New Game!! Episode 1 – 0 to 100 real quick at getting to the point

I’d be mistaken if I always think that slice of life anime means to be slow paced. Damn, New Game!!’s plot is really racing Usain Bolt in its first episode. It’s not bad, rather it’s great to see many things accomplished to a satisfactory level within 25 minutes.

What the show does best is still the same old ‘making your typical day at work full of brightness and joy’. This is truly the kind of thing I want to see after a hard day of work.

Nostalgia comes in special package when the first thing I see are of Aoba’s preparations for her work.

Hell naw
After three years of retailing job, NEVER will I go up to a customer and say anything remotely close to this.


I also get to meet pretty much nearly the entire cast, main and supporting, within the first five minutes into the episode. They all come packed with their own shenanigans which I find very lovely!

I love Yagami Kou’s playful personality, but I love the one trait of hers that gets used to its potential more, especially when it’s extremely nostalgic.

I swear that the person in charge of this very scene has serious experience with erotic stuff. Seeing Kou getting up frame by frame has never been this sexy.


It’s really good to have contrasting, unique traits on each character so when a whole bunch of them are on the same scene, I know that I’m not just looking at people. No matter how cliche the character tropes are, I certainly will not deny that New Game! has the character section done right.

It may only be the first episode but there is already a huge focus on Hifumi’s character.


Hifumi may be smiling but she still hasn’t truly come out of being a scaredy-cat. She still at times mentally wander in her own world – akin to you snoozing off in middle of the class, right?

She snooze she lose


On a separate mission, Nene is having struggles mixed with her ambitions. With her experience of debugging Fairies Story III, she’s attempting to create her own game. I could have said that she’s doing something quite similar to reverse engineering but that’d just be me mocking computer engineers, haha! (They do a LOT more than debugging).
Obviously not forgetting Nene’s cute, playful nature and how New Game!! is a cute girls doing cute things anime, the presentation of Nene encountering the C++ Visual Runtime Error is quite a realistic shout-out to programmers and gamers alike!

Oh no!


I’m actually quite happy that it takes a slice of life show to at least give tiny insight on what programmers have to go through in their daily lives.

Boo hoo
She’s improved from useless code to actually running her game for a few seconds!


Coding is major part of a game! Everything that moves has some sort of code to make it happen. Moving things are basically texture files which get commanded to function (in whatever way) by lines of code. And that’s just the beginning of it all, there are special effects, sounds, etc.

While what I’ve got to show has nothing to do with gaming, it is beginner level web coding in a nutshell. Like all codes in existence, one incorrect symbol/letter/number and the thing you want to proudly show off gets rendered useless!

So using WordPress web-code, I pulled the first season’s ending song to this post.

You wouldn’t be able to listen to this if a single digit is off.


Hifumi takes her time to come up with a resolution regarding her lack of impact. Currently she can smile which is an improvement from her previous year at Eagle Jump, but as long as she remains opinionless, she’s practically no different to a robot that’s programmed to smile when interacted. Now I know what to look forward to by the end of this season.

You have to stop
I smell Hifumi taking charge of something~


The episode goes further to give little insight on the Employee Feedback meetings. I didn’t really notice much at first now that I’m onto the second season, New Game! mostly took on positive side of employment, making work feel like a pleasure rather than being your day’s drag. Truth be told, this kind of moment really only happens in small business since large companies’ CEO are pretty much absent; they instead have an organised management. Some may really say that they rarely give a damn about the employees sitting in lowest hierarchy tree.

At least Aoba takes one for the team and throws the question we’ve all been wanting to ask the creator of this series…

So funny she spills


I definitely can’t forget the visible yuri undertone in this show. It never feels intrusive; rather, it feels exactly like what girls normally do in a group.


In the first season Aoba has already made it clear that the reason why she would have loved to work in her job has a lot to do with following Kou’s footsteps. It looks like this season will take her reasoning to the next stage where she’ll probably turn from a follower to the followed.



New Game!! doesn’t have the strongest starting episode but it sure does remind me as to why I need to see cute girls doing cute things in each and every season.

5 thoughts on “New Game!! Episode 1 – 0 to 100 real quick at getting to the point

  1. I love Hifumi, she’s probably my favorite out of all the characters in the show. And even though I enjoy her timid personality, it wouldn’t be bad to see her be more sociable.

    Also, thanks for the first season ending you included, I always loved that song. 🙂

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