Blasting My Headphones: GARNiDELiA – アイコトバ (Aikotoba)

Here she is! Giving Western dance music artists a run for their money!

Despite being a pop unit, I have always known GARNiDELiA for doing a genre that is much lighter on electronics, especially the synth.



Used as an opening theme to Animegataris, Aikotoba brings in a rather unique type of upbeat. It’s surely enough to get you to start running if not doing Jagger on the floor. The song averages out just fine with the length but if I am to be extremely picky about it…

Oh well, I guess I am just being greedy and all.
Here is the actual music video so enjoy what J-Pop has to offer!


6 thoughts on “Blasting My Headphones: GARNiDELiA – アイコトバ (Aikotoba)

  1. GARNiDELiA was really popular at the concert I attended. It seems like you’re a fan!
    I will admit that the activeness of MARiA surprised me. She was probably one of the more energetic performers there!
    None of their songs have really clicked with me thus far. But I loved toku’s AriA, especially when MARiA covered it, but that was way before they were even together, I think, haha.

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    1. Yeah I think that writing a whole paragraph on how pretty MARiA is would be a little creepy of me haha!

      She definitely has that energetic essence down to many of her moves. Knowing the history of Japan’s generally horrible music video choreography skills, this music video surprised the hell out of me.

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    Me gustó el título Blasting My Headphones: GARNiDELiA –
    アイコトバ (Aikotoba) y prácticamente todo el escrito, solamentepresiento que en el fin está untanto lento.


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