Hot Potato Toss Round Two

It is still hot so let me once again…

Hello everyone!

I have chose a more selfish way to answer the nominations, handed out to myself by some of the lovely bloggers in the community. Now, most of us would have already known that the nominations are exactly as is; they hold no monetary value whatsoever. But think of it this way — being nominated literally means that you are being recognized by others, better yet you are being noticed by senpai!

And the more of it you get the better, yay or nae?!
I guess this is where your personality is truly being tested.

I say yay! Let us go through the questions from these individuals!


Getting more unique…


Righty. So the first set of questions comes along with the nomination for Unique Blogger Award, from yours truly Scott.

Q1 What is a genre of anime (or a series if you want) that you haven’t gotten into yet, but you really want to try?

Oh oh! My answer is sure to have you feel some positive wind in this!
While I could truly pursue my anime wonders, trespassing even the line of purity and so on, there is actually one big genre I intend to eventually reintroduce myself into.


Yes! Those big, badass, bot-like automobile fighters and many other variations of the term’s foundation. Isekai can be fixed with almost anything and so can Mecha, holy crap!
And yes! I am one of those Gundam SEED plebs! That show is legit one of the only two mecha genre anime titles I have seen in my entire life. After having a little ‘talk’ with Michel I feel encouraged about giving Macross series a go, too.


Q2 What’s a hobby that you do, but not many of your blog followers know about?

I would like to think that I have spoiled my readers about pretty much every one of my ongoing hobbies!

Let’s see:

Playing guitars.
Digital drawing and photo-shopping.
Singing anime songs.
Check that Michel’s comments have not gone stuck on my spam filter on their own.
Piss off Plyassan, Pantsu-kun and Rin-chan each and every day.

Q3 What’s your favorite style of music?

The hint can be taken straight out of my music review section!
I actually am not picky at all when it comes to audio
art. I will listen to pretty much anything if someone asks me to. Yes, even Justin Bieber, too.
But if I really have to pick one, it would be overly joyous trombone & trumpet pop. Try these…

Honestly, they are just so full of energy!


Shall I be allowed more than one choice:

Going off the track and you will see me linking myself to trance pop (fripSide + its deviates) and Japanese rock.
Going even more off track and you will also see me with something like this…

Sorry. I think that Inuyashiki‘s OP is cool but it doesn’t really top the song above for me.


Thank you for thinking of me (no homo) when you spared your time for the nomination!


I’m so unique, dubbing myself Shokamoka 2.0 will not cut it


Irina is back to pull my tail, full force. Don’t you worry girl, because I always come back twice the man I am.

Q1 Short and sweet – What’s your favorite blog name (Not the name of your favorite blog…)?

…your blog’s name.

I can really appreciate the fact that someone can enjoy anime while in a trashed-up state, which is why my second favorite blog name goes to the three lovely lads over at AnimeOnDraft. More drinks!


Q2 We’re all friends here – it’s a safe zone. So in the spirit of getting to know each other share an embarrassing story (it could be about somebody else…)

Ooooh this one is both embarrassing AND controversial but I believe that you are mature enough to be rational about it.

When I was a young rascal, all the way back in elementary school, I was constantly found to be stealing my teacher’s makeup to put on my own face. The teacher had started putting her bag up in a much higher area but that never stalled my unconscious ambition. I do believe it was exactly that time when I had really started learning on how to climb. Calling my actions parkour would still be disrespecting me then. It got to the point that my teacher actually became extremely worried that I might have been gay. Remember that being so would have not ended so well for me back in ‘my days’.
Though, I have been through some more gross shit than just that. But the fact that I am straighter than a ruler right now, coupled up with my very own experience, is the biggest influence towards my belief on how being gay IS indeed not humanly normal especially when you are past your teenage years.

I’m definitely not saying that it’s wrong to be gay. We sure have come a very long way in accepting abnormal shits and accepting gay people is pretty much a step forward in humanity’s progress, though an extremely hard one to take for many (hello current event affairs!).
I’m also now living in Thailand where shemales occasionally hit on me and I have always been late in the ‘find out game’. I think gay people are even nicer than your average person since they aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are in their mindset, but for goodness sake I really never wanted third leg surprises.
I actually feel more safe around young children. Eventually someone’s gonna label me a freakin’ pedophile.

Oh and screw you again for a personal (coincidentally being the second) question because you really know how to make me talk, don’t you?


Q3 Name an anime character you would bring as a plus one to an important work event or stiff family social function (This character would be as in the show, they wouldn’t magically know you or anything about our society unless they already did).

