Saekano is over but my face is still beet-red for a few different reasons…

A pure spoiler beyond anime post.


I know it is extremely obvious that Megumi would without a doubt, say “yes” to Tomoya’s confession. Though, as I’ve said way back–a few months ago; I’m all in for the kind of approach Fumiaki-sensei has chosen.

Picking up literally right from the second Megumi gave out her flat response to Tomoya’s confession, the latter goes ‘Season 2 Episode 8‘ route.
If you forgot about it already, it’s how Tomoya repeats his word so many times, Megumi gets irritated by a boy who cries wolf.

“I love you I love you I love you, I love you~”
“I love you, Megumi.”
“I really love you.”
“I love you.”

She eventually gives in and replies with an “I love you,” to which Tomoya takes it as a trigger to shut her flat-ass mouth before she can mock him with savagery.

Saekano V13 P1.png
Savage no more, Megumi~


Knowing their place, both Eriri and Utaha have their final ‘sigh’ moments where their truest personalities converse with Tomoya. I would have to admit that Eriri’s time with him is definitely more bitter than Utaha’s since she is pretty much three-quarters about (childhood) romance. TO HELL WITH THAT CLICHE and thank God it does not end up that way!
Thank you, Fumiaki-sensei!

Of course, everyone else in the supporting cast get to have their time with Tomoya as well. Actually it is the other way around; Tomoya is having his time with them. Funnily, at this very time of me writing this post, it’s too relatable because I have just walked out of my job today (in a good standing, of course–I have already told you my future plans), so the last thing I did was meeting up with everyone at work before literally walking out of that place for good.

I think it is very important to point out that Tomoya has flunked his school exams while Megumi has been accepted into Fushikawa University.


The best part of the book for me isn’t the kiss, but rather the epilogue!

Tomoya resumes to make ‘memories’, you know, visiting places that made Saekano an experience worth treasuring.

Especially at the inclining walkway to the top of ‘Detective’ Hill.

The final activity for Blessing Software happens to be a direct homage to the first–they are exactly the same thing: A sleepover.
However, unseen twists is made possible by Megumi, whom made Tomoya realize that their rating will change. At first all I could think of was Cherry Blessing, the game they’ve made, or in the most recent case, Saekano game.

See, even my mind wasn’t dirty enough in the first few minutes. But the fact that Megumi outright refuses to tell Tomoya anything despite being heavily questioned is… well… you know what, I’ll just spoil it for the dummies.

They are 18 now. That means Fumiaki-sensei has finalized Saekano with an open-ending and if he really wants to troll us badly, he can literally write up a hentai for the sequel.
Naturally, they will come with illustrations.


Hey guys, I just want to take this chance to again, refer you to the same holy being who has done God’s work loooooooong before me. Since I’m like… legit halfway through Japanese fluency and still struggle with Kanji (not that light novel’s convention of rare Kanji usage is helping as well), I can only read line by line and do translations in my head. It really takes a fluent person to properly translate from Japanese into decipherable English.

And he has done exactly that. Please click on the link to read summaries for Saekano Volume 13: Everyone’s Main Heroine!

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