This week’s view to ‘hooking up’: Casual and hardcore style

The twelfth week of Japan’s Summer anime season had two shows gone straight to mouth sucking sensation.


Feeling hot on the lips this late?


After having watched both of them, I find it hilarious that the two shows managed to execute the very exact same love-making procedure albeit under completely different moods.

Needless to say, it’s the twelfth week so both of the events I’ll talk about are practically dick-hard spoilers for their respective show!

Hardcore Style: Koi to Uso the Finale


For a (much less comedic than I thought) romance show, this is pretty bang-on within everyone’s expectation. While the show went to have Yukari and Misaki hooking up right in the first episode, there was something in the name of ‘finale’ that made me think that there would be more to whatever the show has given us already, something like using a higher level spell.

So, yeah. As a consumer, I got quite greedy. I’d initially expected something beyond hook-ups. Even if it is just a hook-up, at least I’d expected something that will prove the anime version of Koi to Uso to be superior to the manga.

Like pretty much the majority of the show from its first episode, I never got sick of feeling embarrassed while watching two virgins exploring pleasures beyond their lonely selves (that’s a lie). The same old couple flinching and blurting out excuses for everything, asking permissions non-stop despite knowing that both parties were there to sma–


It was a huge barrier but of course they’d get through, they HAD TO because it’s the finale! Right?!
I knew it, there really are some hidden powers in finale episodes.
The initiation kiss was smoothly done and unexpectedly cute.

Not bad, Yukari my son.


There were some great camera techniques used for that very kiss scene. It had me on seriously high hopes as the music also still hadn’t stopped playing. It was a clear sign that there was more to come…
About the music, finally! This anime doesn’t have a wide range of instruments in its soundtracks and most of the time, scenes that would otherwise be the climax of their respective episode, were almost always accompanied by the wrong song. So finally! This is legitimately the one time I will wholeheartedly agree to anyone saying that the soundtrack used for the scene above is on point.

Right. So knowing that there was more to come, the music got even better. The piano drop was Gucci and right on time alongside the violins’ crescendo. That. Was. Eargasm.

But man…

What is this?!
Aye! What the actual f*ck is this?!


Never had I thought that a somewhat beautiful start to a romantic approach between two virgins could be underrepresented by animation alone. Anime is Japanese animation! Inadequacy in animation skills and/or experience pretty much makes up this.

They look like two aliens abducting one another! Oh boy, that was a good laughter I had.

This made me want to go back to the first episode and savor more of Yukari’s first hook-up with Misaki; that one had more ‘feel’ going for it. I wouldn’t be complaining about a few seconds of lack in expertise if it wasn’t for the fact that those few seconds happen to be sandwiched between two extremely well done parts. After the aliens’ abductions, I got to see an emotional Lilina with her fully animated (shaken) mouth and eyes and that was beautiful. Same goes with Yukari, actually. Both their mouths and eyes continued to be animated all the way ’til the end of the plot. One could say that they were in shock or in awe. I say they felt both at the same time.

Now I’m not sure if this is just Lilina paying respects to the most respected underdog of 2017 Spring Season. How about you have a guess…

Tsuki ga Kirei ne?


Tsuki ga Kirei ne”

Haha. Outta here! You will never be on the same level as that show!
Good riddance.


Casual Style: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Episode 11


It went a little too great for a mere harem show. I’m pretty sure that the light novel version has more adventure to the story than in the anime but that doesn’t make the anime less fun to watch, especially when these girls are practically on the prowl with Touya whenever opportunities arrive. That was what I initially thought until this episode.

Before I go on, let me take this chance to inform the fans that the official website has labelled the characters as shown below. They clearly are catering to the Western fans.
Though this makes it hard for some of the characters to be bearing two names, like Linze and Elze having their Z’s switched out for S’s, Leen being Lean.

Character Names IseSuma


Linse had always been getting hold of every opportunities since the first episode! It’s scary when I also found out that she possess a Yandere main trait! Uwaaah!
I already knew that the show is one of the biggest gathering of cliches ever and Linse continues to be Fujibayashi Ryou’s rip-off.

Shit. That’s practically a spoiler for CLANNAD visual novel. Sorry not sorry!

The introduction of Francesca the garden warder adds more comedy to the show, though most of them are sexual. Very fitting when our protagonist happens to be a man!

Touya’s face is straighter than a ruler…


After more sexual jokes than I could count with my hand digits combined, Cesca settled in with again, a very cliche way of ‘registering’ a man‘s DNA. I couldn’t care less about the cliche; I was wow’d by how casually lustful it looked compared to the more serious show above, Koi to Uso.



I freaking knew it. The director has experience with directing hentai. This guy knows his shit and with the help of an experienced animation director, he absolutely nailed it. Just look at the girls’ reactions.

Why do you think saliva was added to the scene?
Koi to Uso’s first episode had it, the finale didn’t. Maybe that is some kind of hint in the story but if the presence of saliva really IS so, oh my gawd that is some poor story-writing, both in the adaptation and source material.

After being stamped a goal by Lean, which was a direct message to each of the girls in Touya’s harem.

At the very least, you’ll need to be on equal footing with that princess (Yumina) there.”

Linse literally took this chance as a final push needed to get her to advance a level. A level above Yumina’s, unequal footing!

Initially, I had the exact same reaction as the three girls on display. A few days after however…

RAPE! Where are feminists hiding?!


No, seriously. She confessed and went straight to suck his mouth dry. Given that Japan is heavily double standard, there probably isn’t an uproar among the watchers at all. Though like I asked, where are the feminists hiding?! Haha! Because had it been reverse in gender, this would not end well.

Putting that very issue aside because I’m with the Japanese on this, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Linse pretty much straight up engaged Yandere mode and acted upon it. Scary!

I can’t wait to see if the others are also gunning for Touya’s mouth in the finale next week!


With many shows having ended with finales this week, some are still going strong and I hope that they end on a happy note!
Even if not, at least let them be bittersweet!

Oh you know what, just make me laugh again. Now that is my much needed medicine.

7 thoughts on “This week’s view to ‘hooking up’: Casual and hardcore style

  1. funny blog post lol, as for you question to the first show, i think Misaki had something tasty to eat beforehand and the scent is still on her tongue so the Yukari’s trying to taste it.
    Misaki’s mind :i love you
    Yukari’s mind :man that beef burger you had tastes good!

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