Blasting My Headphones: Katou Megumi (CV Yasuno Kiyono) – ETERNAL♭

I know – you saw this one coming from lightyears away!

Megumi’s first character song, M, was good and all but it didn’t quite sound like her (Megumi) to me. I mean, that’s the point of a character song.

So our main heroine is back to bat other girls out of her way in second season – comes her second character song. Lovely!

Now let’s talk about the song itself.

Instruments of this lovely, romantic piece of work are by all means unoriginal – they are actually basic. But this is exactly what I love about Japanese and their creativity! They make the most basic things work in complications. It’s not a bad thing at all – rather, it’s fascinating!

This range of instrumental chords can be found in many other insert songs that make up romantic scenes in anime. I’ll be posting another song of this type very soon after.
Though, this song holds a cute romantic hybrid feel which is very appropriate to the scene in the eighth episode.

So they have all the tools needed for your typical romantic scene insert song. The one thing missing was the voice of our heroine, after all.

Now I have it, Yasuno-san definitely pulled her talent hard this time, sounding as close to Megumi as she could even when going on high notes. There are times when I noticed that she couldn’t keep Megumi’s flat tone in parts of the song so she actually had to power up her vocal chords, if you know what I mean. There is soft singing with mostly air flowing out of your throat and then there’s the power singing, literally stretching your vocal chords.

I love how they actually use “♭” for ‘flat’ in the lyrics rather than “フラット”.

Last but not least – I’m not done until I say this after having a look at the single cover…


What are you still doing? Listen to it!

And to conclude, this will be my ETERNAL Diabetes Intake.

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