Day 9 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – He hails the holy grail

Hello there! Welcome back to the ninth day of the challenge!


Best Anime Villain



He’s a priest.
He guarantees your safety within the war.


Giving you high hopes only to crush them all down in any last event; he is the villainous remain that never fails to make his presence scream bad-end.

Enter Kotomine Kirei.

“People cannot change the past. All we can do, is accept our own actions. If you still wish to be burdened by your sins, let it show in your future actions. It is your choice how to perceive something that has already happened.”


Spoilers incoming yo.

The one true antagonist–a hero in his own path of justice. Kirei acts as the ‘final boss’ for all things Fate.
Now, the Fate franchise is enormous so I will only be speaking exclusively, chronologically about Zero and Stay Night.



In the events of Zero, Kirei is the Master of Assassin, working for his mentor, Tohsaka Tokiomi, and doing everything he is asked to do to the best of his ability. He lives a devoutly religious life as a priest but lacks a sense of fulfillment, taking little joy in doing good deeds. Upon meeting Emiya Kiritsugu, Kirei sees his own emptiness mirrored in the latter, eventually feeling compulsive hatred. On the other hand, Kirei is the only Master that Kiritsugu fears, the latter seeing him as the biggest threat to his own victory of the Holy Grail War. During the later stages of the War, he murders Tokiomi and becomes the Master of Archer, assuming the role of the main antagonist.


He does not have a true wish for the Grail and fights only to discover his purpose in life.

That very purpose in his life is found in the conclusion of the third Holy Grail War, for the grail is not truly an omnipotent wish-granting device but rather a destructive entity that burns and seeps life from whatever it touches. Kirei, having had none of the fulfillment sense, reaches a new goal to preserve what makes Kiritsugu turn to feel loss and despair–the ‘Holy’ Grail.

In the events of Stay Night, Kirei becomes and overseer of the fourth Holy Grail War which Tokiomi’s daughter, Rin, and Kiritsugu’s adopted son, Shirou, participate. Through lies and deceptions, Kirei plays both of them by the threads to unveil his evil master plan, to resurrect whatever evil attempted to be born from the Grail in the previous War.



Being evil is one thing, being evil that can side with heroes throughout nearly their entire journey is pure master class.
Kirei is uncanny, sarcastic but extremely knowledgeable being one of the only three witnesses of Holy Grail’s true form. It is the way that he speaks as a priest; he never fails to convince Rin and Shirou (and even myself, the watcher/player). While everyone is fighting with all they have got in the Holy Grail War, Kirei only treats it as a ‘fulfilling’ mind game.



And that is my best villain I have to offer, down for the day!

See you back here tomorrow where I dish out one of my childhood nostalgia shows…


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10 thoughts on “Day 9 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – He hails the holy grail

    1. That’s right! Good villains are hard to spot nowadays!
      People usually try to make them likable by inserting backstories for empathy. Kirei on the other hand is just pure evil breed. Dudes bored with life and it all starts from zero with us watching up slowly working his way into becoming… that.

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  1. Is he really a villain though? I’m no Fate expert though, and Its been ages since I’ve seen Fate Zero. He’s more like an anti-hero to me, but again, no expert here. maybe he’s more evil than i remember? fate humanizes everyone though, even someone depraved like caster’s master.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess this answer is pure spoiler:
      He’s one of those who truly started pure by following tail of his master.

      Eventually Gilgamesh defiled him real good. His status as villain is even more clear in Fate Stay Night as he absolutely seeks only to destroy. Mostly because he is one if the only few people who have seen the Grail’s true form. The remaining part is whatever left of his desire to rid if Kiritsugu despite the lad already gone.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i only saw the 2006 FSN, so I have nothing to add here. I do remember him and Gilgamesh being very bland villains in the earlier version. I only remember Berserker and Archer in the earlier version, also the loli. god less that loli.
        he’d have to do something really massively villainy though, since I remember cheering him in Zero no matter what he did. don’t spoil it. xD

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      2. Yeah how I looked at Fate Zero is a but weird. Saber would really be my hero while Kiritsugu is actually the antagonist because he’s never been on Saber’s side right from the beginning. The relationship between Kiritsugu and Saber can be deemed rare not only because of how it went, like seriously only the whole contract thing made it work. Even antagonist can do heroic deeds and Kiritsugu sure has done one to at the same time help Saber realize her failure of the goal and stop world destruction!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I remember nothing, lol. they were very indifferent towards each other, but I actually liked that. I guess I just didn’t pay much attention to the guy and his motivations.
        then again, I like Shinji and I find Asuka annoying, so…..

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah Evangelion was sure a huge tropes starter!
        Fate/Zero’s characters were hailed for bring mature. They are all interesting despite lacking all of those -dere traits.

        Get to it again when it’s in queue! 🙂

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