Day 21 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — I am evil for laughing at this devil

Hello and welcome to my twenty-first day of the challenge!


Favorite Goofy Anime Character



Basically a humorously stupid character. There are plenty to choose from but there is only one such character so stupid(ly cute) her seiyuu wants to hide her face when giving vocals to the lines.


Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell!

Her embarrassing entrance


Her embarrassing introduction


And the proof of her seiyuu taking in that pure embarrassment…

Yeah, cover your face after calling us ‘humans’, Satan!


Gabriel Dropout is comedy


And the genre is extremely hard to amuse readers of the manga. The transition to anime was done so damn well that I cannot help but appreciate the efforts these guys have put into each and every single attempts at comedy. The point of comedy is to not analyze it, but for the sake of this challenge I will just point out a few things regarding slapstick tsukkomi.

The timing has to be great, if not perfect. Everyone reacts to comedy differently, some slowly than others. This is where even the slowest paced shows can still come off as funny as we constantly adjust ourselves to differing magnitudes of comedy. Gabriel Dropout is among the faster-paced comedies in anime. It shouldn’t take you more than five seconds to figure out that a character has just pulled some shit and that you would soon see someone getting in shit.

I do have to admit however, that the jokes featured in this show are not aimed towards adults. But if even adults can laugh their asses off to them, that is basically a win.


Satania is the primary target of repercussions


This is the quality which puts her above many characters bearing similar goofy traits. Since slapstick comedy is usually judged by how far up the oddity and hilarity meters it can go, Satania is no newcomer to being severely punished for my laughs.


Most of the time Satania is really just asking for it…


Some other times she is just having endless encounters of bad luck.


Sometimes comedy does not make Satania; Satania makes comedy


Unlike many others who act stupid on their own accord, Satania actually is being serious in her own mind. This kinda makes her a retard in our eyes. It should be sad. It really should be sad, but for some unknown reasons I cannot help but to laugh my ass off.

In my book of comedies, if you can’t make a stupid person look stupid then you are the stupid one.


In our world, we call this ‘justice served cold’.


That is not to say you can never be the subject of your own weaponry.



Honestly, Aqua of KonoSuba is literally in the same tier as Satania but I can only write about one. Since there has already been a challenge where I used her (and an incoming challenge which I will still have to use KonoSuba), I’d figured that maybe I should allow some room for other equally deserving shows.


See you back here tomorrow.


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10 thoughts on “Day 21 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — I am evil for laughing at this devil

  1. I wish Gabriel Dropout was released back when I did this challenge; I would have then taken much less time to pick someone as a favorite (Since almost all of the goofy character annoy me for some reasons).

    I actually think of this anime to be more of a subtle dark humour than slapstick. Although slapstick is what keeps the series going, the certain dark themes of the series made me laugh way more. (Let’s laugh at seeing the world become crazy enough to destroy the mind of a pure and intelligent Angel! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

    Satania really is one of the most important characters of the series. Her idiotic yet innocent tricks are so adorable that…. It makes me wanna keep bullying her all my life!! (Ah- Now I know how Raphiel feels…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Satania is definitely a favourite in this series even though she is supposed to be a devil. And speak of the devil, she’s quite a devil towards her own devil system XD.
    I kind of feel that Aqua is dumb for doing nothing, and Satania being dumb for trying to do something XD

    Liked by 1 person

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