Two Car: The Motegi Twins Arc

I could not really be assed to cover the S&M duo since it felt a little too close to domestic violence—too disgusting to even watch the act. Maybe it is just me being used to the comedy side of it.

Skipping straight to the next couple in trouble, it is not like I didn’t see Shishido Yuria and Maria coming from lightyears away. Covering episodes six and seven, welcome to another mess of a story, I guess?

Remember my posts praising Two Car on being a brave forward step by Silver Link.?
Remember my post on the three episode rule, praising this show for having done many things right on its third episode?

If you do, be prepared to see a completely different view from me this time, because throughout your time reading this post, you may find yourself rolling your eyes more rounds than Yuria rolling out of her racing kneeler.

RIP Yuria.gif
R.I.P. Yuria


Though, my views on the show with my earlier posts haven’t really changed. It is your standard ‘flopped out after a certain amount of episodes‘ type of thing in anime.

Before I go on with my rants however, let me just say it here that Two Car is officially a drama show in my books. It really is a true drama show with sidecar racing as its main plot device. As for how well everything has been put to use, I can no longer comment because the ups and downs in this show are so far apart in scale—you have to be much more tolerant than usual to handle this kind of stuff. Though, watching anime is not exactly supposed to be your tolerance training session, so I applaud those who make it into… that.


Dual Purpose from a single instance of hollow characters?


Killing two birds with one stone is supposed to be a good thing, which is actually why this arc is not so much of it.

Episode six starts off with Yuri straight up getting teased by Maria’s secret move: Doppelganger!

Who are the twins.png


If anyone actually cares about the twins let alone this show, the only two differences between them are their voices and demeanor — Maria is the more mature one with lower natural voice and less variation in her tones, being born only twenty minutes before Yuria.

As far as identical twins trope in anime goes, it has always been a delight to see them because at least for me, it feels like a plus one type of scenario; another character usually adds juice to the story. This is why I have to write something about this arc — Shishido twins is one of those instances where having a plus one did way too little for the story. It makes me a little more disappointed since the story for this arc is not in any way complex. And in Two Car, the backbone story (which really is about Megumi and Yuri trying to win the race for a trip to Isle of Man TT, where they _______ ) is by all means relatively small and straightforward.

For me, identical twins are only a joy to watch in anime and pretty much every other multimedia forms of entertainment, but never in real life. Why?

I cannot remember anymore on how many times I have written this very same idea behind teenagers and their growth, but here it is again! Hooray!
In reality where twins like them wouldn’t exist for longer than a decade, even the most identical ones eventually want individuality.

Teenagers seek independence.” — My blog!
Or just go read some psychological research papers, blah.
And guess what, Shishido twins are of what stage in their lives?

The twins had it going for them until the moment of fate, which gets revealed to be the main reason both of them wanted to change—to be different.

To change is more than just cutting your hair… *hint*


Parts of their personalities start to truly diverge while many things remained the same. I’d really wished that Two Car would have done it well because honestly, the girls are cute! I hated seeing wasted potentials more than any kind of straight up baddies from the get-go, and the twins are the former, urgh!

Maria remains the mature one while Yuria shrieks like a child and complains about the former’s difference (mainly how she ‘acts’ older) to her. I actually didn’t mind it for laughs but when I’d considered the realistic idea behind their will to become different, I started to feel less appreciative.
That said, the change disregarded nearly everything about them beforehand; this will include how they act in-sync for jokes.

It’s getting less funny.


Being different is actually okay, but a change that guarantees needless conflict is not worth your time. And here it is again, the main motto regarding team sports:

You work as a team! Clearly, a sidecar racing team of two is mostly made up of two different people, but do you see any issues with that?
Of course not, right? But I still can’t grasp any logical reason as to why the change from these twins has ended up causing…

R.I.P. to the both of them


Side by Side, because dying together is apparently a worthy course of action


Episode seven opens up with what I could have sworn to be both of the twins’ logic regarding boarderless potential when they no longer have to pretend to be similar.

“I can go faster!” — Maria.
“I can go farther now!” — Yuria.


What made them unable to go far in the first place?

Oh boy, I can see many things go wrong with the logic. This all heavily reminds me of Dragon Ball Z‘s Vegeta who believes that he can go far beyond Goku’s level simply because he thinks that he is more than a Saiyan—that he is a Saiyan Prince and therefore not the ‘same’ as Goku. It actually makes sense if you have seen shows boasting a theme of rivalry before Two Car because both of the twins fell for the same falsified mindset.


Having crashed like overheated bitches, the two ended up arguing over whose fault it really was for the incident, which startled pretty much everyone on scene since even they believed that normally the two would be nervous together.

There are many things not even twins would want to be doing together…

Shishido Twins Argument.png
Maybe except arguing; it takes two to tango


Everything has a reason, even reasons themselves


Shishido sisters wanted to stop being ‘twins’ because they wanted to be different, but that difference couldn’t be achieved on a whim. The driving force behind their reason was actually what had happened years earlier, when they for the first (and probably the last) time, experienced melodrama heartbreak.

