Blasting My Headphones: Saekano Flat Bonus CD Volumes 1–5

No wonder where the rest of good soundtracks went.

A few remaining dozens of background music got their release along with the second season. And keeping up the tradition of cover songs, all five CD’s came with one for each. Splendid!

If you have been after some of the soundtracks exclusive to Saekano Flat and not the first season, they are here. These include:

  • Utaha’s epic jazz theme
  • ‘Fanservice’ track in episode 0
  • Artists’ showdown, the montage scene and Tomoya’s Petelgeuse mode in episode 2 and 3
  • The bonfire dance song in episode 4
  • Eriri’s fall in episode 5
  • Katou best girl moments in episode 8
  • Nerve-wrecking moments with Akane in episode 9, and
  • Tomoya and Megumi’s reunite in episode 10.

Although, many of the first season’s tracks came, too!
I know that there’s one track missing but I ain’t gonna cry for it.

Background music is cool and all, but the highlight of these CD’s are actually…


Cover Songs!


First Volume


Megumi and Eriri go cover a relatively old song!

Geki! Teikoku-Kagekidan which is an opening theme for Sakura Wars.


And here is their version


This cover is a little bit special because its relation to a certain theme was hinted from as far back as the radio show.

Utaha’s the baddie here; Megumi fights to save Eriri from whatever the hell she has done.


Second Volume


Michiru touches on one of Key’s most treasured song to date.

Little Busters!
An opening theme to the visual novel and anime Little Busters!


Michiru’s version

Very fitting for Icy Tail’s style, I have to admit. The vocal part however, I’m afraid that Michiru can’t really beat Rita’s greatness in youth scream.


Third Volume


I freakin’ knew it. There is absolutely no way Fumiaki-sensei would let this chance slip by!

Utaha gets to cover Todokanai Koi 13, an opening theme for White Album 2 which is a show Fumiaki-sensei was heavily involved for script writing.


Utaha’s version

I think that Ai Kayano absolutely nailed it. Props to her every time!


Fourth Volume



Eriri gets to show us her full potential of an ero artist, covering the opening theme of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo adult visual novel (what we call Eroge).

Saekano is half about visual novel making, there is no way the girls wouldn’t at least cover a visual novel song!
Well, that’s Michiru and Eriri down for the category.


Eriri’s version

S-she nailed it! Holy shit. I think this is my most favorite song of all 5 volumes!


Fifth Volume


Funny that the cover is of Megumi but the singer for a cover song is actually Izumi. That’s okay though, as Megumi has already had a shit ton of solo’s for second season’s insert songs, Eternal Flat and Glistening Flat.

Izumi is also joining Michiru and Eriri as she covers the opening theme of an adult galge Nursery Rhyme.

Get some of true my heart!


Izumi’s version

I swear that the staff have carefully handpicked all of the songs for these voice actresses to cover. They all sound very similar to the originals, either in vocals or instrumentals.



I have yet to see another anime show with so many great collectibles since Love Live! and I think Saekano easily passed the mark of true and good fanservice.

All the reason to wish for extra seasons of anime (and anything that comes with the Blu-Rays), especially when the original source material has come to a complete end.


Thanks for listening and have a good one, ya’ll!

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