Appreciating Anisong composers and lyricists in general

Welcome back to my Appreciation Station!
Today I’m letting out my passionate love for composers and lyricists that make up majority of songs used in anime openings and/or endings.


What sold me on loving anime music is the composition complexity. Sure, they are very much fun to listen and sing along to, but have you actually realized the fact that the lyrics aren’t so bland?

That’s right. What I’ve come to noticed is the fact that in majority of anisong, granted that you’ve actually listened to the full version, tend to have differing lyrics for the first two (some songs have up to three) verses and choruses. Some even go as far as having differing lyrics for the bridges. This feature is even more true to songs found in Vocaloid community.

This is something majority of international (outside of Japan) musicians/lyricists don’t do often. But no, don’t call them lazy, geez!

Using different words to either create a time-based story in a song is difficult and kudos to anyone who has been able to achieve the feat!

So every time I find myself liking a new anime opening or ending, I’ll give it a few days for fans to properly translate the lyrics and then go have a look. I’m always left to be surprised about the random things Japanese musicians can sing about. Vocaloid songs also have given me a concrete evidence of it.

This is two years ago but remember Lukas Graham’s 7 Years?
That was some lyrical genius at work – deep, meaningful story and most importantly when it is in a form of music, can be easily sing along to.


Now just go and pick a random anime opening and/or endings song. Pick a full version and give them a listen. If you’re a technical freak like I am then they can only be good for you.

Can’t pick one? Just start with Attack on Titan‘s first opening.

This one’s not anime but after seeing the song’s title Ponytail to Shushu/Ponytail and Scrunchie by AKB48, what could they be singing about?

The song that made me feel strong about writing this post is Aimer’s Brave Shine.


Keep on appreciating the talents, folks!

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