Blasting My Headphones: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Character Song Collection Volumes 1 and 2!

I’m always respectful for efforts, so when a mediocre show happens to produce some of the most satisfying merchandises, I can’t be any happier. IseSuma is currently a great example of this right now.

What the show is doing outside of itself, is releasing character song collections which include the ending theme sang by six different voice actresses, sorted across three volumes. Each volume also comes with an accompanying song for each character, and since there are two characters per volume, that makes two songs from each character plus two instrumental versions of the accompanying songs. Add the ending theme for each characters to that make six tracks per volume. You have my gratitude, ladies!

What is even more appreciable is how ALL of the songs are masterfully produced to mirror the ‘characters’.

You have Elze’s song, called XOXO, sounding aggressive (just like her) with pop and guitars. It’s also a relatively quick tempo song compared to others.
Then Linze’s song, Bubble Love. Her song sticks true to her bubbly character and yes, it really does sound bubbly!
Yumina’s song, Staring only you, is somewhat an obvious indication of her feelings as she has her sights set on Touya, and only Touya. It’s also the only slow paced song with romantic vibe all over! It’s the only song without the use of electric guitar, too. I actually fell asleep to the instrumental version of her song last night. Totally not shameful, at all.

Nevertheless, I’ve been enjoying this song from my current season waifu…

Kokonoe Yae (CV Akasaki Chinatsu) – 抱く大志は桜のごとく (Daku Taishi wa Sakura Nogotoku)

Now that’s a lot of gozaru~

Because Yae is the other-world person who probably resembles Japan the most (counting Touya out, of course), her character song goes full on Japanese, instruments and all. I have written an appreciation post on how Japanese musicians make the best use of electric guitars in pop music. You bet your ass that I’m jamming the instrumental version of this song on mine.

Oh and I also can’t forget this, Elze’s and Yae’s seiyuu, Uchida Maaya and Akasaki Chinatsu respectively, are undoubtedly the most gifted singers of the bunch. For Uchida-san’s case however, I am not surprised as she is the voice of Kurobane Yusa in Charlotte. As for Akasaki-san, she voiced Nibutani Shinka in Chuu-2, so that is probably why she seems very fitting for Yae’s polite, child-like speech.

Hah, these two worked together like mother-daughter in Chuu-2 before (because Uchida-san voiced Rikka) so it is nice to see them back together. Elze and Yae gets along pretty damn well, too. Coincidence? I think not!

I’m hopeful for the third volume. Come out just about any time now!

5 thoughts on “Blasting My Headphones: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Character Song Collection Volumes 1 and 2!

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