Day 14 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – Unlimited Fluff Works

Welcome back to the fourteenth day of the challenge, let’s go~


Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It

In other words, I only have to mention a classic anime show that we still love to talk about today!

Me being myself, will have to go with the golden standard for marshmallow show…


This show simply never gets old. There just aren’t a lot of shows that can have their stories feel new and refreshed every single time you restart from the beginning.

What could have easily been noted as cute girls doing cute things on repeat happened to showcase subtlety of the plot. There’s no mistaking it; K-On! is a seinen slice of life but watching the girls’ journey felt a lot more shounen than some actual shounen shows out there. There are real senses of starting point, check-ins and finishing point; this show has a true sense of progress. Even if the characters don’t ‘develop’ much, there are enough changes to make me think that these girls at the end of K-On! Movie are by all means different to their past selves back at the beginning of the franchise.

It is also a music themed show, and it should come to no surprise that K-On! is MAJORLY responsible for the massive influence of having seiyuu to sing on top of voice acting in anime industry. The fluffy guitar-pop music in this show is absolutely timeless; the song pieces would still be constantly compared with any other anime-related tracks that scream light music (keion, hence the name of the show).

This anime in general does many things right for a TV show. It starts off as a single cour so many newcomers can actually taste-test it. Shall they be wanting more, the second season offers twice the amount of content; satisfaction is an assured feeling any fans of K-On! would gladly tell you after each and every time they have made it out of the entire franchise, that along with some other personal feels.

You and I — The Veterans

Because K-On! series never feels old no matter the number of times I binge it, a great re-watch experience is guaranteed for when you introduce someone into the world of anime. I happened to show K-On! Movie to my cousin who came to visit me two days ago, and her words were only of praises to how cute, happy and realistic the characters are. This is all coming from a person who actually doesn’t watch anime.

That said, the show is also one of the best gateway titles of all time if not the best, because really — I have seen someone rant about how they would recommend Bleach and every other battle shounen to a newcomer in a heartbeat.

See the contradiction now?
Just who will you believe?

(Hint: not me)

I’m just going to leave this here because Alfredo has finally come to terms with the final opening’s greatness! I will definitely also talk about it one day. I know that Mother’s Basement has put in his two cents already, but I have my own voice, too.

Easily the best challenge to have my heart feel the fluffs. It feels so warm and good to talk about it with you all~ ❤

See you (back here) tomorrow!

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25 thoughts on “Day 14 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – Unlimited Fluff Works

  1. I think a couple of years ago, I made it tradition to rewatch K-On every year or two. Sooooo good 😛

    And I can’t wait for that post on Utauyo Miracle, let’s see what the fuss is about lol

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    1. Have your eyes guided by the moe light and seek the opening’s true form~

      I mean you should really be able to pick up on its overall make, that sequence is not your typical type of stuff you see in anime openings.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the same deal with every other classic shows everyone wants you to watch before you die:
      I will not force you, but shall you ever be interested in what the fluffy fuss is all about, K-On! has answers!

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      1. I just….am not a fan of K-on. I wanna be cool and hip and hate on things other people like, yo. this was the show that changed KyoAni for the worse.
        ok, i like it but that table flip is deserved!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah okay fight me now:
        K-On! to me was KyoAni still in their prime alongside Hyouka. They turned one hell of a boring manga (seriously, K-On! manga is a shounen fanservice stuff) into one of the most entertaining slice of life shows people still talk about today!

        You know this as much as I do, if there is a point KyoAni took a real dip, it’s Chuu-2 second season and went deeper down with Amaburi…

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      3. i won’t deny the content of the anime, but this was where kyoani realized that animation story. it’s easier to just feature fluff, since we’ve convinced the entire world that we can always deliver on that. K-On did a lot of great things, for better or worst.

        oh wait, this is a fight? i should hurl insults. xD

        Liked by 1 person

      4. No it’s okay, save the insults for incoming Mahouka post!

        And KyoAni somehow saved their own ass with Hibike!
        Now I hope that Violet Evergarden can bring them back from the fluffy world.

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      5. no shoka. this is where our differing opinions creates drama, and we make posts casting shade on the other person!!!! i’ll start…..xD

        and yeah, i am a different kyoani fan but i’m not gonna lie, k-on did a lot to the studio and the industry in general. again, i don’t like what it brought but it was f*ckin influential none the f*cking less gawd f*king damn it.

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      6. Haha damn it man.
        I’ve totally forgot about what you say which can trigger me… with that I really can’t come with more drama and accept that you take K-On!’s influence differently.
        I’m no missionary; I don’t speak Pope in place of cute girls doing cute things fan.
        …Okay I dunno wtf I’m even talking about anymore. We should really get the podcast started.

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      7. i’m predictable shoka. if there are anymore kyoani or mahouka in this day 30 thing, then i’ll sh*t on it. it’s my character. except for clannad since i haven’t seen it.

        and i don’t know if my hardware can do audio thing, but i’ll try. just make sure AG’s sexy voice is in the fore front. when we ran out of stuff to talk about, just let him say random words to avoid dead air. xD

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      8. Well, at least I’m assured that my blog won’t be dead quiet anytime soon. Thanks man!

        You have a job so unless you’re not sustaining for yourself, there is no way you wouldn’t have a PC good enough for voice recording!


      1. I could have but I’ve only discovered this thing called BLOG on Valentine’s Day this year!

        Do you know how sad it is for me to not be out on a date and do something by myself? 😢

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  2. K-on huh? I haven’t seen this one (yeah I know right, big surprise 😂😂), but your review is so enthusiastic that I just can’t resist to add this one to my to watch list. Though to watch encyclopedia might be a better word for it at this time. Thanks for writing such a cool post for a series that you clearly love so much 😊😊

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