Japanese fans react to Kimi no Na Wa. upcoming Hollywood live-action adaptation

I have retweeted this hilarious chain of translations done by the kind @nise_shi.

Apparently this is how the Japanese react to Hollywood taking on Kimi no Na Wa.
Unlike people in the West, Japanese in general never fail to find humor in anything.


My favorite one would be getting Michael Bay to assist with the meteror crash scene. Hey now, that’s actually the one job anyone would run to him for!

7 thoughts on “Japanese fans react to Kimi no Na Wa. upcoming Hollywood live-action adaptation

  1. “Who da fuck are you?!”
    I lost my shit right there.
    TBH literally no one has any positive thoughts, myself included. This is a ridiculous idea to begin with and right after they butchered Death Note they decide to do the same to Kimi no na wa making me really question if they can even read the mood. Bad time period. Bad choice of adaptation.

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    1. If anything, I think that’s most fitting for Australian films.

      Maybe Japanese aren’t used to such profanity.. saved for comedy and this is what you get Lol!


  2. Since “Ghost in the Shell” came out I have exactly zero expectations that Hollywood will ever produce a quality live-action re-imagining of an anime title. They don’t understand the genre and they have no concept of what “dialog driven” means. With Hollywood it is all about verbal transitions from one giant exploding fireball to another.

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