Last big round of my 2017 Summer Anime~

I got very impatient as the hype around some of the titles keep on soaring. But that’s really it. Overall this season is filled with mostly entertaining works which I can easily criticized for being average at best when compared to all of the other existing anime. Not all hope is lost however, there is a hidden gem in this season and it would be a fatal mistake to not give the show a go.

Let’s get to it!

Aho Girl Episode 2


I’m already appreciating the slightly evolving opening sequence!
Even if it’s low on budget.

Best girl appears
Best girl appears


I still have to question this show: what kind of comedy is it trying to be?

Goes without saying that it’s stupid, but for the comedy part I’m finding myself laughing my ass off at violent moments, like this classic Yoshiko hammer throw…


…or this half-assed German Surplex



This absolutely confirms the show’s direction and with that, I’m definitely not putting any more of it on my future writings~

Tsurezure Children Episode 2


Tsurezure Children


The show continues to be even lighter on my heart and more comedic. With more characters introduced, it gets better as some parts come off as refreshers when not all of them are about romance.

The more the merrier!

It’s also obvious that I won’t be writing any more about this show either.
That’s the true purpose of short skits – when done well, there’s no need to say anything about them. Just share it as memes.

Hajimete no Gal




Another light heartening comedy joins the massive ride of exact same genres! But wait. it’s ecchi! Literally ecchi!

I’m very used to seeing the term ecchi only to be later treated the same way Saekano did – subtle. But this one uses ecchi as the forefront; once you go in you’ll never come out clean. I’ve been reading the translated manga from Glasses-kun and now I get to see it in animation.

Compared to every other show in this season, this one requires me to switch my ‘ethics code’ and enjoy it as one of the pleasures (no, not guilty at all). What’s a dress code?

Hell if I know!

Basically, before the ‘gem’ moment, all I see are pretty much frontal slapstick comedy that’s found in Aho-Girl as well. Though being an ecchi anime, it gets dirtier and that’s cool, haha.

This show KNOWS it’s of ecchi genre and fully uses that to mock itself while at the same time making some genuinely hilarious fourth wall breakage right off the bat. The very first thing you should see is a heart-shaped censor on Yame’s panties.

Then there’s a wild imagination on what Yame could have gone to do if she’s truly a normal, wild and lewd gal. I honestly laughed my ass off seeing the hands coming in to obscure the view on erotic stuff, even with the added sound saying ‘don’t look!’ as if I’m being shown this episode on a video camera and that person just doesn’t want me to see nudes.

don't you dare
Don’t look!



And what’s with the frame? Hahaha my God, it gets even better for my laughing heart.

“We’re out” wasn’t said by any characters in that scene.


So the frame and dirty hands leave the screen, I’m left to witness what Kasumigaoka Utaha wishes she could have done to Tomoya to completion.



Now our MC is still a sexual worrywart but he ain’t dense! Dude makes this anime a lot more fun to watch right from the first episode. He sees panties, he goes from zero to hero.

Hentai Kamen
A direct reference to Hentai Kamen


This anime is no exception – I will not be further writing about it as it is clear as day I will enjoy this show in the shadows.


This leaves three titles in which I’ll be writing separately for each episode; that’s a lot more than what I’ve done for spring season but I hope that I can really go at it!


See you then ^_^







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