Blasting My Headphones: Aimer — ONE

From the Extended Play 花の唄 / ONE / 六等星の夜 Magic Blue ver.【 期間生産限定盤 】.

The featured song is used as the theme of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I. Presage Flower. That song is your standard Aimer stuff with extremely heavy Fate influence. They can be hit or miss, but I still think that she has yet to top the level of Brave Shine.

Although, I’m not here to talk about that song; I’m here to let you in on the second track of the EP. See what I told you about accompanying songs?
They can sometimes be real gems, and in this very case, it is.

The second track, ONE, even gets the green light for music video production. The song itself is a good reminder of how standard rock and roll has not really died off just yet. Aimer brings it back to fuse with her signature pop and this is exactly what we get!

A classic ‘raise-your-glass (flags this time)’ guitar pop song which makes me want to go back and listen to a more rock-like version, P!nk‘s Raise Your Glass.

Better feast your eyes and ears on this poppin’ music before it vanishes~

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