Both of them fell in love with the same man.
Now that would look as if the setting alone is passable for a completely different dramatic romance show, but hey — what happens in Two Car, stays in Two Car.
(Please, for the love of God, do not take heavy inspiration from this arc!)

And that was really it, guys! That was the setting for the twins and now I think you’d probably wonder about whether any part of the twins’ characters and story have anything to do with sidecar racing, let alone the show as a whole.

Take me on board please, because I’m also wondering about that, too.

The train of conflicts did not stop there. Let me say a few things regarding the man they fell in love with.



He could only either be taking advantage of the twins, playing a grand pretense game and two-timing them or be fully out of his mind to the point that he couldn’t realize Shishido has a twin. When a couple is at a stage of date-ready, not having known each other’s small details like possible siblings makes it look like they are instead going for a one night stand; that was probably the case given this man…..
The dude wouldn’t straight up ask either out on a date within the next day after having met, and if he actually did, I have bad news for you.

Say, the time between when both of them have first met the man and the time of their heartbreak event is one week maximum, there should be enough evidence to raise suspicions between the twins themselves because whatever they could have done with him would be done entirely in secret.
But hey, plot holes are a thing.


They have kept their secrets about having met the same man. There is absolutely no way he would not know (that bastard). And likewise, there is absolutely no way the twins themselves would not know because to having met the man meant both of them being actively absent from each other’s sight. Even if excuses like, “I have something to do by myself,” (which was once shown in the show) were to be exploited, the idea regarding the man two-timing them would always cross my mind because when repeated more than enough times, the twins would have to really be mentally disabled to be unable to pick up on each other’s constant absence. Having considered how they are stuck together like super glue before having met the ladies’ man…


…the execution was fine, the character design is cute (it’s so lovely I would seriously love to see them in a different show completely!) and like I have said earlier, I almost always consider identical twins trope in anime a good thing. However all of that taste bad when dripped into a cup of horrible-story sauce.

I guess Silver Link. could have really taken some dramatic romance genre lessons for their original show, or better yet not involve the twins until they have written a passable story with as little plot holes as any above average story writer can. As of now,ย Two Car crashes on the side as often as the girls in the show itself.


To change is really more than just cutting your hair!


And I think that would be the idea this arc is trying to get me to understand. The show actually did quite well in this part considering nearly everything else is a flop.

The idea is mostly conveyed through some of the driest comedies I have seen in anime. Still though, I got some great chuckles when I did not take a look at this arc seriously.


Being good twins is not always about synergy, because face it; like charges will most likely not attract. And for the parts where synergy actually happen, they have taken opportunities to slap me some doses of laughter. I think Two Car has some of the better sexual innuendos in anime despite none of them being remotely intentional.

“Is it in?”
“Is it in?”
“Not on this side.”
“It’s in here.”
“Just kidding. It’s not.”
“It’s always so annoying.”
“Hurry up and get it in.”
“What’s the rush?”

It's in!.png
Why am I imagining an orgy scene here?


Some of the remaining comedy parts involve everyone mistaking one of the twins for the other despite having Maria cut her hair. While some others have to do with bits of teases the twins do when lightly arguing against one another.


Especially when Yuri bitchslapped the wrong twin for her moment to shine…

What was even the point of being physically different if people still have a hard time telling one from another?


Come on, I am not about to forget the main reason anyone would still want to turn off their brains and enjoy this show…





There is not much to say in the footnote this time.

I guess that The Motegi Twins Arc from Two Car can really be enjoyed if you do not spend all of that time dissecting bits of fine details from episodes six and seven. Though, whether you do or don’t is barely of my concern since I cannot stop you from pursuing your goal. And if you have ever had the intention of watching this show at all while having actually read this post, I apologize for possibly altering your potential view on the series as a whole.

Just take this as an overly serious ‘Looking Into’ย for the arc. The show has definitely become a bigger mess by the tenth episode, and it is actually a good thing because I outright know that nobody is coming to clean it up. This path of action is clearly, personally more favored than telling me that a show would indeed fix its visible issues but ended up not doing anything or making them worse than before.


Thanks for reading and have a good one, ya’ll! ^_^

3 thoughts on “Two Car: The Motegi Twins Arc

  1. I have fallen really behind on this show. It’s actually dropped out of my radar for a bit. After reading this very eloborate and well written post of yours, I’m not in a real hurry to pick it up any time soon either lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Seriously though I will get back to it, but after nearly a week of being sick with the flu, everything I had planned especially for my blog is playing catch up. I’m determined though. Loved your rant, although it wasn’t really a bad rant, and the caption beneath “it’s in” was priceless lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The stories aren’t really that connected so you basically can just watch episodes six and seven to get the idea of my rant. Haha!
      Though I have to give it to episodes 9 and 10 for having abridged the show itself lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, well I plan to have a bit of a bingewatch on sunday for the Animeseries that I’m currently behind on. TwoCar will probably be in that bingewatch. Maybe I will be ranting about it myself then ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

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