The obvious status update and…

Wow, what a way to have my Friday ruined!

Both Tsuki ga Kirei and Saekano Flat got somehow delayed. While Saekano‘s case is understandable, Tsuki ga Kirei on the other hand…

Just don’t you dare pull the special episode on me again.


I’ve been even busier with World of Warcraft since the guild once again lacked a freaking holy paladin, so I apologize for the lack of (quality) content as of late.

Though, I do have a thing or two left to drop before the end of the week.

This being one of them…

Saekano Flat?


So the deal with this episode and probably the next is that they will be exclusively available on Amazon Prime. Illegal sites and fansubs will have to work hard to find an early release of the episodes or just wait a week at most.

I’ve never said anything about trying to find the most underhanded way of getting the episodes yo~

So I watched the tenth episode as it aired in Japan. Obviously, it’s as raw as the food in Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen.

A shit ton of advertisements! lol


I’m going to borrow Karandi‘s famous format for this episode and probably the next then follow by a Looking Into for both of them.

Episode 10 short review


Well it seems that Fumiaki-sensei is going everywhere with this episode, literally. There are four plot points so there’s that.

While most people are truly happy because of this…



Let me say little of what’s got me worried when it is Katou who’s telling Tomoya that.

In the light novel, this doesn’t happen until halfway of volume 8. Yes, that’s potentially two to three episodes worth of content away.
And this is why I’m getting worried, because the author wrote the anime script that outright shows a sign of heavy alteration ahead. Let’s not forget the fact that it is Tomoya who’s always asked Katou out on a date, never has she asked him, not even on her eighteenth birthday.

Iori also got his own screen time which really does well in this series. He’s not your average supporting character in a rom-com; he’s the allying antagonist, akin to Vegeta and Goku. Iori also drops a hell lot of hints as to what will come/happen.

Season three confirmed?! MAKE IT HAPPEN, IORI!

Let’s look at the most important plot point of the episode right now – Utaha and Eriri.


Eriri, for the entire time, knows that by going along with Akane, she’s betraying Tomoya and will not be forgiven the second time. I’ve already mentioned about how Eriri is emotionally pressured and this episode shows it seems to really be the case for her. Eriri’s only current choice is to be away from Tomoya to actually not be pressured and be able to draw. But by doing so, she’s feeling horrible about losing him to nobody/nothing but her own faults; even more so, she’s feeling even worse because she can’t become better alongside the person she loves to bits.

Finally, Eriri’s voice actress’s talent is being used to potential. Tsundere are the best when they cry or laugh/smile.


I’m already into writing my Looking Into for this episode but like I’ve said in the previous week – this episode’s one won’t be out on the same day because of my job.

Though, in reality, I actually woke up at 4 a.m. to catch the show but you guessed it – delayed as hell.

So yeah, now that I’m off to work. Thanks for a Not-so-Good-Friday.

8 thoughts on “The obvious status update and…

  1. Studio Feel has to step it up for Tsuki ga Kirei, I gotta see how Kotarou responds to Akane’s sudden announcement! And I really hope it’s not another unnecessary recap episode again like you said…

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  2. maybe in manga, what kato say in chapter 41 near end ? if its suddenly rushed to the middle of LN 8 i really disappointed. dont do another mistake, please author. tell the truth of story like you do in ep 8.
    what i’m thinking now i will be positive for the last episode, but please dont rush to the point on last episode, give the flashback about tomoya want to say. if there is another story when they date and tomoya tell her, i will forgive you author. please dont break the last just to the point. i want to see the flashback. like episode 9 it suddenly rush to akane HQ, damn you really ruined it.

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  3. so i had my answer. Because Utaha is a prideful character, she will not let Akane underestimate her. Utaha had her own will to join Akane’s project.


  4. It said 12AM on HorribleSubs, waited till 3am even though I had school with a 6:30pm dismissal time; still nothing. Only when I got home was the time I was able to finally watch episode 10. School with only 3 hours of sleep is hell man T_T

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