Day 23 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — A destructive force without equal

Welcome back to the twenty-third day of the challenge. Let’s go~


Favorite Attack Someone Used In An Anime



Cutting straight to the chase, hailing the crimson demon arch-mage and her…


Directed by Michael Bay



This is no ordinary attack. This is a high rank sorcery; this is madness in the form of obsession for greatest magic.
Megumin’s obsession with explosion is the work of pure art, infused with passion for all things animation.

First, we listen to her Chuunibyou-Shakespearean incantation. Up until the end of the second season, there are eleven known variations of it. Hell, I have even spent a good amount of time collecting them.

Read them here as it is a hidden page only accessible by this exclusive link!

Apparently almost all of the chants were ad libbed by Takahashi Rie herself. The voice recording staff were laughing their asses off as they listened to Rie’s full on chuuni incantations. Eventually the animation staff had to make up to those extra lines with more frames of animation.

So remember it well, guys!
Megumin herself isn’t that much of a chuuni but Takahashi Rie made her a legendary icon within realms of anime.

Second, we look at them happen. All kinds of myriads get blown by the explosive wave of flames into smithereens. There is really an animator in charge of such events, in fact he’s the ‘explosion’ director. It became obvious that he is a huge fan of Michael Bay’s works, as his passion can be seen all over each and every one of the blow ups. Each and every one of them look so damn unique they are capable of creating a separate kind of favorites competition alongside waifu wars within the show.

So yes, I am with my man Alfredo on this challenge. Don’t like it?


Here you can spend 5 and a half minutes watching every single instances of her Explosion™.



Now that was a hell lot of explosive fun.


See you back here tomorrow where I will let you in on something that shocked me more than being a target of Megumin’s Explosion™!


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3 thoughts on “Day 23 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — A destructive force without equal

  1. Wew, I would’ve never known about Rie’s Chuuni side if it wasn’t for you.
    Have to admit the fact that Megumin’s explosion magic is what makes her the least useless girl among the other two in the group (I haven’t watched season 2 yet, RIP)

    PS: Megumin’s doujins are on a next level….. Just saying

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