A status update which I didn’t actually want to write

Right. So, my Yoshino journey has reached its very last stage as I will be dissembling my PC right after I hit publish for this post.

I am in the process of packing up my belongings and will be leaving in 22 hours. That is a plenty of time to sleep, or so I thought…

I figured that I might as well make this status update into completely random musings!


Right after my KyoAni Brilliant Rant…


Like, how am I supposed to hate them when they do real and great fan service such as this?


Yes, it’s an orchestra version of Hibike‘s second season ending theme, Vivace!
KyoAni went as far as compiling the anime’s scenes for the music video and released it on their YouTube channel. The part where they release videos on YouTube is already barely practiced by many other anime studios and this easily makes KyoAni a fan’s favorite.

Their channel is basically a hype-filled hole, enter with your own pride at stake.


Something about Gintama’s opening and ending tingles me


I’m talking about the current season: Slip Arc.

Lately Gintama has been taking the likes of fast rock music for both of its openings and endings. Its previous season was disgusting in the name of Gintama, but both the opening and ending were damn great.

Now they are back with Porori-hen and come great songs. I legit have been screaming with Blue Encount in the shower because my flatmate has been away for so long and he has yet to return to the flat.


My screaming continues as I actually raised the pitch. I can actually reach the pitch of the vocals for the ending song too but don’t count on me to sing for you. The shower is a special place when filled with steam; it soothes my throat so much I hardly let the opportunity pass by. The chorus has to be the best part.

Oh and get a hold of these ladies in wedding dress. If you are a real Gintama fan then you would be appreciating this ending as much as I do even if you do not like the song.

Who’s your waifu in the video?
I vote Mutsu.


Actually, don’t tell me.



Just Because! is still building strength in its story and plot but man, I feel sorry for the production team


As the subtitle suggests, I’m loving it a lot.

A lot of Ena with her smirk…


I can smell shit going down in the next two episodes, so surprise me with the next one if you can, Pine Jam!
Though, that is not to forget how the worries looming around the production team is slowly becoming visible within the show itself. I’m sure that even you can notice how the animation dipped greatly in the 6th episode, like woah damn!


Despite how mesmerizing it is,Β Mahoutsukai no Yome got the least attention from me


And I’m not exactly proud of it. I guess it is one of those cases where other anime shows know how to employ quick bait techniques. Like, who in their right mind would pass up on this show to watch Two Car?



I tried to watch Naruto: Shippuden for the second time


And I got beaten by fillers once again, that makes Naruto (2) — Shoka (0).

I was hugely interested in the idea behind Black Clover‘s rising hate so I went in to finish the original series minus anime-only episodes. I continued onto Shippuden and guess what?

I ended up dropping it after Pain’s Assault Arc AGAIN. F**k me.
That didn’t really stop me from spoiling myself by watching the last 20 episodes of it. πŸ˜›


I am going on an indefinite haitus


Until I can adjust to the new life in Thailand and actually know when I can sit my own ass in front of my then-assembled PC again. I am sure it will take months but that is kind of why I drafted my 30 Day Anime Challenge.

They will be released from the period of 1st to 30th of December. I will take over your Reader feed even while I am away!

Please read them as they come.



I think this is all of the things I want to say for now. Surely if there is anything else I feel the urge to ramble about, it will be over my Twitter.


Have a good one, everybody!

28 thoughts on “A status update which I didn’t actually want to write

  1. Wait what? Is this for real? Aw man…that really is a shame 😒 I really have enjoyed reading your posts these past few weeks. Sorry to see you going on hiatus for such a long time. But I do wish you all the best over on Thailand, and I hope everything will go well. Take care, and I think most of the people following your blog will say the same thing: we will be waiting for your return πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Michel!

      Don’t you worry! My 30 day anime challenge took me 4 months to complete — 3 and a half months of giving up and 10 days of actual writing.

      I’m confident that some of them hold enough quality to impress you as if they have been written a day before getting published. πŸ˜›

      I’m the kind of person who like surprises but I won’t set your expectations high for now…

      Liked by 1 person

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