My 2017 Fall Anime Season is taking the free fall (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of my lazy ass overview for this year’s autumn anime season! In this part I will be lining up shows that I have impressions ranging from positive to mixed. I am saving the full-on negatives for later since three episode rule is the way to go.

Okay so let me pull up MyAnimeList for this because like I’ve said in the previous post, I have fifteen shows on current season watching list, seventeen if you count the two shows I’ve dropped.

I really am not picky when it comes to anime. Sure, I’d always love to witness anything that deserve their well-earned ride to becoming legendary (never stop looking at you, Made In Abyss), but when reminded that I watch anime mostly for enjoyment, I do not put up much of the barrier when I tackle each of the shows which I will be talking about…… soon™

I initially planned on making a single large post just like I’ve done for the Summer Anime Season, but there is something making me want to separate the first three shows that I’d already talked about from everything else.

Okay, enough chit-chat and hop on. We’re off for some seriously weird ride, I can promise you that much.


Blend me please!


Blend S


Pretty damn sure that if the S is a note to Maika’s sadistic trait, this anime with me as the protagonist would be called Blend M.
Too bad that’s not the case.

I can immediately tell that by the way comedy gets dropped in every few seconds, the show is based on a 4-koma. That alone is enough to limit the show’s potential unless A-1 Pictures can pull some K-On! level of miracle. Though, there are a BUNCH of producers involved for this show, I don’t even know what’s the deal.

I also found it funny that the show initially comes off as a cookie-cutter version of Working!! which happened to be animated by A-1 Pictures as well! Though, I’ll leave my final judgement for after the end of the show’s run.

Blend S initially follows Sakuranomiya Maika, who happens to be a greater misfortune magnet and her sadist face doesn’t help in the slightest.

Hishiron is that you?
Hishiron, is that you?


By fate she clashes with a hot foreign dude who runs a cafe, looking for a staff to the roster. Maika’s sadist face by pure chance, happens to be what he is after. You know how the rest would go, just too much luck for the ‘misfortune girl’.

As far as comedy go, I’m seeing how they will be taken differently by different people. There are things that make lots of people laugh, Blend S on the other hand is guaranteed to be niche.

The overall art is not really a huge matter to question anymore; A-1 Pictures sure have upped their standard. Judging from how many of their recent shows happened to be visually appealing, Blend S adds itself right into the list just fine. The one big change I can no longer ignore however is the use of red eyelashes for female characters, an ‘artistic’ move started by their production of Saekano.
Animation is also much worthy of my praise. The opening sequence is absolutely top qualifier for most creative opening of the season, the other one being from Animegataris.

I swear that people were hyped about Umaru-chan R but even that is a disappointment compared to its first season and this opening.


Let me talk about a few things this show is seriously forcing onto us viewers: cliches and archetypes in the form of fetish.
Not willing to be dubbed a cookie cutter, Blend S is legitimately trying to please EVERYONE, hoping that your fetish for a certain something can be ‘serviced’ right here. Cue the famous tropes found in anime!

The protagonist is cute but a sadist


Blonde, twin tails (not even her natural hair style) and blue eyes. This question never gets its appearance on the millionaire hot seat: What is she?

She doesn’t even need to say a single word but you will know anyway.


Hinata Kaho surprisingly comes off as lovable as a tsundere, given how they are really the type with the highest expectations across the board. A little research only made me feel even better because the voice actress for her is Kito Akari, who voiced the tsundere character Ijima Kana in Tsurezure Children. I just love witnessing new great talents, it’s like being able to buy something new for myself, except that I’m not spending a lot–just a few Dollars for subscription.

The manager’s supervisor is a college student, technically making her the oldest of the females in the roster. But wait…

True Loli
“ONII-CHAN!” Oh God.


As for the manager himself…

The Masochist
M for Manager, M is also for Masochist.


To end this short: if you have some kind of fetish for any single popular anime trope, chances are that Blend S will, in some way, satisfy you.

Whip it
That’s my hand doing God’s work, baby!


The debut episode is able to set up everything nicely so there is that. I will gladly welcome more twists just to make it even more fun than it already is.


King of Fanservice wants his throne back


Gintama.: Porori-hen


I really do not have much to say about Gintama as a whole. You either love it to the heart or hate it to the guts. This new season of the show adapts the parts of the manga that were skipped in favor of more serious arcs.

I still do think that Gintama manga is now falling into the pit of ‘you’re freaking stretching it; end the series already‘. It got to the peak of its seriousness (Shogun arc of course, what else?) and just deflated from there on. That’s pretty much the first hint of my impression for this season, which takes its feet back from almost completely stepping on a dying cash cow.

In short, I am enjoying it. I love Gintama for its boarder-less comedy. For me, the best comedy really has to be the one that can trigger some snowflakes on this planet, and Gintama is truly bringing it back in style with a boatload of references in tow. That is not to say I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off literally for 25 minutes per week. There were some misses in the comedy and that was just fine by me. The end of the first tiny arc mostly made up for all the time I spent, looked away from the show–looking at the other screen.

So yeah, bring it on, Silver Testes!


