I am a year older than the last: Reminders of the decade-old past (Part 1)

I could be using happy GIF’s but I think Tendou Karen’s expression suits my reaction to saying happy birthday to myself best.



I initially wanted to create a few top five lists for this special post, however something about my birthday reminded me of the reality surrounding myself. And I honestly don’t think that there’s a better time to share my story than now.

So no. This is not an anime post. I will just call it “My Birthday Series”, which will consist of three parts. Here goes the first one!

What birthdays usually meant for me


When I was a young one, I would see parties with buffet, my friends and their parents regardless to how close they are to me. I was more of a privileged kid so there was plenty to be thrown into my birthday party each year.

Around pre-teen, my birthdays would be just with my own family as the transition from primary to middle school meant meeting new people; I had yet to became friends with them.

During my mid and late teen years, I had been different to majority of my friends in high school; their parties would always meant getting wasted. I didn’t even host my own birthday parties. I think that I’d stopped caring about my own birthday party since I was fifteen or so.

What had always been happening from my young age to today is the practice of gifting. I’d always wanted to be active in giving and receiving gifts to those I care for. That mostly changed when I graduated because I’ll be embarrassingly honest; I’m not flying high financially, so nowadays the best I can do is to attend meet-ups with the people I still consider as being close to me.

So, for my birthday meet-up I had this year…


Technically it wasn’t exactly on the 14th of September, but that’s how life is. Everyone has their hands full on real life commitments like a job, studies, etc. I went out to an Indian restaurant with my bestie and his girlfriend. Oh, and their baby girl! It was a no brainer that I’d ordered butter chicken. I kinda regretted it now that I find myself running to the toilet once every few hours, for three days straight.

On top of the insanely delicious dinner that I had, we did what almost everyone would because this was practically a few high school friends in reunion after having parted ways for a couple of years. We talked about the good old times and each and everyone of our current statuses. The most interesting part of the conversation had to always be the change from the past to present, what we simply regard to as, “oh how times have changed.”
There were expectations and surprises. Both were equally compelling as we ‘gossiped’ about each of the old friends of ours. Though, calling it gossip wouldn’t be completely right as we were not spreading rumors around like wildfire.

It is also good to take note that I have turned twenty-three this year, so nearly all of the whole conversation about how much has or hasn’t changed is in application for the five year period since we were eighteen years old–when we finished with high school and parted ways.


I’m tackling (not really solving) on real life issues(?) here so if you are in dire need to escape reality, now probably isn’t a good time to be reading this post. I’m going to leave a warning here.
I suggest that you are of at least thirteen years old when you read below. The things I will talk about include a theme of sex.

Going even further back to the past


During the early years of high school, we were mid-teens then. I still find it funny that back in that time, whenever the words ‘sex’ and anything to do with sexuality are blurted out loud, everyone would giggle and laugh away, as if those words were an embarrassment kind of cancer. Sex education has always been the highlight of high school comedy; most of us were waiting for it, really.

When the time really came, some of us acted as if we knew better than most others. Some kept quiet, probably because they truly had experience. It was the most sensitive thing that brought out inner emotions in teenage students. People were confident, shy, modest and cocky about a rather physically simple yet psychologically complicated act of coitus.


Let me talk about a certain girl with the experience and shy combo; she’s definitely the most interesting one after the times have changed.
I went to her 13th birthday party, in fact it was the first birthday party I’d attended since my arrival in New Zealand. It was far different from the parties I have had in my pre-teen years. And just saying ‘far different’ would still have been an understatement.

What I got to witness on that day was exactly the things that had made me wondered whether she’d kept quiet during sex ed class out of modesty or pure embarrassment. She got the lustful fingers. I don’t mind you calling me a creep but even today, I can still remember the moment she got fingered so hard that she pulled down a curtain and broke it. All of the action was on display in the living room; my ‘friend’ and my other ‘friend’, they were both my friends having their sexy time. What I’d seen then was no different to homemade porn, except that at the time I had not even know the meaning of the word porn.

You’ll be surprised that I’d still hung out with her and her friends after that day. I am too, actually.
I’m surprised that somehow I’d managed to have been around those people and still came out absolutely clean, as if I had absolutely nothing to do with them in the first place. Though admittedly, it was really easy since the waters of our ‘friendships’ were quite shallow; there was really nothing to lose had I abandoned them. That is not to say they were bad people. If anything, those guys welcomed me warmly. It was I who’d taken many steps to find out that they were not the right people to be around with. So eventually I’d started hanging out at another place during break time.


Let me just call that place A Block. And let the two-part story be retell, one for the boys and one for the girls.

10 thoughts on “I am a year older than the last: Reminders of the decade-old past (Part 1)

    1. Haha thank you! I’m just laughing my ass off at myself right now. Why am I even letting out my own past to the internet… 😀

      Though, even I’m aware that all lives matter; we all have interesting stories to share. Some just have more than others!

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  1. Happy birthday, man! and thanks for that interesting story 😛

    I actually didn’t know you were around your twenties! I’m starting to think I’m one of the youngest bloggers on here lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you senpai!

      I sure am treating myself with sweetest of sweets. 🙂

      And yes. I’m newly halfway through my twenties now. It got to the point that I’ve made a life changing decision. In short I am going to work in Thailand which means I’ll be kissing goodbye to many luxuries that I was able to take advantage of in New Zealand. I don’t think I’ll be writing about that anytime soon…!

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