Opportunity not missed!

Boy, this season has already gone on a huge roll with awesome titles one after another. I am however getting an equally great dose of ‘fan service’ since I’m that person who really loves the anime industry and all the jokes going around it.

It is nothing new but I can only appreciate directors who go extra mile to make the best use of seiyuu for perfect references. And I am very certain that in both cases, the VA’s involved were absolutely not coincidentally filtered in a normal way; they were handpicked by directors of said anime shows for best laughs from viewers, seiyuu and themselves.


Imouto Sae Ireba Ii. Episode 6


I have been enjoying the hell out of this show. I swear that Eromanga-sensei is being schooled so hard right now as ImoutoSae continues to show me things the former could have done better to make siscon more appealing to the older audience while at the same time making it less intrusive. There’s a fine line between imagination and real action; most of the Japanese can pump out wincest works because they know how to stay on the imaginative side.

Speaking of Eromanga-sensei, well… it is the point of this appreciation post!

A new character, Mikuniyama Kaiko, was introduced into the show.
What is so special about her?


Because the voice actress for her is no other than Fujita Akane, Kaiko’s character was instantly used as a tiny reference machine which brought in quite an impact for those who’ve already enjoyed the hell out of Eromanga-sensei.

We then have a show involving a siscon protagonist and now with a siscon character, voiced by the VA who voiced the little sister in another show involving a siscon protagonist. The inception is high in this one, equally as high as Kirino’s cameo in Eromanga-sensei.

She's a siscon
That would be my face when I hear someone saying that they like the same thing I do.


Though that is not a good enough reason for any incest theme fans to start flocking in to watch ImoutoSae, because the show is not actually about incest—only the MC has this weird incest shit going on but nobody else (except Kani) is playing along with him.
Assuming that you have seen Eromanga-sensei, the first thing you should be able to notice is the difference in her voice tones; Fujita-san used a less moe sound for Kaiko, leaning closer towards a young ojousama type, which Kaiko is of one. That should hint a little as to how much talent Fujita-san really has! Sagiri’s role was actually special because she’s not really here to do the ‘virgin killer’ voice, as dubbed by her Western fans.

When asked by Itsuki about her favorite little sister character, the director most definitely did not miss the opportunity to have Kaiko talk about the one and only:

Can’t finish the sentence or that’d be a copyright strike, right?


I really can’t wait to see more of her on scene ’cause shit will get kinky for Kani, not that Kani hasn’t already done anything of the sort in Episode 7, right?!


Anime-Gataris Episode 7


I saw this particular one coming a bit clearer since in its last few episodes, a countless number of KonoSuba references have been made.

But it got real in the seventh episode!

The main character Yui volunteered to help out Minoa with her anime production, specifically in the voice acting part.

I'm the magician....png
Her question raised my suspicion!


Yui is voiced by Takahashi Rie, whom is obviously best known for Megumin of KonoSuba. She has always been an ‘animated’ kind of person — full of bold personality on and off work. I remember seeing her having the red face while inciting Megumin’s lines so I don’t think that she was able to keep up a straight face for this parody either.


Please, just do not blow up the school like some certain chuuni…

S1 EP 3



Once in a while fun has always been a positive reason for me to keep watching underrated shows like this. While people are too busy ‘evaluating’ shows, I’m sitting here laughing my ass off at extra mile efforts made not for comedy but for true fans of anime.


Which parody is your favorite for 2017 Fall Anime Season? There has been so many so I do understand if you can’t simply pick just a single one. Tell me all of them if you have to!

Thank you for reading and have a good one, ya’ll!

5 thoughts on “Opportunity not missed!

  1. Hmm, I can’t say that I have watched a great many comedy series. In fact it is the genre that I usually watch the least. That means for a change that I can’t really give an answer to your question. Still: no worries, I did enjoy reading your post 😀

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  2. I haven’t been following any seasonal anime for the reason called 35 ongoing manga that update monthly, weekly and randomly(that’s Area no Kishi haha).

    But this is making me try some. Maybe. Let the storm (read: exams) pass and I will Shoka-san! XD

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