Koi to Uso Episode 2 – It’s a first, apparently

Putting over nine thousand cliches aside, the show is still flowing with its very own logic. Well, mostly…

No (Asian) parents will ever tell you this.


It’s a good thing that there’s actually faith in humanity as finally (like it was a long wait lol), a character appears to question the whole screwed up system I spent my last week ranting about!


Lilina instantly comes off as someone who’s knowledgeable in things I didn’t give a damn about at first, such as not to bow with your head stuck to the ground.

I actually forgot about this common practice in Asian culture completely as it is my tenth year living outside of Asia. It’s true that your head should be at least a little above the ground because in most cases, your hands will be sandwiched between the floor and your head when you pray/apologize.

My respect for her doesn’t end there. She then indirectly belittles Yukari by letting him know how she truly feels about this whole arranged marriage system.

Challenging her fear


Not only she is courageous for facing her fears head on, for the better if it doesn’t kill her it will only make her stronger. Be like Lilina.


Lilina brings all the boys to the yard! This is the one time I wish that there’s more to the story than just a few pairs; there are pretty girls and boys out there!

There is something bugging me about Nisaka Yuusuke and his way of interacting with Takasaki. Rather than lightly teasing, it feels more like provocation. It all feels hostile and the voice acting convinces me to even think that far, too.

Over-analyzing the whole thing, when looking back to the first episode and back right to this scene, Yuusuke happens to be the only well-drawn male so far and even without deer eyes.

Nisaka Yuusuke
He’s hot. No homo.


As far as romance anime trope goes, usually if he’s the only hot guy in the show he’d be enjoying his harem right at any minute. But dude is Yukari’s friend and putting that aside, he seems to be alone.

He doesn’t seem to be close to Takasaki at all – the more reason I think that he’s doing it not as a tease but rather, misdirected jealousy.

So, adding his confrontation with her onto all of this…

Holding hands

…does he have a thing for Yukari? Like, is he gay?

Time to get into the manga. Better not disappoint me, bitches.


Yukari goes to meet Lilina at her school and learns another one of her backstory. I really do wish that the show would just go further and actually make use of it; a backstory involving bullying almost always have massive potential to make great main story.
Lilina notes that it’s the first for anyone to tell her that she’s sociable – this is coming from someone who spends most of her time away from people. Her reason is that Yukari is neither her friend nor her lover; he’s a stranger to her.
Actually I find this highly relatable because if you’ve been watching YouTube videos involving public questioning/surveys, especially for Japanese people – they are more than willing to give honest answers because talking to strangers leaves little to no regret; it’s not like these people will come back to haunt them.
Lilina here is probably being her most honest self right now and I’m sure she initially doesn’t feel anything towards Yukari, which is why the story will only get more romantically interesting as she clearly will develop some sort of feelings for him when she hangs out with the latter for long enough.

I think I’ve heard this similar quote from somewhere…
Ah. Thank you again, Aki Tomoya-kun. I told you, Saekano literally made fun of romance genre anime.

On their way out of the school, Takasaki Misaki happens to be walking past by pure coincidence. Because Lilina is extremely interested in Misaki’s character, no way would she just let the latter go past by. Now, I appreciate the studio saving my time to look for Misaki by literally highlighting her in the background.

Spot the hoe
Spot the hoe


But if your main characters aren’t interesting enough to be worth searching for then you basically failed the character section of the story.

Then come a technique that I can really appreciate without complaints.



Now that really feels like I’m seeing this show through Yukari’s eyes for a second. Woah the deer eyes!
I also notice that they aren’t being lazy with the background animation. Obviously it’s not top notch but no insane use of CGI means easy blend between the back and foreground.

Having spotted the other hoe, Lilina doesn’t hesitate and goes to introduce herself to Misaki as Yukari’s future wife. Reow. And having found out already that Misaki and Yukari are OTP, she’s dying to find out about any good points of Yukari as he came off as a rude boy the very first minute they met.


What do you call this? Coming out of the closet syndrome? Anyway that’s Misaki in a nutshell. It really does feel exciting when you’re being asked about your favorite things by someone who you don’t even think have any interest in you.

Naturally some people do go off topic, myself included when someone asks me about anime. What makes it even more special for Misaki is that it’s her first time someone has ever asked her about Yukari, whom the entire class see as some loser.


I think I’ve seen enough of this trope in anime and in real life to know where this is going. When the person you like and the person you’re forced to like become friends, I see bitchy drama before me. In fact it’s not even a spoiler, tell me if Nisekoi isn’t of the same concept, romance wise?

Koi to Uso however is literally pushing the real life, high school romantic drama onto your screen.

7 thoughts on “Koi to Uso Episode 2 – It’s a first, apparently

  1. Lilina is a pure girl, though she may drive you crazy at some point. And Nisaka’s the best boy here. From the looks of the preview for the next episode, it looks like it will show Nisaka’s side(?) story so look forward to it! *^*
    I see that this is being compared to Nisekoi a lot. I’ve been wondering if I should watch it, but I’m afraid I won’t enjoy it much because I’ve read spoilers of who the endgame is when the last chapter came out. .__.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Whenever I see Nisekoi it’s usually followed by a stream of salt. I read its manga, and I enjoyed it. It was fun and entertaining, and the character designs was definitely great.
        Could definitely see chitoge being lilina and onodera being misaki!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t feel annoyed by the dragging though haha. The so called fillers and dragging is pretty creative imo and actually contributes to the story and character development in a way.
        But then again I’m probably the most easily pleased person out there so my word means nothing.


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