Possibly my one and only post regarding Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

Isekai no Smartphone to Tomo ni



Would you look at the visual? One guy and his huge harem! Though, it’s already clear that I love watching girls get emotionally wrecked in harem shows therefore I’m diving into this with my very own expectation.

I can actually see the direction this anime is going; it attempts to be an Isekai MMORPG themed show that’s filled with even more slice of life than KonoSuba could offer. With the protagonist that comes off instantly as more powerful than Kirito (like holy sh*t I thought Kirito was OP), there is definitely an intention for Touya to not be facing any massive issues that will develop his character in a meaningful way. He easily makes Kirito a well written character if I have to nitpick.

Judging by the foreshadowing of characters in the opening sequence, take back most of what I said above. Here comes my meh


Thanks to the extremely low production value put into this anime and some seriously inexperienced story writers and director on board. When you combine a bunch of amateurs and put them into work, the product can’t possibly come out as better than amateurish. It’ll take some phenomenal miracle to have me eat my words.

This is basically the cue for you to call me out and say, “let’s see if you can do it better.”
To hell with that! As a consumer, I do have the rights to have my say about things I consider to potentially be shit. And when I say shit, I did my research:

The director is Yanase Takeyuki – none of the other shows he directed were well received. Hell, in fact he loves to direct hardcore ecchi stuff which even further ruins my hope for this show to be anything good.
The sound director is Itou Takumi – this is his second time doing the job. And specifically this time, he definitely improved but in what way? I’ll talk about it really soon.

There is always room for improvement, they say. For these guys at least, the room remains very large for another season.

Starting with the setting shown in the beginning – Isekai is such a tired template and this anime knows it!
It doesn’t even bother to show me how Touya really died and only lets me sink it in via the God’s words. The casual vibe of the meeting between Touya and the God spews lightheartedness which serves as the very first sign that tells me to “go in for the memes” because KonoSuba has done the exact same thing, except with much more hilarity.

After being ‘revived’ to another world, Touya instantly gets a call from the God. Haha how I’m smirking at religious people right now because I’m sure this will actually come off as an insult to many religions that hold their Gods as someone who should not be casually addressed to. The fact that a single human being has access to God himself makes praying in our real world something less worthwhile than taking a shit.

Right at the start this anime definitely won’t come off as fully acceptable for loyally religious people. Hahahaha kill me now.


After a few shenanigans, I’m introduced to the very cliched twin sister duo.

More clones?


Instantly having two girls in your harem is quite an achievement, I’ll admit. So when I say cliche, it starts right from the overall character deigns to their personalities and even their voices! I’m sure that by just looking at this picture you can really guess which one is the older sister of the twin.
The older sister is bold, extremely sociable (she gets as many voice lines as the protagonist in the first episode…) and loves violence to go with her fortification magic.
The little sister is somewhat timid. She talks in a high pitched, soft tone and uses intellectual magic instead of brute force.

Their hair color is even purple! I didn’t think anyone would actually dare to plagiarize three quarters of what makes a character lovable and shove them into a horribly directed show.

Yes, the girls are actually lovely but that’s one of the only two things I find satisfying in this first episode.


Now, come back to me with a more iconic ‘bold and shy’ twin sister duo. I’ll gladly be waiting.

Fujibayashi twins


The fight was some mean as slide show. SLIDE SHOW. Even Kirito’s very first fight in Sword Art Online was more animated than this lol.

Too hard apparently
It really didn’t look that way.


Though, I did see some nice moves of action in the opening sequence so there’s still hope after all.

Now for the music – there’s a clear difference between inspiration and downright ripping off. The sound director is clearly doing the latter because for the love of God, I’m hearing KonoSuba AND Fate/Stay Night in one anime.

At least he wasn’t part of the opening song because that is some sick trance pop beats. I can’t wait for the instrumental version!


Aaaaaand again, I fell for the first episode cringe-trap. I actually fear for my life this anime will end up being my Isuca nightmare.

I should have been taking the three episode rule seriously.

Now that I’ve mentioned the three episode rule – there is a tiny hope inside me, a hope in this show turning into something better than what the director is known for. It is 2017 so I don’t think one can truly make a technically appalling anime. If anything, I think it’s now more difficult to create an extremely bad anime than creating a masterpiece. Just look at this and this for references of truly bad anime.


The-After-Three-Episode-Edit: Much more to read on…

4 thoughts on “Possibly my one and only post regarding Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

  1. Hmm… I think this has to do with the matter of perspective and what you expect. For me, I didn’t expect anything from this show apart from some humour and some SOL, and the show has managed to do that, so I’m satisfied. For you, I suppose you expect your anime to be much more and as a result you feel disappointed(?).
    Because of that, I think your view on this anime is definitely as correct as me praising it for it’s SOL in the first episode, because let’s face it, each person views the same thing differently, even if they have the same tastes. I wouldn’t deny that this anime is probably bad, but if it helps me relax after a tense day then hey, it did it’s job and I achieved me aim of watching something relaxing.
    Enjoy the rest of your Summer 2017 roster!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Expectation can actually ruin your viewing experience most of the time.

      Rather than that, when something boldly presents itself as being similar to a bunch of already existing titles of the same type (it even has Isekai in the name!), it naturally gets compared.
      SAO may be flawed as hell but everything after that involves RPG element gets compared to it anyway, lol right? 😛

      I did similar thing with this show and with nearly everything slashed out – I’m really going in for a few things that are still unique to it – a not-so-serious MC (hoping he actually remains that way or he will definitely, singlehandedly ruin the show) and slice of life!

      Oh and the violent older sister; she can fist me any day~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely agree with this, but I actually gave it a 3 episode test and still found it wanting, but I’m waiting and hoping something will be put in that makes it good by the end. Other than that great to see someone else had the same thoughts on the show as I did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I’m actually in the middle of writing a rational post about it! Nothing but positives to say about the show, though I’m currently fiddling with Adobe Photoshop to make the one picture I really want to use for this up coming post~

      Stay tuned!


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