The Three Episode Rule I Adhered To: Two Car

There goes another show which likely embraced the golden rule of thumb so tightly; it’s a good thing, actually.

Started rock bottom, Two Car is definitely, slowly making its way out of the pit. Now I can only pray that the show will not become a big flop anywhere during its journey ’til the end of the Fall Anime Season.


I don’t really get why so many anime shows drop this extremely overused disclaimer on screen when we actually get to see the things that are nothing true to it?
This is like the people on YouTube who copy and paste the Copyright Disclaimer in hopes of not having their money laundering contents deleted.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

I am dying of laughter~

Oh boy, the disclaimer
Trivia: Not only that Isle of Man is a real governed place on Earth, Isle of Man TT is a real event.

If you really want to make a fiction then make one, do not claim that yours will be of one. That’s my hint.


The first episode was just a sporty mess with the show being unable to leverage a clear disadvantage of Sidecar Racing as an underrated sport, with probably the biggest learning curve ever. On top of dropping many side car racing jargon, instantly igniting the character flames was not helpful either.

And because sidecar racing is underrated, the second episode slowly gave me much needed explanations about the sport itself while not so much about why there happened to be a bunch of high school girls dead keen on taking part. The show slipped away from being a full-on live coverage of the race and sided with anime as an actual medium, focusing more on the characters and more importantly their entwining relationships to sidecar racing. Why are these girls doing it, really?
I think this is truly the part that absolutely needs progression to the very end, you cannot simply have a bunch of cute girls randomly having the will to hop on racing kneelers like it is some kind of fantasy. Fiction this anime may claim to be, but fantasy? No thank you.

Now that I am onto the third episode, there are so many things Two Car has in tow.  There is sidecar racing; there are characters and whatever stories that come with them; there is clearly a potential for fan service because cute girls, why not?

Oh wait…

Do you see Yuri or YURI?
Here is my question to you: Yuri or Yuri?


Please, Silver Link., if you cannot do everything well in perfect balance then do not be wishy washy and just pick the one thing you really want to do well on. Not everyone is in for a masterpiece and this sure as hell ain’t going to be one.


The Third Episode was a tiny deal breaker!


At least for me and a few others around here. *wink*

Continuing the climb on the quality ladder from the previous episode, this week I got to see Two Car seriously taking on realistic side of some things that make Side Car racing respectable. The overall story still seemed like a mess but it is getting smaller. Though, isn’t that what the remaining episodes are for?

More explanations about the sport were more than welcome as they were more to do with technical aspects instead of general information.
Take this for example: Me attempting to briefly explain to you on how Rugby is unique and is different to American Football; it will be so broad you won’t feel the encouragement to learn more.

Yeap. When you want to seriously explain something and you are in dire need of the listener’s gripping attention, use the magic word.

Gosh, live long enough while doing nothing worthwhile and I will die anyway.


To me it feels like suddenly hopping onto a supercar–something I sure won’t be able to handle without passable level of experience. Really, do not act like you can suddenly jump grades from driving a Toyota Corolla to full throttling supercars of anything at or above V8’s. There is a good reason why Lamborghini is known for crashing into random things on top of money being unable to buy driving skills.
And that’s the niche comedy down the line. Sorry, I don’t really mean to shit on Lambo fans out there; I just can’t think of a more prominent supercar meme out there. Feel free to add them in the comments~

Obviously, it is best to start small, do not jump into a racing kneeler and receive deathly advises from Yuri and Megumi. Perhaps they (and you) can spend three minutes on this video, and learn a thing or two about riding motorcycles with sidecars before getting into racing kneelers.

Do note that racing kneelers are the opposite; sidecar is on the left hand side so turning instructions in this video can be side-swapped in your mind.


In addition to the pleasant and chilling comedy around (good) technobabble, I got taken to a nice ride, exploring more of Misaki’s and surprisingly, Chiyuki’s character.
No, really. From the second episode I already knew that Misaki threw some fits and was looking for trouble but the undeniable melodrama which dragged her teammate Chiyuki into the plot was what upped my impression towards the show.

I certainly did not forget that sidecar racing is a team sport, and in a team sport, your superficial troubles are also your teammate’s troubles. This is exactly what it looked like at first when both Misaki and Chiyuki told others that neither of them trust one another. This is also where knowing the characters’ stories pushed the melodrama up a level, filled with more relatable experiences some of us share, even more likely if you have been sidecar racing in your life.

It was still melodrama, though. At least it was good melodrama.

The duo’s relationship can simply be described as “the princess and her servant”. Back in the first episode, Chiyuki got given the ojousama label which I think was intended in order to force her character impression out of me. In this episode I got to see that it was merely a cover, not that the cliche is that great or anything. But cliches can be seen as great if used as a driver for great stories, which brought me to this episode, where it was quick and simple but full of impact.

