Blasting My Headphones: Roys – Can’t You Say

Used as an ending theme to Koi to Uso, finally arrived the full version of romantic R&B pop song I’d been waiting for!

We’ll find my liberty…” — In the afterchorus.

R&B Pop is soooooo 90’s and early 2000’s. This is a major reason this song comes off as extremely unique compared to many other anime theme songs in the summer season.

I have been too busy looking at the ending sequence but the song itself colored me impressed. I’m actually surprised that Can’t You Say in full version is quite heavy in production department. There is a vivid difference in vocal volumes between the verses and choruses; she screams her lungs in the choruses but her normal singing in the verses are adjusted to be equally loud. The use of lower-toned backing vocals, while still of her own voice, is pitched directly against the lead vocals at nearly equal volume which makes me really wonder if this song is reproducible in live performances.

Speaking of the vocals, throughout the entire song I was heavily reminded of Mai Kuraki, another well known solo artist who constantly releases pop music of this very style.

And what is distortion guitar doing in the bridge?! That is easily my least expected instrument in romantic R&B pop.

Oh wait, The most popular instrument in ‘popular’ Anisong is a guitar!

In a nutshell, Can’t You Say is another musical piece added to the ‘what Japanese Pop music does best’ collection.

At least for me, this song is more memorable than Koi to Uso itself.

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