10 thoughts on “Mistakes do happen and so do reverts!

  1. It was pretty funny, tbh xD but hey, friends are here to point out your mistakes, help you fix them, and make fun of you afterwards right? Keep up the good work, Shoka, you’re a great blogger.

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  2. Haha: reverted it bsck to Hell’s Abyss where it belongs. That part really cracked me up 😂😂 I’m trying to remember if i ever accidentally posted something I shouldn’t have, but so far that hasn’t happened: which is not to sat that it won’t happen soon though lol 😀 But yeah, don’t feel bad about it. Things like this can happen to anyone 😀

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    1. Haha and when I thought the ordeal was over, I’d realized that one of the two views was one Twitter link.

      Having social media connection which auto posts can be hell when it’s a mistake lol!
      Then there us Google+ as well.
      The rush didn’t stop until I’d deleted those two links…eeek!

      It really hasn’t happened to you?!
      Rookie remains the most fitting status for me I guess. 😂

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      1. Hey, you “rescued” my comment 😀 Haha, yeah I can understand how that must have made you feel. Oh well…no harm no foul right? As for me…no it hasn’t happened yet….but that is not to say that it’s never going to happen though. I am not a techwizard….and pretty horrible with computers…so I would not be surprised that this will happen to me at one point as well 😂😂

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