Blasting My Headphones: ZAQ – 君のとなりに (Kimi no Tonari ni)

Here it is! Another dose of sweetness, brought to you by the pop lady, ZAQ.

Her music composition skills is hard to rival – it is so unique calling her music just pop would be a mistake.

Then she started singing. Look how far she has come! Holy, my praise~

So in this instance of (me) Blasting My Headphones, we have another insert song that is used in a romantic scene of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!.

Actually, it’s the love confession scene! Calling it ‘romantic’ is still vague. Haha!

Now, this song holds the power romance hybrid feeling – the need to say something out loud, the need to be bold. Is it coincidence that the song was played when the pair confessed? I think not!

Cuteness is probably the least identifiable feeling in this lovely song. Regardless, it’s sweet and romantic.

Listen and feel the love~

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