***Click my fingers***

Why don't we just let Sebas do everything.png
Short for Sebastian? Nah! We all know too damn well that an old man’s got more swag.


Thank you Rin-chan for the less demanding questions! I sure would love to politely ignore nomination spams but apparently, simply ignoring would be rude and I am too darn nice for that.


And it is a mystery as to why I cannot.


I got handed a Mystery Blogger Award!

Thanks to tetrax4berium for the nomination! I swear that his Gravatar name is even more of a mystery than everything else ‘mysterious’ I have mentioned so far.

I actually had to edit this post because about roughly a few hours before I’d published it, Ryuji-kun had also nominated me for the very same award!
For some weird reason, reading his name always have me carry on to finish it with Genji’s ultimate, 龍神の剣を喰らえ!

A proud creation of the lovely lady over at Okoto Enigma.



  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  5. Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  6. Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  7. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  9. Share the link to your best post.

Breaking the rules straight away — it’s my best move.


3 is my lucky number so…


One — I now run my own little business that will eventually grow into a six figure income! Sounds far fetched but this is the one time Asta’s magic of not giving up will actually work 1000%! Hopefully I will not become that person who snubs at people after having reached that interim goal. Yeap, it’s only an interim goal because six figures ain’t the end.

I cannot talk about it a lot right now since I should not be talking shit before I get there (I really know the feeling of having the tables turned in the last minute/second), but from now on I am pretty much surrounded by people who are literally in the six-figure position. They are all helpful people and best of all sociable!

In fact before writing out this post, I have only just returned home from having bought two new suits, one black and one grey. Of course, they helped me pick out the suits.

Two — The number of anime shows I’m following has been increasing in each season’s passing for 2017. I remember having followed only one anime in winter, two in spring, eight in summer and sixteen in fall season!

Three — I am now a proud owner of figurines! I’m really starting to hike through some real Otaku tracks yo!


5 steps into my Q&A room.


Q1 Do you take part in any kind of sports? If yes, then which one? (Regardless of it being Indoor or Outdoor game)

Should I be ashamed to say that I am too old for it?! There is really no point in being proud of how much of a sportsperson I was when I no longer am involved in any kind of sport activity, especially at a tender age of early 20’s.

I do run quite a lot for my current job if that counts.


Q2 Name a film/book that you absolutely loathe.

Boy, I never thought that it’d be much harder to name something I dislike. Let’s see…

Twilight movies. They stripped all kinds of fantasy elements away from my imagination, conjured up after having read the books. I never thought the books were bad, hell I’ll even admit that the climax of the first book had me a frighten. It felt like the series would be classified as shoujo had it been written as light novels instead, and I can really see why a lot of young females loved it. But yeah, the movies felt like Dragon Ball Evolution to Dragon Ball manga equivalent if that’s an acceptable precise scale of how bad something can be.


Q3 If you were given the power to change/remove one thing from this world, what would it be?

You could just give me a day to scan through my Facebook to see hundreds of genuine idiots online and I would then pick out the best candidate to be removed. Nevertheless, let me keep this within the topic of anime:

People who tell me that they are too old for anime. This kind of philosophy is an even more complicated issue than many other things including religions and how some still believe that the Earth is flat.

You either have time for anime or you don’t, simple!


Q4 Have you ever had thoughts of disbanding your blog? If yes, then how did you prevent that thought from becoming a reality?

Yes, I actually had that thought once!

It was during early April when the winter anime season had almost came to an end which really meant it got boring from there on. On the blogging side, my space of wonders wasn’t really being seen by anyone but Chris and Karandi. The start of fall anime season wasn’t in fire either which led me back to boredom.

It was until the second week of the season when both Eromanga-sensei and Saekano Flat pulled up some of the most hilarious shits of the season. If you feel like you have been missing out and do not know what I’m talking about then please just go watch episode 2 for both shows.

Especially for Saekano‘s case since I actually enjoyed the harem in its first season. All of it led me to a start of ‘Saekano Powerhouse’, with a simple post of exactly 50 words.

Having done two-and-a-quarter-thousand-word post on Katou Megumi, I’m quite inclined to cover pretty much everything in Saekano. Check out the Wonder’s anime and Review’s anime sections from time to time because they’ll be filled with Saekano until something else can top the level of awe I have for the show. ^_^

Don’t go looking for the post. This is really all of what’s written!


