My 2017 Fall Anime Season… falls flat! (Part 4)

And here it is, the final part of my impressions for this year’s autumn season shows!

I have made a promise to myself that I will not be spewing any toxin into my taste testing sessions, because I was already done and over with before I’d even began the first part. While none of the shows in this post produced a hateful version of myself, the things I have to say about them are far less than positive.


No Car


Just lots of motorcycles, sidecars and a bunch of… woah!

Two Car


This is what anime looks like when it has fine art and animation but devoid of any script writing skills. Wow, not even Ufotable could do it this bad.

Two Car has got more problems than just endless little feuds between Yuri and Megumi. Apparently this is Silver Link.’s anniversary project; it is actually kind of them to even give us something to watch so if it really goes down the drain, the studio can still use the ‘anniversary’ excuse. Though, I do not ever think that it is a good enough excuse.

I will confirm that the show indeed has above average visuals, both in art and animation. That’s like one of the only two things the show got going for itself as of the second episode. Let me babble about the first episode… first.

Listed solely as a Sports genre, Two Car is without a doubt bound to have an enormous pool of characters. I have never watched any other Sports anime but something about Two Car really makes me want to watch something else of the same genre and see where the show goes sidetracking. It’s just a hunch but that’s the point; I’m really feeling that something, or many things about Two Car are absolutely off the marks.

Two Car Characters.png
Two episodes in and already… the list!


I don’t have any real issues with it, really. I know for sure that if it is a sports anime then there will be plenty of time to develop most of the deserving characters.

Wait, what time?
Confirmed to have 12 episodes, I would be lying with my pants on fire if I tell you that I am not doubting Two Car in the slightest. Of course, this specific doubt can be immediately dismissed by sequels but honestly, the show has not (yet) done itself any real favors in its first season, let alone in its first episode.

So, to confirm my suspicions, I’ll be off to watch Haikyuu!!‘s first episode and come back to write some more stuff later.










Firstly, I am soooo sorry, Luna Haruna!
I have always been following her musical career in joy. Now that she’s having a debut in voice acting career, the least I can do as a fan is to take heed to her message and give URAHARA a go.

I do have to add that her voice acting is great, so there is that.
Sadly for me, that is really all I have for a real praise.

Just look at the visuals above; it is badass, right? I think so, too!
Maybe it was just me over-expecting from a simple artwork but upon diving into the show, I was able to immediately foretell the show’s intention of being light unless of course, it decides to pull a Madoka. The settings have been done perfectly within the first episode; the show wants to be my weekly monster flick and that is fine, the characters managed to instantly contrast one another–no overlapping primary attributes such as personality.

All boxes ticked, but I’m still not feeling it. What gives?

I really had to endure the way all of those things were delivered onto the screen–to me. To be very specific, it is the choice of direction which drove me straight out of URAHARA. No, I would not go as far as calling it lazy but it felt pretty much like a slightly upgraded Motion Comic with good extra frames of animation. The comic/manga strips technique was just overused and that quickly wore my visual sensory system down.

Does the director know that strips in comics/manga have an obvious advantage over anime because you can constantly look back and forward–up and down at your own pace?
Anime simply does not allow that, at least when it is not on a pause. And if I really have to pause to watch anime then would you agree that I am trying a little too hard?

My second gripe with the show is that Shrimp. Somebody please eat him.
He’s the biggest contributor to URAHARA‘s slowly vanishing essence of adventure, the essence of progress each and every time the girls faced Earth’s invaders. Like, can you please not elaborate on just about every single thing that is either happening or would be happening?
For anyone who goes into anime looking for story, this is literally no different to minor spoilers.

Now, putting my five-year-old mask on, those ‘spoilers’ did heavily remind of my good old times when kids’ shows like Blue’s Clues and Pocoyo happened to be my daily digest. I have not rid of the possibility that URAHARA is very well suited for children. I am all for watching anime to feel young and even younger, but this one is really stretching it too much for my early-twenties self.
I am simply too old for this show. It is a rare occasion of horrible feeling as I realize that I am too old for an anime show, because the prophecy is true; you can never be too old for anime.

And again, I’m sorry, Luna Haruna! 😦
I will still buy your music, though!


Now you only have to wait for me to finish watching the first episode of Haikyuu!!

Expect Two Posts for Two Car; this already being one of them.

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7 thoughts on “My 2017 Fall Anime Season… falls flat! (Part 4)

  1. Haha: oh man that really made me laugh: NO car 😂😂😂 Brilliant. I completely agree. Two Car is seriously boring. So far the enormous amount of characters hasn’t made it much better. I’m not one to drop series when I started watching, but this one is really tempting me to do that though 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanted go drop the show as well but I’ll just go sleep now, wake up, go to work and come back to write another post on Two Car and why I’m now less inclined to drop it.

      Hint: it has very little to do with what’s in the show (for now), but rather how and probably why this show is even made.

      Last season it was Isekai Smartphone bla bla, this season is Two Car. There is just so much about the ‘production’, enough that I’m willing to stick a little beyond the three episode rule!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed way too hard at Urahaha. 😂 I found the art style very attractive but other than that, something felt off. It’s just too boring for a story about turning creativity into weapons and alien invaders.

    Liked by 1 person

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