mis)understand that Saber was truly a part of this very dishonorable act as his pain-filled brain worked its way to put together pieces of the puzzle—what led to him stabbing himself. The appearance of Kiritsugu to his sight did not help in a tiny bit, in fact it made Lancer’s misunderstanding so much worse there was no going back.

Lancer was dying in a pitiful way, he did not have time to think, he was not even allowed to have one fully extended battle with Saber. He would not simply act like, “I won’t forgive any of you, except for you Saber. FEEL MY WRATH—except for you. Saber.”
It was only natural for him to speak in that manner when he was not given even a second to think about his forced and distasteful defeat.

Now, Lancer’s death did not shock me as much as what happened right after.

Immediately after the contract preventing Kiritsugu from killing Kayneth and his partner went into effect, the latter were shot to death by the former’s partner in crime, Maiya. That shocked me with disgust, as if one dishonorable act was not enough! We are all excited about having a streak of anything, but what we hardly think about is the mount of each application that make up the streak. In this case, Kiritsugu’s dishonor streak was of two big stacks of ugliness. It was enough to have Saber forever changed her views towards the man and ultimately altering her own course to winning the war.

What made it even worse (yes, it did get this horrible) was how Saber just kind of shrugged everything away even though her and Lancer had the best relationship compared to any other servants. In the very end, even for Saber, it was a knight’s chivalry. A knight down meant one less to struggle through for her.

Well, that was disgustingly shocking.

See you back here tomorrow where the tone of my challenge would still be under the minor. It will still be sad as it involves death.

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4 thoughts on “Day 24 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — Honesty, dignity and chivalry to misunderstandings, disappointment and curses

  1. this was honestly my favorite part of FZ, and why i like Kiritsugu. I dunno, he was a ruthless element to the game that I haven’t seen yet. i was hoping everyone was this motivated to kill. only one will win, so why so much posturing, just summon more giant tentacles and end it. xD
    seeing lancer die was hard though. he even cursed Saber ( i think) thinking she was part of the double turn.

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