It was revealed that Misaki is Chiyuki’s second passenger in her high school sidecar racing career. She quickly learned the ropes of the sport to the point that she was able to perform some of the things they never agreed on flawlessly. Badassery is Misaki’s character, so to speak.
Naturally, Misaki was able to perform at the exact same level as (or probably even higher than) Chiyuki but the latter always held back in crucial moments. Misaki took it as a sign of distrust which made her jump into a silly conclusion: Chiyuki was looking down on her because she was a ‘slave’, good at quietly obeying commands.

Trust in Sidecar Racing
Others were trying to convince Misaki that Chiyuki was just being considerate.


Want to know what is considered trust in sidecar racing?
Watch this 56-second clip.

Want to guess the weight of that passenger’s balls?


Chiyuki’s first passenger got into an accident during a time trial alongside Chiyuki herself. She blamed herself for not noticing that her passenger gassed out and got dropped out of the racing kneeler, to which other girls comforted her that it was natural–it’s almost impossible to notice since each member of the team has their own job to fully focus on. It does sound a little selfish since the common saying is that you work as a team in ‘team sports’. Sidecar Racing in particular, is a little different. Just look at this guy who unknowingly abandoned his passenger, or rather the passenger practically mirrored Chiyuki’s; both of them were unable to do fulfill their role.

I am a sad person for actually laughing at this. The driver was like, “WTF where did you go?”


No matter how I look at it, it was because Chiyuki trusted her passenger. That trust came back to bite her real good when her passenger reached her physical limit at the most crucial moment of the race. At first I thought that, “Eh, overboard shit. Where’s the sugar coating?”
But then I remembered, this is sidecar racing we’re talking about; one of the most dangerous sports to ever exist and nobody wants to see sport accidents.

However, accidents do happen and on top of being unpleasant, they are capable of carving everlasting memories into individuals affected. I would like to think that Two Car did not hold back much when it came to portraying devastation in sidecar racing. Here’s a real life comparison.

The driver was practically dragged on grass and concrete at high speed while bearing almost the entire weight of a racing kneeler. Equally brutal?


And that was exactly what happened to Chiyuki; she was placed a traumatic memory of her accident. Thankfully it never got to the point of PTSD.

With the help of Yuri and Megumi, Chiyuki was given the courage to show up for some fireworks. There she met Misaki, whom for the record was still bitter with her. After much of the melodrama, Misaki spilled her last words to peel off Chiyuki’s ojousama skin; I would say that her words in compilation is literally Shia Labeouf’s inspirational speech. She was able to easily (but loudly) dispel Chiyuki’s act of being overly considerate in fear of losing her first real friend to the kind of accident she remembered all too well.

You are my first <3
貴方が初めてなの — Gawd. I’m taking this the wrong way, am I not? Are you?!


Chiyuki’s trauma was sure huge for an individual and the fact that she hadn’t really stopped racing altogether meant that she still had some remaining courage. With a much needed push from Misaki, they are now ready to reach new heights in sidecar racing.

Misaki’s case was easy; it was initially about social statuses and then about trust. After having Chiyuki admitted her true reasons for holding back, Misaki resumed her passion for sidecar racing–her stronger trust for Chiyuki.

Well, that was easy...


To be honest, I feel like this is all the development these two would be getting. The show only has twelve episodes on the counter and if it plans on bringing out real characters from the entire cast, well… I wish you the best of luck, Silver Link.



Yo peeps! Hopefully this ridiculous write-up of mine is somewhat convincing. When some shows deserve your attention, no matter how diminutive, I feel as if it is my passion to bring out the curiosity in you, the reader!


Thank you for reading. This is me adhering to the Three Episode Rule for Two Car and I am now signing out! |^_^|

13 thoughts on “The Three Episode Rule I Adhered To: Two Car

      1. Haha damn that was brutal~
        Thank you for ‘closely’ following my series! I can’t promise you that the third post would be my last for the show haha

        And who am I kidding? I reckon Two Car would make one of the most satisfying drinking game ever!

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      2. …is on!
        Now if you will excuse me, while you guys are having absolutely no trouble doing anime challenges, here I am with drafts sitting for 4 months–unfinished.

        The menu for 30 day anime challenge appeared on my blog for that long but it’s empty! 😀


  1. I just had the chance to watch this show this morning before work; it looks promising, from what I saw just in episode 1. interesting premise. The one fault that I really have with the show is it doesn’t quite capture the feeling I usually have when watching racing events, that thrill as the cars blow past the camera at lightning speeds. everything seems a bit too slow, too calm. Hopefully that changes in later episodes though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Hence why I asked whether you enjoyed Two Car or a real sidecar racing video more. 😛

      I had the same feeling so the way third episode shifted the focus onto the character was great!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well….you already know my thoughts for this episode and that I am sticking to it as well 😀 I love the dedication you are giving to this show, really admire that. Silver Link should ne paying you for this lol 😂😂 By the way, really had to laugh for the conversation between you and Irina. Seriously hilarious 😊 (In a good way just to make sure 😉).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you fam~
      I guess it really comes down to being passionate–my drive for making things look better than they actually are. Maybe I was born to be a salesman, who knows?

      Irina is a comedian in her own right, making me prepare to spam comments after I post each and every time, geeez!

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