Q5 If you were told to torture someone you hate, how would you do it? (OK that’s a weird one)

I have never been a fan of violence despite having beaten the shit out of my own brother more times than I can count with my own digits. See, sometimes violence really IS the answer when shits get out of hand.

Well now that I don’t have to physically torture someone I hate, I’ll just give them an equally brutal kind of torture — a psychological one.
Drug them into having a good time with ‘traps’. They may wake up the next day but their dignity will never follow in the wake.

Is that weird enough for you?


5 steps away from being out of here!


Q1 Other than blogging and watching anime, what other things do you enjoy doing?

So basically, this is a repetition of the hobby question?
It is time for a copy-pasta!

Playing guitars.
Digital drawing and photo-shopping.
Singing anime songs.
Check that Michel‘s comments have not gone stuck on my spam filter on their own.
Piss off Plyassan, Pantsu-kun and Rin-chan each and every day.

Okay, I’ll add a little bit more.

Lately I have been trying to familiarize myself with my parents’ dogs, one whatever-the-hell breed and the other one being Bangkaew (check it out, it’s really cute!). Both of them are more than ready to maul me at any given moment I enter my parents’ property and I have taken dog training up as my new hobby. It will not be the most enjoyable one but hello there! Life is too short to be cuddling in boredom.

Oh and don’t forget to check than Karandi has put up a post on each and every day. Kinda like Michel’s comments, if neither of these show up at any given day I can take it as a hint of something going wrong.


Q2 What quote most inspire(d) you? It could be from anime, film, or some person in real life.

Sorry but this one is to be revealed on 28th day of 30 Day Anime Challenge (28th of December). Stay tuned!


Q3 Have you traveled to other countries? If so, where have you been to, and how frequently do you go travelling?

I have just returned from having lived in New Zealand for eleven years! Otherwise I have not really traveled to anywhere else because they have all been instances of me sitting inside the transit of Australia and Singapore airports.


Q4 If you were an anime character and so were your parents, which two anime characters would play the role of your mother and father? (they don’t have to be related to each other)

Definitely Furukawa Akio for the father. Holy moly, I don’t think I have seen an anime dad more real than actual, living fathers on Earth!
As for the mother… Hana. Enough said.


Q5 How did you come to decide what to name your blog/ blogger-id?

It has always been the case of me wondering why things happen the way they do in anime! That is really it!
You are basically following my wonders—my journey to finding out random things, hence the variety in my blog as mentioned by you.
As for my Gravatar name, you are more than welcome to check for an answer on my About Me! page.


Oh my, how could I forget to link my ‘best’ post?
Here it is. Don’t feel sad, okay?
I’m being nice so here is another. Don’t cry for real, okay?!

Okay, I’m seeing you all out of here too!

Thank you for reading and away you go!


15 thoughts on “Hot Potato Toss Round Two

  1. Haha 😂😂😂 Oh man, that hobby of yours is pretty unique. I will try to keep sending comments to your spamfilter as much as I can, would not want to all of a sudden make you quit on a hobby on my account lol.
    Man really had a blast reading this post. (Not to mention a lot of laughs as well 😂😂). That ending gif was perfect by the way : awesome and before I forget, congratulations on all the awards: you deserve each and every one of them 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha lol, yeah it’s tough at times, but also still a lot of fun to do (and honestly the best part of blogging). But yes when you don’t see any comments from me anymore it’a time to get worried (then again I might just have been abducted by Aliens so there is that 😂).

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Haha lol, the awards and nominations just keep coming 😀 Awesome stuff!
        I definitely would not mind having a time machine either. It would solve quite a lot of problems 😀


  2. I wonder when was the last time I read a post and laughed so loudly that my parents shook their head in disappointment, sealing the fact that I need a mental check up (._.

    Jokes aside, congrats on the award and really dude, this is the funniest award recognition post I have read so far!
    Don’t forget to edit my questions soon 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. i would love to see some guitar playing AND singing from the one and only Shokamoka 😛

    i call dibs on the first song request: start:dash!!, i believe you would NAIL that song bruh

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I wouldn’t understand the last point in that hobby list if I were not in the discord XD
    Dang you should stop by in Singapore for a couple of days when you’ve got some time. 😛

    It’s so fun reading this post (& comments) XDD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Singapore Airport’s Terminal 2 killed me. I ran all the way to E20 (flight to Bangkok) thanks to my NZ flight arriving to SG late.

      And if I was to step outside I’d feel as if I have lived in the future yo.

      Liked by 2 people

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