Day 15 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – It should be natural for you to drink until dawn with someone you get along with, even if he may be your enemy.

Hello again and welcome back to my fifteenth instance of the challenge!


Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime



I have very little to say but this guy takes my cake for a summoning.



Specifically the one from Fate/Stay Night. A spear prodigy feared—and at the same time—admired by mass, Lancer is not to be underestimated for his lack of shiny armor and magical abilities.

Well, at least he’s got the sexy blue tights down.


His agile weapon works and movements put him on temporarily equal footing with pure swordsman that solely relies on such weapons to fight, as if they are an extension of their very own limbs.



But those parts of Lancer aren’t what made him my favorite summoned servant of all time. It’s time to talk about the part where he clearly takes the cake: everything else non-combat!



The sheer amount of humor Lancer has is absolutely top of the ranks, with only honesty and dignity being rivaled by none other than Saber (for Fate fans, that says a lot, right?). He at times puts his wits on display when he needs to socialize with the mages — normal human beings of the Earth.

The lad is fun to have around, being capable of teasing damsels in distress without mercy and all.

Right, Rin-chan?


A lot of people would watch Fate for their favorite heroines; I watch Fate/Stay Night for lancer!

I honestly wanted to have him for my most favorite male character but somehow… just somehow…
I ended up preferring Gary Stu.



It’s over all too quick! But that’s okay, because…

See you back here tomorrow where I will hand out best animation awards.


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13 thoughts on “Day 15 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – It should be natural for you to drink until dawn with someone you get along with, even if he may be your enemy.

  1. LANCER! He’s such an underrated character. I felt so bad about his outcomes in BOTH fate/zero and UBW! Why, why, why T_T. I watched UBW for Archer tbh…but I do love Rin lots!

    I think when I did this challenge I chose Happy from Fairy Tail, he could fly me around whenever I wanna go somewhere, and he’s just so fluffy and cute.

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      1. IP for anime is like a way of calling the franchise because like Internet Protcol, A franchise is unique and even when including everything like spin offs, they are still part of the original one way or another.

        Good lesson huh?!

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