Never contain the weeb in your wallets!


It has been another free half-day after a conference at work, so along with my co-worker, I had been walking around the mall for hours ’til very late evening—Samsung Health even congratulated me for having walked over ten thousand steps.

I was soooooo used to the usual way of shopping back in New Zealand, walking short distance and being all certain about not having to spend a dime since vast majority of the shops are of clothes and shoes.

Well over here at a shopping mall in Thailand, it is a lot different in both design and variety of available contents. My real shopping ‘experience’ started when I’d taken a picture of myself with a Lavender Tiger Reticulated Python around my neck. I have let some other anibloggers see it on our little Discord server.

Hellz yeah!

I then went up to the ‘Japan’ level, where all the map, decoration designs and even majority of the shops are related to Japan and its culture. I did the usual checking out, shop by shop since I’m a weeb and all.

My usual experience with mall shopping continued to become tangent from there on, from the moment I saw a shop dedicated to anime, specifically figurines. Ah! Goodness!
How do you react to the sight of all the husbando and waifu you can slap your hard-earned cash on to own them?
I sure was geeking out while attempting to hide that very side of me from my co-worker, who admitted to be in love with older tier anime, like Dragon Ball and the late 80’s to 90’s. I was actually able to roughly guess her age as well after having her mentioned that Goku was the man of ‘her times’; she’s clearly at least a decade older than I am.

That should act as another hint to MY times of anime — from late 90’s to present.


Goods in; cash out


To obviously satisfy my Otaku self, I’d initially bought a pair of Index II straps. Those are of Kamijou Touma and MISAKA 10032. Oh and I’d also bought a new wallet.

Touma and Misaka 10032
Touma on my key holder, Misaka on my wallet!


When it came to figurines, I have always had this massive impression of a single possibility — the figurines best be from idol type show.
Yes. It is a really immature thought which will actually take quite a while to completely dissolve. I’d spent a good amount of time staring at Love Live! ones, mostly at Eli because she’s a hottie in my book (and my post). To my tiny disappointment, there were either long-displayed figurine without their original boxes or just less than acceptable quality stuff and so-on. Isn’t it natural for you to want to have something brand new AND of good quality?

Hell, I don’t think any anime related shops in the mall had Love Live! Sunshine!! goods at the moment, because You know, I want some of that!

I swear that I WILL come back for my revenge; I will pick up both Eli and You in my desirable forms.

I eventually settled in for…




Now I can wake up to these.

K-On! Heroines
Sorry Saekano (light novel), but it is time for you to move out of the way now.


A bunch of lovely 1/8 (ranged from 18 — 23 cm in height) K-On! SQ Figurines by Banpresto!

But there was a catch!

I couldn’t purchase ANY of them as a single unit. They were only to be sold as an entire set.

The reason?
Ritsu was surprisingly the most popular character by the fans over in Thailand; she’d be singlehandedly picked which had always left others behind to collect dust.
Actually, let me fix that: she’s actually the most popular worldwide, as proven by the producer’s Amazon listing. Additionally, neither Yui nor Ritsu ship to Thailand so having my hands on them was literally the work of fate.

It’s time to hand out the unboxing experience awards!


The least difficult figurine to assemble




Like, just her legs in her body, her head on the other two and the limbs on the rest. Finished it all up with the keyboard, wallah~


The most difficult figurine to assemble

Is this even a legit question, after having looked at the big picture above?




I still haven’t managed to correct her position as shown in the packaging box. It is that hard for a handicapped like myself.

Speaking of the box—because her instrument is a drum set—the size of packaging is twice of the others’.

Ritsu's Drum
Ritsu’s drum set alone makes up the volume of others’ whole box.


It sure was hell of a work setting her up in this hot weather. Urgh! I mean having a seat is nice and all, Ritsu-chan, but please have a place holder like everyone else, would you?

There is nothing holding those four separate pieces (Ritsu included) in place. But at the very least, now that I’m in a relatively safe part of Thailand I shan’t worry about earthquakes.


Guitarists’ Corner


The less difficult figurine to assemble




True to her character, even the most air-headed person can set her up, easy peasy! I guess that I really do have a thing for simplicity…

I’d originally planned to buy Yui as a single unit, hence why it all turned out to become this long-ass post. She is just simply iconic, yo!


The more difficult figurine to assemble




Admittedly in terms of setting up the guitar strap alone, Mio’s was absolutely the most difficult one and it frustrated the hell out of me!
But hey, once I got through, just look at her now.
Majestic, isn’t she?

I’m actually starting to regret buying the entire set less and less the more I stare at Mio. She has been a one true babe within the show and that feel has somehow been transferred to the outside world, it is getting creepy-awesome.

Is it the hair?
Is it her left-handedness?
Is it her big ‘bass’?

Or is it her striped pantsu?
Sorry guys, but that’s one demerit point to Banpresto for not having paid full attention to Mio-chan!
She’s sporting a white one.


The Middlewoman




She was not too easy nor too hard to set up. There were a few vital steps into putting in the parts or else she wouldn’t end up looking like that, such as how the guitar has to go around her before the ponytails.

I’m still not sure as to why she is looking down! I had to take her picture from a completely different angle, facing a little more upward. Azusa looks drop dead gorgeous on her own but when put alongside others, she is looking quite odd…

I’d also planned on buying her to go with Yui since they are like… legit one of the best duo’s in anime history, so having her with the rest of the band actually makes me feel complete—like how K-On! really is.



I am no rich person, but these figurines ranged from 20 to 30 New Zealand Dollars. I’m sure that you can do quick maths to know how much I’ve cashed out then.

And that has been another productive day well down, done and dusted. It is eleven days before my 30 Day Anime Challenge begins and that is actually quite a long period of time, so I will try to fill in with something in between despite my busy days.


Have a good one, ya’ll!

29 thoughts on “Never contain the weeb in your wallets!

      1. This doesn’t help my argument in any way since it would further confirm my creepiness.
        But hey, if you have seen the show at all then you will come to understand what striped panties means to our beloved Mio-chan! 🤗


  1. I am so jealous about the K-On figurines but on the other hand I don’t have enough space to display them lol

    But most importantly, was there an Ui figurine?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man those figures really look amazing. I so far have only one figure to date in my own collection a d that is Asuna from Sword Art Online. The only reason I don’t have any more is the fact that I don’t have enough shelf space lol 😂😂 But as I said these figures really look amazing 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I saw Asuna’s figurine too and hers was huge. SAO is without a doubt popular in Asia as opposed to getting bashed by the West…
      Speaking of shelf space, I’m considering a new glass shelf like those true Otaku possess!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Of course, it’s f*cking K-on. You kyoAni zomie!!!!
    Ritsu is the most popular? Figure or just character in general? I guess rocking the drums appeals to a lot of people.
    awesome buy shokka, xD

    Liked by 1 person

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