Is that R for Return? Because the Queen of Comedic Slice of Life wants her throne back as well


Himouto! Umaru-chan R


If Gintama gets me on the floor, then Umaru-chan (R) gets me watching her on the floor instead. With my arms wide open, I welcome her back!

Technically I shouldn’t even be writing about this show because it does exactly what is expected of a comedic slice of life show. I actually share quite a lot of troubles with Umaru in the first episode alone.
See? That’s what slice of life is.

If it has YOUR slice, why wait?
Hurry, dig in!
And dig the ending theme, too!


I’m inclined to believe that a little sister is NOT all I need


This show gets away with straight up talking about little sisters in Hanagai, OregaIru and OreImo using their real names. Not even Gintama dared to go that far.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii.


Step aside, Eromanga-sensei! We have a new contender for the trashiest ‘imouto’ show ever! The landfill sure is huge……

…..except that it isn’t what the show is even half about.

The light novel has already got a shit ton of backlash. To even think that Silver Link. dares to adapt it into anime, as if they really want to play with thorny roses.

Everyone is talking about the first two minutes of the show, like damn and here I thought that Eromanga-sensei would forever be the magnum opus of hot topics regarding little sisters. I now believe in human race progression; no matter which way we go, all that matters is we are definitely going.
Our protagonist here is a big sis-con to the point that he hails Goddess Komachi of OregaIru, puts a light novel cover on the wall as a poster!


Right, enough of me being edgy about the show and let’s actually talk about its deserving merits.

The animation is by all means standard light novel stuff I have seen everywhere else. There is nothing to complain about but nothing to praise either, though it does make me wonder whether Silver Link. is truly behind this show? I remember them for being better than this.
Art side of the show is half hit and half miss; I can’t actually call it average because there really are some scenes where I think that the artists have put extra time and effort into making them. All of this is however just for the debut episode, let us hope that it does not flop mid-way on its journey.

Now, let me also talk about why I’m still here after the first two minutes of this show…

First up is the direction; it is rather quite well done for a debut episode. I got to taste some relaxation as I watched the main cast (Yeap, you read it right) arriving on scene and get together around a kotatsu. It sounds very simple but a little thinking would have you appreciate this show more, that is if you were already at it.
There was extremely minimal effort (I’m emphasizing it in bold!) for character introduction; ImoutoSae let its characters do their thing.

Fuck me, senpai!
Two sentences and I know immediately who to look out for.


If you want serious comparisons, look no further than the two famous imouto light novel adaptations: OreImo and Eromanga-sensei. Both of those shows spent an entire first episode narrating about the little sisters, whom would obviously become the main focus of their respective stories.

The only main character apart from the Hashima brothers is Nayuta Kani. It is clear as day that she will become the main focus from the protagonist’s point of view. Unlike the other two shows however, Itsuki has only said ONE sentence about Kani in that entire episode and it is not even in a form of narration–it is directly from his mouth.

“How I met your mother.” — Itsuki to his future child.


The fact that sake spilled onto Kani’s shirt is no coincidence, too. It is done in preparation for a flashback that actually tells a story rather than acting as one of those, ‘oh, now I remember…’


Itsuki heads over to his bookshelf which has all of Kani’s published works also. Just as he is about to pull the book which has won Kani the Newcomer Award, another feels-packed flashback tells a new story–a story of when he’d first read that very book. It can be assumed that he is also reading that book in the present time while I am given the flashback to look at.

Pulling out his inspiration


The feels Itsuki experienced is not entirely of sadness but rather a massive realization that the kouhai he’d initially thought was a nobody happened to actually be on another level–a level way above his.

It is this moment of flashback alone that tells me Itsuki keeps all of Kani’s work above his head as his inspiration to write light novel, which ultimately leads to why he is acting all over-fatherly when it comes to Kani being a sexy pervert. To him, Kani is a treasure to not be exploited.
That’s the smell of inferiority complex, yo.

Oh man, I have never read the light novel but this level of masterful direction has given me hope for an actual decent rom-com for this season. Bring it!

The second biggest contribution to why I’m still watching this show after the first two minutes has to be all of Kani before the end of an episode. Sexual jokes can be funny but when timed perfectly, this is practically the best laughs I am able get out of a rom-com show with dirty jokes. Another big surprise is her seiyuu, Kanemoto Hisako  has left quite an impression on me as Tendou Karen of Gamers!

Oh, hello there. If you happen to be after a lewd Karen, look no further!


The food was sooooo good…

That was so GOOD
“I’d have zero complaints.”


Well done on solving the puzzle, Itsuki!


You know what, just go and watch the compilation since jokes are always better in full detail, right?
Also, don’t forget that Kani is eighteen, guys! I’m calling waifu of the season!

I’m heavily inclined to believe that a little sister is NOT all I need; I need Kani in my life~

To end the note: Do not let the first two minutes of this show steer you off course since it’s there to purposely shake up your insecurity. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; if you manage to get past that without actually skipping it then it is safe to say that you can start preparing for another quality light novel adaptation of a rom-com story.

Maybe I shouldn’t raise the bar too soon. I’m ready to eat my words, haha.



Three posts out in one day, I’m sure you can tell that the end of me is coming… soon™

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