My 2017 Summer Anime Season is hilariously and romantically hot!

I spent pretty much all of last night making rounds to many first episodes of summer season titles, all of which are of slice of life, romance and comedy genres because er…

…I’ve already said it many times – I find them to be easy watch!

It seems like 4-koma adaptations are really a thing now, not that it wasn’t before but I’m happy that more anime comes out of this medium! Though, like most other 4-koma adaptations, unless they are from Kyoto Animation equipped with storyboard/script finesse, they struggle to fit such short segments into a 24 minute time slot.

So, the safest route two titles of summer season go is to do a 15 minute episode (12-13 minutes of actual content and 2-3 minutes of advertisements on TV).

I’m still waiting on these


Gamers! | New Game!! | Hajimete no Gal

I got around to these comedies


Aho Girl


I think a lot of people really did drop this anime after having seen the first episode and I can totally see why!
Let me ask you this: if you can manage all zeroes then how did you even get into high school to begin with?

Yoshiko nicely portrays Doma Umaru on drugs – she can be lovely, loud, lewd and a big loser. She’s dumb on top of it all. A-kun the male lead is probably the only thing that truly keeps this show on its legs. Sugita Tomokazu‘s voice is what gives Gintama its glory; his voice will continue to be glorious even for a run down, comedy gag of a show.

Also, let’s not forget the fact that A-kun truly believes in gender equality.


Well this is just the first episode. I don’t know why I’m getting all talkative after seeing just one episode? What happened to the three episode rule?!
Actually, doesn’t matter. This anime isn’t worthy of a detailed review so I can simply point to it right now and say, “this is your time killer anime.”

Really, only 13 minutes per episode.

This is literally Eromanga-sensei‘s contender for stupidest anime of the year, albeit with different combat style.


Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children


Such a heart-lightening comedy! Oh and it’s romantic, right.

Again this is also from a 4-koma and suffers the same fate as Aho-Girl, being 13 minutes per episode.

Splits into four parts (per episode I hope), if you enjoyed the short stories from Tsuki ga Kirei then this will be the most perfect side dish for you. To be honest, I really do wish that we get more of the short stories from Tsuki ga Kirei. Hell, make it a side story!


Isekai Shokudou


Ah, foodgasm without any stripping – how I wished Shokugeki no Souma didn’t go that route. Now I’m still unsure whether this is supposed to be about food or the otherworldly happenings? I mean, when Isekai is involved anything can happen!

To be honest, I only went for this show because of Suwabe Junichi who voiced Archer from Fate series and Oonishi, Saori/Yasuno Kiyono duo which gave voices to Eriri and Megumi from Saekano respectively.

So I come out satisfied with its setback, slice of life feel the first episode gives. In fact, I don’t think any shows that I’m watching from this season are heavy in story and plot, maybe except one…

I got around to this romance


Koi to Uso


Gonna rant a little here…

Whose idea was it to remind me of a dying tradition of arranged marriage? Urgh.
Do these guys not realize that people love someone because they have reasons to, no matter how heroic or stupid they may be?

I could go on about arranged marriage all day. Like, it’s only going to work well for the fortunate ones and let’s be real on this; nothing good comes out of anything involving the government acting as the powers that be.

So yes, this heavily reminds me of RE:LIFE where it’s not the government but a private organization. Still dodgy as hell.


What this setting actually does on top of triggering my insecurity is sucking me right into its not so complex story. I do believe however that the story can and definitely has the potential to be complex. I’m basically rooting for Yukari to free himself from such a politically correct way of life.

There’s always that one anime which gets people talking. If there’s anything in Koi to Uso that actually does so….

…it’s the eyes.

Woah damn


I was recommended this anime by a friend who refuses to watch Clannad because of the characters’ eyes. THE IRONY!
I’ll damn make sure he reads this post.

A biology lesson from yours truly: animals with eye placement on the side of their heads are the prey because they need that insane panoramic vision to detect predators. Yes, humans ARE predators.

But the characters in this anime are the prey to the government – maybe this design is intentional, maybe I’m just thinking too much!

I think the first episode has set the bar too damn high, with a massive setting drop right from the first minute to an early reveal of potential bad guys. The ending song to go with the last scene does create a truly heartfelt moment.

I hope this anime can keep up at this level ’til the very end – it’s awesome despite having a cringe-worthy concept.

Potentially romantic


Konbini Kareshi


It’s not afraid to list itself as Slice of Life, that’s fine by me.

The first two minutes and twenty-seven seconds before opening song feels nothing like slice of life to me! What’s with the background music and the whole rush b cyka blyat to where the story began?

I’d almost lost my interest but the opening song saved me. It’s been a while since I’ve last heard anything from a seiyuu unit made up of males! It sounded great and hyper.

I’m quite intrigued by the character designs and the overall art of the show, though the animation is average at best.

I did say that the show is potentially romantic; for each scene it’s just the boys having their encounter with a girl. And then there is this…

Do it.


Since this is an original anime, I’m fully expecting many pairs of lovebirds by the end of the season.
Somehow, just somehow… I feel like this is the one show I’m going to end up dropping. The story has began (they said it) but I’m seeing none of that in the first episode!

Feeling hot on the lips this early?


I’ll give it to both Tsurezure Children and Koi to Uso – both shows come out strong and bold, tackling what many romance shows save for last.

God knows what crap they’ll pull next week, haha!

My favorite seiyuu makes her heroine-like return!


And I wondered where Kana Hanazawa disappeared to in Spring Season. She’s back to surprise me with not one but two roles of main female leads for romance genre! (the other one being in Tsurezure Children)
I love how in both shows, she gets to say all these lines – they can get any man thinking dirty while actually sounding cute and suggestive.

Please don’t mark me for being a perv!

I mean, this is from a lady who attempted to sing like a chicken…


I’m not sure if I’ll ever do this kind of weekly review again as it is actually tiresome! Posting this at 4:44 a.m. Pffft. It’s cold.

Though, I guess my heart won’t need any warming in the middle of my winter – these shows got my back (and heart) ’til the end of the cold season~


8 thoughts on “My 2017 Summer Anime Season is hilariously and romantically hot!

  1. I think I like Koi to Uso’s character design. It’s different from what I’m used to in romances and anime in general, and I believe it’s a nice refresher from the ordinary art. I guess I can see why people dislike it, especially the art, but what I’ve seen people doing, have or on the verge of dropping a show because of the art, that’s just silly to me.
    Also, I thought and wished that Tsurezure Children would be a full 24-minutes but I enjoy the short and funny stories with nice characters.
    Well, I’m glad someone else is basically watching the same shows as me 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them! Though I’m willing to hold my hype for Koi to Uso.

      As for Tsure x Dure Children, the biggest strength in short story is the fact that there is a absolutely no need to build any kind of complex setting. I’m instantly hooked into a couple flirting and getting -dere.

      Now that I think about it, I did do reviews of two movies that could have just been like this format instead of an hour long.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehehahaha! Oh, boys. I laughed too much at the “Koi to Uso”‘s part. True, the eyes are a little too wide, but I’m used to it thanks to being a Manga reader and… Clannad (well, Air and Kanon too). Why would anyone drop Aho Girl? Something against bananas?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not just any banana…

      Indecent banana!

      I’m sensing the end of profanity when it comes to a female anime character saying penis.

      Like I said – this thing is literally contending Eromanga-sensei!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good post. Isekai sounds interesting. The VA for archer is one of my fave. I also enjoyed saekano so Sayori and Kiyono being there certainly push it favorably.

    Liked by 1 person

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