Day 13 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – From head to toe in similarities

Hello and here we are! The thirteenth day of the challenge!


Anime Character You Are Most Similar To



This one should come as no surprise if you happened to have read my answer to the challenge yesterday.

I’m calling the one and only:

Okazaki Tomoya


Let me give you a little trivia about him:

Tomoya’s surname, Okazaki (岡崎), is literally derived from two molecular biologists Okazaki Reiji and Tsuneko, whom were credited for the discovery of ‘Okazaki’ Fragments of your DNA—part of what makes you… ‘you’. Please do a little reading on what it is if you haven’t fully paid attention to your science course back in high school, because you will immediately see why Tomoya’s family name couldn’t be any more fitting for him.

Though, the word ‘fragment’ alone should be enough hint. Tomoya’s family is practically in a fragmented state; it’s split apart for decades, especially the bonds between his father and himself. Just like the fragments too, Tomoya is considered a loner in the society. Everyone else he meets, despite the trouble (represented by lagging DNA strand) they have, they are most definitely living their life normally, just like the leading DNA strands.

The job of Okazaki fragment is to partly aid lagging strands to catch up on their replication job so that it can result in a similar outcome to the leading strand. Just watch the animated video on the actual site and mute the sound, I have no comments on the choice of music used…
It also seems that you cannot watch this on a mobile phone.

Full credits to BioNinja.


This video roughly shows about 85% of what happens in your DNA replication!


What this means for Tomoya is that he’s literally the answer to the girls’ problems (lagging strands), which you can see in Clannad as he voluntarily solves them with effort.


Now, onto the part where I’m similar to him (or the other way around)…


You wouldn’t believe that I was a huge delinquent. I am still a delinquent, though much less than I have been in the past. I have a few goals in life but I don’t have any real purposes of achieving any of them, so I just sit back and relax most of the time.

I get excited when people come to me with their troubles, probably because I always have a feeling that I can be part of the solution. And I’m proud to say that has mostly been the case.
I often don’t ask for you to return the favor but once in a while I do wish that it would be very lovely if someone is to look out for me and my future mishaps… 😀

While my family is not in fragments, it’s far from being anywhere close to the stereotype of a happy one. My father is in my books a good man but possibly the biggest scum in the society and the funny thing is that he knows it more than anyone else. Both he and I are working towards having me becoming a better person than he is (lol).

Watching Tomoya going through his life-changing journey felt a lot like watching past self, hence all of the resonance.
Though, I don’t want to resonate with his loss of family in later stages of life…



The challenge is over for now!

See you back here tomorrow~


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3 thoughts on “Day 13 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – From head to toe in similarities

  1. what about your smug cute side when we go on Discord? which character does that resemble? xD
    and a scum, you say. fascinating. i see my dad the same way, actually. zero respect for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh bur Tomoya CAN be a cute father, no?!
      I actually end respecting my father even more since I’ve grown into an adult. The most basic manner such as greetings (you know how Thai people do that half a second pray when they say hello) to every one no matter their relative social standings to myself. That shit gets me the simplest kind of respect from others.

      Liked by 1 person

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