(Andou) July Status Update!

This is some silly convenience, having a character named after a month. But then I have a friend named April so nothing is off about it.

In all honesty, nothing changed at all. But I only needed to make this post because of Jurai’s name. There wouldn’t be a better time to do so!

I have been trying to make some chicken nuggets and the results have been 50/50. Therefore until I’m confident that I can replicate my own recipe every time, I won’t be writing about it here anytime soon.

Chicken Nuggets


My times in World of Warcraft have been pretty much the same, too. I just log in to level my alternative characters and so on.

I did however, by fate, meet a fellow Love Liver!

He likes Love Live!


So as a Love Live! fan, I led him to a grand journey, taking on difficult mobs (for him–not for me). Spreading Nico’s love for the poor souls brainwashed by Grand Admiral Westwind.

Down you go, Nico~
Down you go! By the hands of Nico… Nico Niiiii~


He then proved to me that his character name Lovelivefan isn’t just for laughs; he really is a vivid fan.

Facebook profile filled with Love Live! pictures – check.
Has an entire collection of Love Live! songs – check.
Loves pretty much all idol stuff – wow check.

Alfredeo, watch out! You may end up having to prove your worth!

The best thing about Role Playing Game has always been the case of being able to well… role-play. So anime fans like myself can go full on weeb mode and name our characters based on the anime title or anime characters that we like.

Yes, I have a character named Katoumegumi. It’s a female human priest, because priests are such blessings and so is Megumi (and her name)!

See the power of role-playing (game)?


Onto the blogging side, I know that I’ve just dropped Hatoko’s emotion bomb on you all. Initially I intended to do a full comparison between her and Katou Megumi as both heroines cried out of frustration; Hatoko’s was purely that while Megumi was more from the fact that Tomoya couldn’t take a hint that she loves the circle (and him) to bits.

The two heroines you most definitely don’t want coming at you, looking like this.


Anyway, scrap that. I’ll leave Megumi out of this and just write with Hatoko being the sole focus. I’m not hiding anything about her post either; it does say Part 1 which means…

…you can expect another post about it!


I noted the fact that I’ve written episode reviews for many shows in summer season, only to stop short for all of them! I won’t beat around the bush and just admit that I’ve lost interest for the most part…

…especially for Koi to Uso; it went exactly as I feared. The bar was set high, only to fall down on its own.

Actually what this means for me is I have more time to write about older contents that truly deserve further insights. Ino-Bato is on its way out so that’s a start.

Since Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel movie is highly anticipated, I REALLY want to talk about my own experience with Fate/Stay Night visual novel and the impact it had on me after fifty hours of seeing happy endings and forty different ways Emiya Shirou died.

40–it was that brutal.

My interest in Gamers! is also rising high as the second episode is seriously poking at me and my love for games.


Okay, it looks like I’m hinting too much again. In order to not set the bar for my blog as high as Koi to Uso episode 1 did for itself, I’ll stop here!


Signing out yo~

6 thoughts on “(Andou) July Status Update!

  1. I honestly didn’t expect the second episode of Gamers to be good, but oh boy, that was a pleasant surprise. That aside, Megumi and Hatoko. Huh. That’s an interesting comparison choice. With Koi to Uso, don’t expect any important character development soon (this is coming from a manga reader); I am just waiting for a dude friend to crossdress as Juliet…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. > forty different ways Emiya Shirou died.

    Haa, yeah. The hunt for Taiga stamps, what good times those were. Had to use a walkthrough for the last one though (the one in the Church underground in Fate route), By the way, have you read Kaleid Drei Manga? If you liked HF’s Shirou, you must read Drei. Though I think a movie came out for that exact part.

    I don’t play MMORPG, as I’m not good with the MMO part, but when I play (seldom) RPG, I go full chuuni too. Glad to see you can meet fellow otaku there too though.

    I’m enjoying quite a bit Gamers! too, but only from second episode, as the first made me frown too much for the facial expressions. Glad to see it got better and wasn’t just me entering Hope mode.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was all for the Dojo!

      I’m even more glad thry got parodied in Carnival Phantasm.
      Same goes with Shinji ****ing Sakura scene lol

      Though, I was NOT a fan of seeing Shirou suffer even if he was stupid by choosing to go that route. I’m a little pussy so when it comes to visual novel bad ends, I have a hard time taking them in.

      I’m definitely going to write about it some time after I finish the remaining parts of Hatoko’s post. But I need to also go back and play/record the game for obvious purposes… 😦

      Oh and no, I didn’t like HF Shirou that much. He definitely is the coolest in UBW maybe because it’s rigged; it is HIS route–Rin is a just a Tsundere whore (fight me)!

      I do however love Sakura and her resolve to be with her senpai. It’s admirable to see someone go so far when their lives are being messed with, in this case the holy grail war screws her happy times with Shirou!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, bad endings aren’t the best thing to read. I remember doing that because I was a completionist, but as of lately, I simply ignore them because I know something bad is going to happen, though I will probably still hunt them after completing the whole VN. Though in Fate’s case, some of the bad ends are really good and it would be a pity to skip them, though the ones I’m talking about weren’t even marked as “bad end” but merely “end”.

        New post about Fate? Great. I’m all for everything related to it.

        Is that so, I might have foggy memories, but I’m sure HF was the best route for me, as for best Shirou I’m unsure (I remember UBW one was great, but I was spoiled by watching the 2010 movie first so…).

        I think my best Shirou would be Drei’s one for now, but it might just because it’s the latest one I’ve seen and its memory is stil fresh in this bad memory of mine.

        Hahaha, nono, no fight incoming as I believe UBW was Shirou-Archer’s route too. I’m not really one to take waifu side to begin with (I believe, though I’m sure I do in reality when actually watching/reading), though if I were to absolute choose, it would be Sakura>Saber>Rin. Mostly because of their past though, and not because of their personalities themselves (wait, but these are the resulf of their past to begin with.. screw it, too hot to think deeply).

        Wholly agree, it was quite moving seeing the “normal ending” (was it?) of HF, to wait for ever for one who will never come? Darn it, you hit me in the feels.


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