In this status update, I will let Yoshino Koharu project my very life

I have stumbled upon a troll review for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid OVA in MAL. Just wanted to share it here.

Hide yo kids hide yo wife.


I still remember having read my man Remy’s post back in July. Lemme go grab it.

This. Right here. Thanks again, Remy! ๐Ÿ™‚



At times come moments where anime, in parts or in entirety, is able to mirror your real life experience in one to one ratio. We often take this as a sign of acknowledgement, a sign that someone out there in other parts of the world (namely Japan) has either experienced similar things to you or has wished that certain vibrations, what they wouldn’t know to be your genuine experience, can be in harmony with some of the billion others.

So, for my very own version of Koharu in the finale…


For the past eleven years spent living in New Zealand, I have learned more than to live. The little and big things that can be taken in by my curious brain; they are irreplaceable experiences.

New Zealand is extremely heavy in the DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude, which has made me that very exact kind of person today. I have managed to practice and perfect everyday procedures right from how to cook (delicious) meals to self-checkout in supermarkets, to filling up petrol in my own car. Being here allowed me to discover IT world on my own since it is quite a developed country; even the less earning families can get their hands on great tech. When I was ten years old I didn’t even know what the hell Google was while my friends showed me what I now know is Naruto-xxx, an old hentai website that has probably been removed. I don’t even dare to search for it now, not even with incognito mode. Screw that! You do it!
The only reason why I managed to remember this is because it happened to be my first time seeing hentai. Don’t underestimate the power of your first times. They are memories to forever be held… dear.

In the entirety of my primary school years I’d done my reports the old way, no internet whatsoever; books for references only so the library was my academic heaven. Growing up here in NZ I’ve become that person who still does the exact same thing with researches, except that it’s entirely on the internet. Just about anyone can ‘Google’ but not everyone can do effective research, even with the power of internet.

I am proud to say that I got accustomed to the way of life in here. I’m very used to not seeing a single snake in anywhere I go. I don’t have huge spiders giving me peekaboo’s every night. No large, silly insects to add to my fears. I am used to cold winters and dry, very dry summers. New Zealand happens to be one of the only few countries not covered by the Ozone, so even if it says 14 degrees Celsius, trust me when I say it can be burning hot. With that, thirty degree guarantees immediate health risks relating to heat.

Just like Koharu, I am moving on


While I am comfortable with my job and more importantly my life here in New Zealand, I’m grabbing this opportunity to restart my journey in Thailand. It will neither be in my hometown, nor in the city.

This actually means abandoning almost everything I have over here. The only things remaining in New Zealand for me are my bonds to my best friend and my younger brother whom will still be living here.

Second hometown - path checked in
Exactly. New Zealand will be my second home.


It will be almost entirely new experience for me. A new job, a new place to live in, a completely different lifestyle where I will not be doing as much by myself. Thailand is pretty much known for their people’s overboard generosity after all. Though I totally do not welcome myself seeing snakes and centipedes slithering and crawling nearby!

Unlike Koharu however, I won’t need as much courage as she needed upon arrival.
Or would I? Considering my hate for those pests.

What does it mean for this lovely blog?


Nothing will change at all! Well maybe except that I will miss out on Fall anime season due to huge focus on the move and obviously the new job. I have talked about being institutionalized and there I will be, getting accustomed to the job within a few months then making big bucks a few years later. You can bet that I will not stop there; I’m going to keep going forward, to experience even newer things!

Admittedly I will do whatever it takes to catch up on Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara. The reason is obvious in case you haven’t checked out a category that I dedicated entirely to this anime.

Blogging about anime remains my second biggest hobby right after watching anime. Haha derp!

Which means…


My other hobbies like playing World of Warcraft may really have to go away. I’ve spent ten casual years in that game, going on and off like a seasonal thing. The thing is others do it too! Especially during their winter since nobody can be assed to go outside. I did say that I will have to abandon pretty much almost everything. I will say goodbye to my two guitars and my lovely desktop PC which I can’t carry overseas (this actually means no blog writing until I get a new one!). Other things I’ll bid farewell to include:

  • My favorite king size bed. MmmmMMM!
  • Clothes, coats and jackets. I can’t carry too much of them so here’s to me truly picking the best of the best.
  • My 5 speed blender which I’d only used to mix butter chicken sauce. Delicious!
  • My fan heater which served as the biggest contribution to my winter survivals.
  • The one and only plate+cutlery set I use at home, ever. You see them in most of my cooking posts.
  • The insanely large wardrobe mirror. It’s can cover twice of my size!
  • All of my mechanical and electrical DIY equipment — Screwdrivers, car jump starter, car battery charger, all things cars!
  • Of course, my 1995 Honda Accord U.S. Wagon. vTEC has kicked in enough times I’m now being kicked out.

The list pretty much goes on, the more I think about it, the sadder it gets. It feels like a River (of tears that) Flows In You.
…In me.

Just making sure


I will definitely still be reading blog postsย as long as I have internet. God knows how things will roll out for me in Thailand since I’m very used to having 4G mobile data anywhere in New Zealand.

At the very least, I am dead sure that I won’t end up anywhere close to Yoshino Koharu.

She's so done.
Abandon the quest, Koharu!


Ah. Almost forgot to mention. This is actually a very early update as I won’t completely be vanishing until roughly the end of October. So you may have to put up with seeing a few more posts coming from me, muahahaha!


Until next time!

17 thoughts on “In this status update, I will let Yoshino Koharu project my very life

  1. Moving can be super rough! I wish you all the best on the relocation, I hope everything goes smoothly and safely, and that you enjoy your new life as much as possible!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can sense your hesistation and fear for change. I respect that, and always remember, Thailand and the Philippines is absolutely close, so come visit me anytime. hahaha
    Seriously though, this place won’t change, your blog won’t change and you can still reach out to your WP peeps if real life gets too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest the hardest part of leaving to anywhere is the abandonment.

      The experience you had in order to obtain everything that sit in your own room. Even if it’s just a pack of eggs that you’d otherwise consume within the week after. Having to give them out randomly along with many other things just because you are ‘moving’, it’s definitely making me hesitant but more than fear, it’s equally bitter!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been there too. I once worked in the city, but I had to move back to the country and the change is rough. My old connections are gone, everything you’ve worked for seems to be null and it just sucks.

        but life IS change, and It’s for the better, right? just remember us when you’re dirt rich back in thailand…..asshole. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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